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  1. osmosis

    My Sarracenia greenhause

    That's a very beautiful greenhouse Alex, it looks like you have some great plants
  2. osmosis

    S. Flava seeds not growing

    Closed containers in direct sun can reach high temperatures, which could damage them. Assume the water was distilled/rainwater - tap water would have been damaging Also assume the seeds were not underwater - they should be moist but not submerged Toilet paper is possibly a worry - kitchen towel gives some structure, toilet paper I would have expected to have disintegrated into a mush? Finally, did you get them from somewhere reputable? Seeds should be germinating in a few weeks, not months Hope it works out for you.
  3. I would disagree. Darlingtonia in particular is known for needing a cool root run, and S. purpurea and D.binata are notably hardy - not likely to be tolerant of extreme high temperatures. Why have them in a greenhouse at all at this time of year - I'd just put them outside as soon as night temperatures are above 5oC. The sundews will appreciate protection from rain, but that's it, or perhaps you can raise the back of the greenhouse as well to get a through draught?
  4. osmosis


    Duplicate post removed
  5. osmosis


    There were a number of bids close to the winning one last time, so I'm guessing it will go for something very similar.
  6. osmosis


    Yes, but to be honest overall I'm enjoying Sarracenias more at the moment, so many amazing hybrids and line bred clones being produced.
  7. £730! Congrats to Chris, and it's an impressive plant, but I'm amazed someone's willing to spend that much Looking forward to seeing this around in a few years for a more reasonable amount https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sarracenia-Leviathan-XXL-new-cultivar-first-time-for-sale-Carnivorous-Plant/362279322264?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. osmosis

    Opinions please!

    I lovingly prune dead material, and pull the pitcher bases off the rhizome when they are both dead and soft. On the one hand I'm aware some of the people who operate strimmers across their collections (literally) are exceptional growers with beautiful plants. On the other hand I can't imagine it does the plant any harm, and most likely is advantageous if only marginally, to maintain photosynthetic parts over winter. While I have a relatively small collection, I'll continue to do the latter, and the OCD in me finds the tidying, and the individual contact with each plant, rather therapeutic
  9. And to be honest, I wouldn't blame them. When the regulations go way beyond what is reasonable and proportionate people lose respect. All I see that is really valuable here is the phytosanitary - no-one should want invasive infections going round the world.
  10. Interesting. Looks like for Phyto, if you were to do it yourself, you need to register as an importer on the PEACH system, then pay about £70 per import. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/importing-plants-fruit-vegetables-or-plant-material-to-the-uk Then you have to get the CITES paperwork as well https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cites-imports-and-exports#application-process which costs another £74 per genus https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/355265/cites-ag-ct-02.pdf Then the exporter has all their own paperwork to do. This blog apparently details everything necessary to get plants out of the USA. It seems insanely complex and expensive. http://www.carnivorousplantconnection.com/how-to-export-commercial-shipments-of-sarracenia/ Seems a miracle anyone goes through this, but clearly some people do.
  11. osmosis

    PICS 2017

    Very impressive - looks like you've got a great breeding programme there. I'd love to know what some of those crosses are
  12. I'm still trying to get an understanding of the regulations that need to be satisfied to allow imports from the USA to happen properly. Phyto, CITES, export permits, etc. I wonder how many imports just pop them in the post and hope - the bureaucracy seems out of proportion to the risks. For now, I've got over 40 crosses from US growers stratifying, including a couple with Blackberry Sundae in them. If I can't get the plants, at least I can try and get the genes
  13. Where did you get them from? I thought they were from the US
  14. osmosis

    New Carnivorous Plant Book

    Looks good. There is also an ebook - presumably cheaper, but not entirely clear how to get it
  15. osmosis

    Green slime in water tray

    I've seen duckweed or Azolla being recommended. Not only does it block the light from the water, but also they grow so fast they extract nutrients from the water as you inevitably harvest them. It should be noted azolla is not native and highly invasive - keep it well away from any ponds or watercourses if you do go that way.