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  1. pinguicula problem

    I've added 1/4 (quarter) strength orchid grow fertilizer to the water for my Mex Pings on a number of occasions, they've certainly come to no harm and I believe it has given them a boost and produced larger plants. I believe you can also use this kind of weak feed as a foliar spray on Pings although I haven't tried it myself. Obviously either of these methods does not depend on the leaves having dew on them.
  2. pinguicula problem

    But maybe covering with a bag temporarily might help ascertain whether humidity is the problem and from there decide what further action to take, e.g. keep in greenhouse/propagator or grow cacti instead.
  3. Yes, Woodpecker was who I was thinking of. My 12 x 8 Woodpecker cost about the same as my 6 x 8 Gabriel Ash. The GA does have one or two innovative vent gizmos but on the whole the Woodpecker is a sturdier structure and in my opinion better value for money.
  4. It's definitely better with another pair of hands but I remember when me and a mate put my first greenhouse together (aluminium in that case) it almost brought a 20 year friendship to an end! All was well after a couple of beers though
  5. Pinguicula gypsicola tips?

    Still got some somewhere, I'll send you bit....unless you're thinking of getting a tonne or so
  6. You definitely need to shop around now, local specialist joinery firms are around half the price of the famous brands.
  7. Pinguicula gypsicola tips?

    I only have one which is now a healthy plant but when it first arrived it got stuck in winter mode for about 18 months. It was a nice tight rosette looking healthy enough but certainly not doing what I was expecting of it. Eventually I repotted it and it sprung to life. I found the earlier thread in which I wrote about it, back in 2013, here. I grow it like most of my other Mexicans, in the greenhouse in mostly mineral media, water by tray method by putting about 1 cm rain water in the tray then when that's gone topup after a few dry days, slightly shaded, fans going 24/7 nearby, have used a little orchid grow fertiliser this year. When I repotted it back in 2013 I added a small amount of crushed gypsum to the mix but I can't say whether that had any beneficial effect or not.
  8. pinguicula problem

    When I tried to grow Mexican Pings in the house I found they needed to be covered (such as by a propagator lid) to raise the humidity, otherwise they didn't thrive and had very little dew. For me the house environment was just too dry.
  9. Pinguicula Grandifloras never flower

    will do, got both of those in the garden.
  10. Pinguicula Grandifloras never flower

    Do you have to provide protection from the elements (really talking about P grandiflora this time, not P gigantea )
  11. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    Mine do the same, end up with loads of them.
  12. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    These plants are from cold temperate climates and have to be dormant when the frosts arrive (Ping leaves are very soft). If you're thinking of Sarrs, vfts etc, they are tougher plants and from warm temperate climates which don't usually get as cold.
  13. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    I'd be surprised if it didn't but it should be going dormant any time now, will form a hibernacula then rest until late Winter. Once it wakes up it should flower soon afterwards.
  14. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    I don't suppose we can know for sure but the theory that curled up edges prevent excess dew from dripping of the leaf is as good as any.
  15. pinguicula problem

    Hi Jasper, Could you give us some information about your growing conditions and media.