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  1. Ignazio

    HELP petiolaris complex

    I wanted to shed light on why this kind of plants growing in this tab http://www.cedric-carnivores.fr/cms.php?id_cms=18 says they do the rest to protect them from the heat and keeping them in the dry, quite the opposite from the way that we grow all of us. So what is the correct method to cultivate this kind? I would prefer that Cedric is also to give us explanations of these dissenting views.
  2. Ignazio

    S. flava "Goldie"

  3. Ignazio

    S. flava "Goldie"

    Yuri is certain that the "Goldie" There are a lot of pictures with very pronounced veins, and also my major growers behaves like yours my https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/972191_532497416796896_2030923971_n.jpg http://www.giardinocarnivoro.it/detail/2508 mike king http ://www.cpukforums.com/images/702F257_2011a.jpg
  4. Ignazio

    Mark's sarracenia's

  5. Ignazio


    Merry Christmas
  6. Ignazio

    How much for an Eden Black?

    Beautiful! thanks Stephen
  7. Ignazio

    Some photos

    Nico beautiful! You really rare plants and fantastic!
  8. Ignazio

    Is anybody growing Drosera falconeri?

    and what temperatures given for dormancy?
  9. Ignazio

    Best CP Photo Competition 2012 Entries

    Cephalotus follicularis
  10. Ignazio

    How much for an Eden Black?

    you have a message
  11. Ignazio

    Drosera sp. InhaĆ­

  12. Ignazio


    Welkome Marco! those Italians!
  13. Ignazio

    Hello from Ferrara, Italy

  14. Ignazio

    Hello from Italy!