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  1. Pinguicula in habitat

    Hi Karsty, thanks for posting this reminder about the WoP, there's loads of great information there. A pity the site hasn't been updated for a long time but at least the owner has left it in place as a useful resource. The species/hybrids and growing tips pages were a couple I regularly went to when I first started growing Pings.
  2. Aristolochia

    Very interesting Richard, thanks for sharing.
  3. I have one in a greenhouse heated through Winter to around 7 or 8C, the other in a South facing bathroom window all year round, the second one generally shows more growth year round.
  4. My first cactus

    watch out for glochids when it grows up!
  5. My first cactus

    Nice one Phil, do you know what it is?
  6. Sickly Drosera

    sorry...double post
  7. Sickly Drosera

    What compost are you using? Are you sure it doesn't have added fertiliser or other contaminants? Are you using only rain water? Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  8. Sickly Drosera

    This is on multiple plants but different pots?
  9. Are these winter leaves?

    It looks like it, but a bit difficult to tell for certain from the photo. They certainly don't appear to have much dew on them. I found aphids difficult to get rid of on Pings. I tried ladybird larvae this year but the ones you buy tend to be so small that they themselves will be caught by the Ping's dew. Adult ladybirds might be a better option but when I caught one and transferred it to a plant in the greenhouse it just wandered off. I would not recommend insecticide like Rose Clear. When I tried it on a spare P grandiflora the plant promptly died.
  10. Ping gypsicola, starting to grow

    Ha, that's a very contrary Ping you've got there but at least it's showing it can grow now even if it is in the wrong season. I had a look at mine and it looks like the first signs of Winter leaves are starting to appear. When mine was stuck in dormant mode it got through 2 summers with its Winter rosette so hopefully yours will be OK in the reverse situation. You might have to keep an eye on the watering in case it needs more than normal during Winter. Or maybe it will just drop back into dormancy at some point.
  11. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Sorry @ham this has me stumped also, I hope you can find an answer, when you do please come back and share it.
  12. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Any chance it could have had chemical (e.g. insecticide) sprayed on it or the compost you repotted in could have added nutrient or be otherwise contaminated?
  13. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Are you sure it was growing OK under the lights? Just made me think about 3 P agnata pots I have which have grown deformed leaves this summer, I don't know for sure what caused it but assumed it might be down to using an LED light for the first time. No other plants affected just 3 separate agnatas. As yours is agnata hybrid maybe maybe this species just doesn't like the extra light.
  14. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    Perhaps your "warmer" spot was too warm and shocked into dormancy. I don't grow this hybrid but gypsicola can get "stuck" in dormancy for no apparent reason. Got any pictures?
  15. Why is the silica sand green??

    Hi Phil, I'd tend to agree with Karsty, the sand doesn't really add much here although it does look a bit like a nice gooseberry crumble...yum yum I probably wouldn't put them on the sunny windowsill though or at least until they'd developed a bit.