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  1. When you have been growing these plants for decades and you are generous and reliable, these kinds of exceptionally rare plants get shared around privately. They just don't often make it to the open market. Wait around and sooner or later everything considered the holy grail of collecting and growing will become generally available at affordable prices.
  2. Where there's muck there's brass?

    In all seriousness he might, just might, be onto something. Who knows if some florist might find them an interesting exotic, if a bit macabre, addition to an arrangement I know at least one grower used leucophylla pitchers in a wedding bouquet, though those were fresh and I'm sure that looked great. However, the actual specimens he's offering look pretty ropey so I'm not sure anyone's actually going to be interested. I'm sure there are ways to dry thin leaves in such a way that they don't crumple and go brown. Also, he would have done better with a pitcher with thicker substance and more impressive size, like flava maxima At the end of the day, perhaps don't knock it until you've tried it. I'm watching with interest....
  3. This is either genius or overwhelming optimism http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dried-Pitcher-Plant-Flowers-x-7-Male-and-Female-Sarracenia-Areolata-/332396920105?hash=item4d64667d29:g:EUwAAOSwCcdZ0Amg If it sells, I'll be digging through the compost heap :)
  4. To be fair the double glazing is pretty thin, by house standards. Not much thicker than twin-wall polycarb. It looks good and I'm sure the insulation is better than polycarb, but I'd see it as a bit of luxury rather than a money saver. We did it with the intention of being able to see into the greenhouse for more of the year without having bubble wrap or polycarb in the way
  5. I gather from the installers mine is far from an isolated incident. You order months in advance, but everything is done very last minute e.g. drawings done a few days in advance, manufacturing the day before, frames stained on installation day and actually onto the lorry wet. As a result, apparently they routinely spend a fair amount of time mopping up various issues. As you say, they may be a small outfit, and the end result is good, but giving themselves some contingency should produce a more reliable delivery, stop wasting their time and the customers, and shouldn't slow them down overall. Feels like they're a bit in denial.
  6. I've just bought a Woodpecker 12 x 8 Bromley, on the basis of good feedback from a few other growers Customisation wasn't any extra, and they do useful options for double glazing (vertical sides only) and capping the roof bars and ridge for minimal maintenance up there. Unfortunately they left the drawing and manufacturing to the absolute last minute, and ended up without the glass for install day, so only put up the frame, which to be fair looks pretty good. So I've had a weeks delay waiting for the glass to finally arrive, hopefully tomorrow. Other than that niggle - perhaps they're overworked - so far so good
  7. Repeating much of the above Double glazing if you can afford it. Automatic vents Wood looks great and easier to fit out, clearly more expensive though A sunny a spot as possible - you can always put on shading As large as possible. This may be overkill, but I have dual power supplies: MCBs on a non-RCD bus in the house CU, 6mm2 3-core armoured cable, sub-CU with multiple RCB protected circuits in the greenhouse to minimise failure domain and a non-electric propane heater (set lower than the electric heater) as backup for electricity outages Well constructed solid level base / dwarf wall plinth/ concrete slab MDPE mains water supply & preferably a supply run in from outside water butts
  8. £325 - a new record?

    That wasn't a plant - it was a photo of the plant
  9. £325 - a new record?

    It is the most fantastic hybrid though. Saurus has gone for upwards of £500 equivalent in the states.
  10. Water Bath Circulation

    I think it's a positive concept. I've also considered growing something vigorous in the sump (water hyacinth?) to reduce nutrient levels, and having an in line UV steriliser to reduce pathogen levels in the water. If the sump was large enough it might also provide some temperature buffering. And you would probably grow some great Disa orchids
  11. Lack of RAIN

    I thought RO filters needed to be in constant use - or the filter disassembled and stored in concentrated brine? In other words, no good as an intermittent standby?
  12. DCB???

    This was just a part of his collection in 2006. There was another room just for Heliamphora and a huge covered area outside for Sarracenia. He used to do an open day every year, sadly I never got the chance to go.
  13. DCB???

    Here's a nice hybrid 'Tarn' he named for his late wife
  14. DCB???

    Derek Clavell-Bate he gave up growing CPs in 2012