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  1. lucien01700

    'Crippled' Dionea

    It seems to be an attack of insects, aphids or mites
  2. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    The plant is stable but not reproducible for now, unlike Blanche hermine. To be clear I have no lesson to receive from you, Herr Crocodile. Final point.
  3. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Who said she was not stable? I have not managed to reproduce but I do not despair. Many people died but they had a name, Herr Crocodile
  4. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    More and more beautiful Rhizome divisions do not seem to reproduce the plant, it is likely to be unique.
  5. lucien01700

    Dionaea 'Cheerlaeder'

    Cheerleader makes pompoms in spring and autumn
  6. lucien01700

    Dionaea 'Alternance'

    Dionaea 'Alternance'
  7. lucien01700

    some of my dionee

    Hello Fabrizio Beautiful plants, bravo
  8. lucien01700

    Dionaea leaves turn brown

    Red spider mites do not like water. If you do not have specific insectide spray the plants with rainwater. Lucien
  9. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Open trap, we can see the two colors
  10. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    The name of dionée "Camouflage" already existing, although the plant no longer exists I had to change the name of my dionée. She is now called "Chimère".
  11. lucien01700

    Dionaea leaves turn brown

    I confirm, it could be a red mite attack. Look at the magnifying glass if small red dots are present on the petioles.
  12. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimére"

    Hello I did not understand the meaning of your question.
  13. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    My Chimère takes a good turn. Alternation of green and white on petioles, leaves and traps. Chimère Ghost who starts to bleach
  14. lucien01700

    Seed grown Dionaea

    Tobias the best
  15. lucien01700

    Best time to re-plant

    You can plant by dividing now. Do not disturb the dionaea in dormancy. Regards Lucien