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  1. new drosera discovered

  2. Drosera binata 'T Form'

    All of the forms originating from southern Australia, ie- Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and WA fork only once. I'm surprised they appear to be so uncommon in cultivation in your part of the world.
  3. "Edwards Giant"

    You've still got the touch.
  4. Australia has a list of permitted species and if on that list the seed simply needs to be clean and labelled to allow importation.
  5. I think that you'll find that the import requirements for other countries vary from those of the US. The US is the only country with the small seed lots permit.
  6. Drosera acaulis

    Not what I expected. Lovely little plant.
  7. Amorphophallus titanum leaf cutting

    We've got one grower in northern Australia and another in Switzerland, I'm not surprised that each experiences differences in the plants behaviour.
  8. Utricularia quinquedentata in bloom.....

    Lovely photo of such a tiny flower.
  9. Unknown Drosera

    It's the anthocyanin free form of Drosera venusta that I passed seed around from many years ago.
  10. Drosera Slackii

    I won't dispute that. I've grown a number of forms and clones over the years and have only ever managed to produce seed when I have manually crossed different clones. I guess there must be some other clones that will occasionally produce a small amount of seed without any help.
  11. Drosera Slackii

    Two different clones are required to produce seed.
  12. D. Peltata in trouble!

    It will be a few weeks until any plants down here will break the surface. I would be hesitant to receive any tuberous Drosera species while they are growing. There is a real chance that the stem will rot or be damaged in transit.
  13. G'day from uʍop ɹǝpun

    I really shouldn't take the credit for these plants as I only grew them from seed supplied to me. Graham Sadd is the man!
  14. G'day from uʍop ɹǝpun

    Hi Paul, Glad to hear that my VFT creations are the reason for your return!