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  1. thanks Mujinamo, the flowers are still looking good
  2. Who owns the photo rights?

    My understanding (based on my wife's experience as an artist) is that if you took the photo of the plant then you own the copyright. If you took a photo of Kew's own photo of the plant that may be considered to be making a reproduction of the original which would most likely be an infringement of any copyright, unless they had granted you permission to take it (for commercial purposes). To use someone elses photo you should get their permission first (they may or may not grant permission) and you should let them know that it will be used commercially. If you do get permission you could use it and would usually credit the photographer in the book. The key points are if you took it, you own it but you may still be able to use others photos if they grant permission. Clearly for a commercial venture you need to get this right so a bit of official legal advice might be worthwhile too. Good luck with your book.
  3. Pinguicula

  4. My Nepenthes are dying...

    Could you post a picture of the whole setup and perhaps closer view of the plants?
  5. Thanks for all the comments and likes. I've got it labeled as U. nelumbifolia x reniformis. The flower stalk is considerably over 2 foot long and I was surprised (and very happy) to see the buds survived as it sneaked past the tray on the top shelf.
  6. Seed supplier

    Good luck with that Dave , that's what I was planning a few years ago, now my cactus and succulent collection is much bigger than my CP collection and I even had to add a second greenhouse to move the CPs into. As you're looking at hardy/half hardy plants you're presumably planning on keeping them outside so space may not be such an issue. Not as easy to do in wet old Derbyshire as it is in Kent I suppose. Anyhow good luck with your seed hunt.
  7. Seed supplier

    If you are not already a member you could try joining the British Cactus and Succulent Society. The annual BCSS seed list is just out and if you also join the associated forum there are often members with seed/cuttings to sell or give away...much like CPUK members do for CPs. There are branches around the UK who hold monthly meetings, there may be one near you, Dover perhaps? One supplier many members seem to use for seeds is Mesa Garden, although I've never used them myself so can't vouch for them. BCSS is here
  8. hi Argo, yes will do. I got worried this earlier this year when they still hadn't flowered but was advised that as long as the leaves are dewy and growing not to worry. Sure, I'll be sharing the news when I have any.
  9. I have a few P gigantea, the largest 2 of them are around 10cm diameter and have not flowered yet.
  10. My understanding is a slowing down of growth rather than dormancy. I have one I keep in a south facing bathroom window which is still growing new pitchers. My other one in the greenhouse hasn't grown anything new all year except a couple of flower stalks.
  11. pinguicula accuminata care

    What is your source of water? If it's tap water do you know the ph. Are you trying to raise the ph with the crushed coral? I have occasionally added dolomitic lime to a few Pings but never saw any meaningful evidence that it grew stronger plants so I stopped bothering and just used a "mostly inorganic" mix with, like yours, a little peat. Whatever the answer to all these questions you obviously grow other Pings successfully so the real question is must be what's different about these 2 plants? Like I mentioned before could just be they didn't settle in and for reasons unknown decided to decline/die. Sad when it happens but we just keep trying.
  12. pinguicula accuminata care

    What is your watering regime? How big is the plant? Have you tried digging it up and seeing what the roots are doing? I use a mostly inorganic medium too, I don't use vermiculite and have never tried crushed coral Minimum temp in my greenhouse has been 7C during the last couple of nights. Reducing the temperature might help but if you're in the tropics somewhere then this might be difficult. I have found that new Mexican Pings can sometimes sulk for long periods when they first arrive especially if they're very small, most recover and grow well but unfortunately some just decline until they die. Try to post a photo if you can. Good luck with it.
  13. how to water a Pinguicula?

    My Mexican Pings are mostly in plastic pots although I do have a group of P gracilis in a tiny ceramic bonsai pot and a group of P x tina in a large green soup mug with a handle.
  14. how to water a Pinguicula?

    I water all of mine in the tray, reducing the amount in Winter. If I spill any on the leaves I blot it up with a bit of kitchen towel (apart from P emarginata which seems to prefer wetter conditions in my greenhouse)