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  1. Repeating much of the above Double glazing if you can afford it. Automatic vents Wood looks great and easier to fit out, clearly more expensive though A sunny a spot as possible - you can always put on shading As large as possible. This may be overkill, but I have dual power supplies: MCBs on a non-RCD bus in the house CU, 6mm2 3-core armoured cable, sub-CU with multiple RCB protected circuits in the greenhouse to minimise failure domain and a non-electric propane heater (set lower than the electric heater) as backup for electricity outages Well constructed solid level base / dwarf wall plinth/ concrete slab MDPE mains water supply & preferably a supply run in from outside water butts
  2. £325 - a new record?

    That wasn't a plant - it was a photo of the plant
  3. £325 - a new record?

    It is the most fantastic hybrid though. Saurus has gone for upwards of £500 equivalent in the states.
  4. Water Bath Circulation

    I think it's a positive concept. I've also considered growing something vigorous in the sump (water hyacinth?) to reduce nutrient levels, and having an in line UV steriliser to reduce pathogen levels in the water. If the sump was large enough it might also provide some temperature buffering. And you would probably grow some great Disa orchids
  5. Lack of RAIN

    I thought RO filters needed to be in constant use - or the filter disassembled and stored in concentrated brine? In other words, no good as an intermittent standby?
  6. DCB???

    This was just a part of his collection in 2006. There was another room just for Heliamphora and a huge covered area outside for Sarracenia. He used to do an open day every year, sadly I never got the chance to go.
  7. Derek2006.jpg

    From the album Sarras

    Derek Clavell Bate nepenthes 2006
  8. DCB???

    Here's a nice hybrid 'Tarn' he named for his late wife
  9. DCB???

    Derek Clavell-Bate he gave up growing CPs in 2012
  10. Thanks for the info. The pdf below says the (average/typical/) UK heating capacity for that model is 2.65kW, giving a range of 1.49 to 4.57, which probably covers most of the time in all but the largest greenhouses, and in any case I'm sure it would always need a backup heater anyway https://www.air-heatpumps.com/pdf/MSZ-FH_Inverter_Heat_Pump.pdf How did you calculate ROI? A number of years ago I calculated I spend around £300/year on electricity to run a 12 x 8 greenhouse, heated to around 14oC If I saved half that, as a conservative guess (assuming the heat pump does not cover all heating needs, and there are other things using electricity), the payback on this would be something like 6 years
  11. What is the noise level like - I had read they could be noticeable, going on intrusive? Interested in the details - what's the make & model, and was it a DIY job to fit? Thanks, Dave
  12. U. Reniformis, getting it to flower

    I'll second that - mine is also in a nepenthes greenhouse, so around 14oC minimum It also dies back completely in winter and I keep it just moist, certainly not regularly watered, but not totally dry either (I never keep it in a tray, and it is in the same LFS/bark mix I use for the nepenthes) It has flowered each spring for the last 2 years
  13. Orchids in the Black Forest/Germany

    Wow.... just, wow
  14. Up to £140 already, with 4d to go As you say, definitely genuine and I am sure very good quality plants