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  1. blueflytrap

    Stephen Morley Open Day 6th July

    Steve another top day. Many thanks
  2. blueflytrap

    Stephen Morley Open Day 6th July

    I'll be there Steve. What a difference a year makes eh? My recollection is that you were having to pump your garden dry this time last year......
  3. blueflytrap

    Open day, 15th of June

    I should be there as well Mike
  4. blueflytrap

    Stephen Morley (gardenofeden) open day 7th July

    Many thanks to Steve, Victoria and indeeed everyone who attended. Good plants (of which I bought a few) and good company...... Outstanding!
  5. many thanks again, Mike, always enjoyable. Also really enjoyed the PJ Plants, it made the journey back a bit of a sod, but well worth it. Kind regards
  6. hoping to see you on the day Mike, Warmest regards (PS. I said a few years ago "why dont you just put the entire garden under glass?"......I didn't think that you waould take it so literally!!!!)
  7. blueflytrap

    Stephen Morley (gardenofeden) open day 7th July

    Stephen, One of my favourite open days......Hoping to be there on the day! Warmest regards
  8. blueflytrap

    AGM 2012 CPS

    Nice one Dave! Congrats to you and the future Mrs A, from 'oop north'
  9. blueflytrap

    National Carnivorous Plant Day

    Okay Mobile, you're right. However if we are going to start off a 'national day', then at least we should have a fighting chance to do something with it (if we so choose) and I would contend that it should be on a date when the plants are at their best (or at least grown!). If we aren't going to do anything with it (apart from the bellringers of course), then what's the point? However even if we, as a group/society dont do anything with the day, then we can individually spread the word..........I for one, would definately wear the t-shirt!
  10. blueflytrap

    National Carnivorous Plant Day

    A National day for CP's strikes me as a good idea , however whilst the idea may have come from the bell-ringers, I think that we may be in a (slight ) danger of shooting ourselves in the foot. Presumably its not all about ringing bells? I'm assuming that the National day is there to publicise our hobby and raise awareness not just by hobby-growers but by the commercial side as well? With that in mind wouldn't it be a better idea to move the date later, so that the plants we love,may be in strong growth (and will hold more interest and fascination by the media and public)? Its not going to go down too well if we bring out a sarracenia that is only just sprouting with the line of "come back in two weeks and it'll look absolutely fabulous!" If the National day is going to mean anything then I would propose that we pick a date when the plants have fully formed traps/pitchers, so that the general public are interested by what they see. Is the 1st of May a suitable alternative? (BTW Dave- Thanks for enlightening us on the subtleties of bellringing. I can't get the picture out of my head of some wannabe Gordon Ramsey-type figure, effing and blinding at some poor sod who pulled the rope at the wrong time!!!)
  11. blueflytrap

    Ian Salter & Dianne Riddiford - Open day 2011

    oooh...nice setup! Sadly wont be able to make it this year but I am hoping to make it down in the future. Hope it all goes well.
  12. blueflytrap

    EEE 2011 . Chester Zoo

    just a few pictures, taken before it got busy....
  13. blueflytrap

    EEE 2011 . Chester Zoo

    yup...many many thanks to those who organised was THAT good that I'm still smiling even now :)
  14. blueflytrap

    London to Chester?

    ....or (if possible) fly to Manchester or Liverpool. Chester is a whole lot nearer.......
  15. blueflytrap

    Mike King's open days, 2011

    Again Many thanks to Mike and Helen for their hospitality, plants and of course the Rush primer!! There wasnt as many there as usual..... Are you all saving yourselves for the EEE?