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  1. that's quite amazing Dan. Mine looks like a similar size to yours yet has caught hardly anything so far, I've seen very few insects of a decent size in my greenhouse this year. You're not cheating by keeping a dead body under the staging are you?
  2. It sounds like everything's going well, I'm sure folks would be happy to see some photos of your plants if you care to share. What's the problem with your cacti flowers? Once they've reached the required size for any particular genus they should reliably flower as long as they get a winter dormancy by keeping them cool (5 - 8C -ish) and dry from October to March/April.
  3. On those in the greenhouse I tend to cut them off so I don't end up with pots of mixed seedlings, same with D. binata. If any of my less common (than the 3 mentioned) species were to flower I would leave them be and try to germinate any seed. The few which are outside fending for themselves I also leave to flower and seed freely.
  4. Fantastic, never seen anything like that before. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing. I thought I'd lost mine last Winter when I unintentionally kept it much cooler than in previous winters and all but 4 leaves died back. I shouldn't have worried as it has bounced back with more leaves than I've ever seen before, no buds yet but leaves galore (it has flowered twice before). Seems to back up Manders's theory about cooler winter temps.
  6. Hi Hannah My experience earlier this year...on VFTs/Sarrs/Drosera capensis it didn't seem to cause any harm. Testing it on a sacrificial Pinguicula grandiflora wasn't so successful, like other types of sacrifices the plant died. After that I bought ladybird larvae for the rest of my P. grandifloras but whilst the larger larvae got munching some of them are very small and just became Ping food. If you decide to give it a go I'd definitely go easy and try on 1 or 2 plants to begin with.
  7. Nice thanks for sharing
  8. These are great Dan, especially the Pings, thanks for sharing
  9. How are you applying the meths? Spray or dabbing with cotton bud? It might depend on what you're growing, I'd have thought it would be OK on sturdy plants like Sarrs but not such a good idea on Pings and Drosera, but I haven't tried it so just surmising. For the record, against mealy bugs on my cacti and succulent plants, I use either a cocktail stick (to squish them) or a very fine spray of Neem Shampoo diluted to 1%.
  10. It's good to hear that your CP displays at the BBG are doing well. It is 7 months since I saw them and they certainly were a very impressive and unexpected added bonus when I was visiting the Haworthia Show which was taking place at the gardens. I like the photos, it would be good if you could add plant names and maybe have a couple of shots showing the whole or parts of the display as well as the close-ups. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work
  11. more nice Pings, thanks very much for sharing
  12. Looking very nice, thanks for sharing.
  13. I might be a bit late to the party here but for what it's worth, I grow my Mexican Pings in a mainly mineral mix made up of fine grit, cat litter, coarse sand, perlite (based on what I have in stock at the time) plus a small amount of peat. Try to avoid getting too much water on the leaves. If I do spill any water on the leaves I soak it up with a paper kitchen towel. Because my mix is mainly mineral I can keep them stood in around 1 - 2 cm water but if you're using a mainly organic mix don't keep it soggy. As Jeff says this will lead to rot which is what looks like has happened to yours but, on the positive side, the grow point looks good and I think it should recover well.
  14. Even bigger greenhouse not long after that