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    Cephalotus follicularis ...
  1. really nice small fat family
  2. Its nepenthes
  3. Few years ago only for fun i do cold stratification and after 8 weeks put on substrate and nothing, now i bought few seeds and when arrived home put on the peat and 60-70% seeds start growing. I think never u get 100% germination seeds althought u have fresh seeds
  4. Congtrats ...
  5. Hi
  6. Great Dimi! And dont worry get time squat and growing very fast u saw my pics today ;-)
  7. Matty i have trifid but green color...
  8. one and half pitcher and he wrote rare extra large type
  9. Welcome to CPUK
  10. Welcome to CPUK
  11. Welcome to CPUK
  12. Welcome to CPUK
  13. Welcome to CPUK
  14. dont move withm 1 year ago my ceph "dead" and looks like your in pics and few mounts kater started grow new leaves and living ....