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  1. It's good to hear that your CP displays at the BBG are doing well. It is 7 months since I saw them and they certainly were a very impressive and unexpected added bonus when I was visiting the Haworthia Show which was taking place at the gardens. I like the photos, it would be good if you could add plant names and maybe have a couple of shots showing the whole or parts of the display as well as the close-ups. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work
  2. more nice Pings, thanks very much for sharing
  3. Looking very nice, thanks for sharing.
  4. I might be a bit late to the party here but for what it's worth, I grow my Mexican Pings in a mainly mineral mix made up of fine grit, cat litter, coarse sand, perlite (based on what I have in stock at the time) plus a small amount of peat. Try to avoid getting too much water on the leaves. If I do spill any water on the leaves I soak it up with a paper kitchen towel. Because my mix is mainly mineral I can keep them stood in around 1 - 2 cm water but if you're using a mainly organic mix don't keep it soggy. As Jeff says this will lead to rot which is what looks like has happened to yours but, on the positive side, the grow point looks good and I think it should recover well.
  5. Even bigger greenhouse not long after that
  6. Sorry Chris, can't help with species but what a fantasticly intense blue colour, thanks for sharing.
  7. Looking good, it's always nice to have the before and after photos to compare when the plant grows well, I invariable seem to forget to do the before bit
  8. and finally, even up here in North Derbyshire too, no more rationing for a while
  9. Complete contrast here at the northern end of the county, a little bit of drizzle and then the sun came out again....seems like that's it for this week.
  10. lovely plant, your plants and photos always impress! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Hi Jeff, I tried growing Dorstenia barnimiana a few years ago but it didn't grow well for me at all and after about 3 years of steady decline it eventually died. I don't think I'll be trying again.
  12. Thanks for the info, I did want to support them what with them being in the same county and all that but only if it's worth tying up a significant part of my Sunday so I'll probably give it a miss this time. I overspent at the Manchester Cactus Market this afternoon anyway so it's probably best if I stay away from anybody selling plants for a while
  13. very nice, looks natural enough. thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks Martin, it's strange because I thought I'd only clicked once but I'll certainly keep more of an eye on it for a while.
  15. Welcome to the forums Jonathan. It will be good to see some pictures of your plants (cacti included , in the Cactus section of course)