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  1. Nice rik et rak
  2. It is pollen and the dionaea feeds
  3. Hi, is this plant still to buy ? If yes,  please take the Reservation for me and tell me how I can pay.



  4. Semi 2015 Phalanx Lézard vert boutures Semis sélection Crazy cup Sandokan (Melly)
  5. Yes, it is true, the dionaea cultivars all have teeth, a trap, a petiole, and roots, and grows in peat with quartz sand Mars is red
  6. ??? no comment
  7. Superb !! Thanks Trev
  8. Thank you very much for your answer
  9. Dionaea Cheerlaeder ,Is unstable and return type Dionaea "supernova" obtained by Tev cox is without interest Cheerlaeder before Cheerlaeder après
  10. Hi Lucas Hi Lucas Cerbère is a dionaea found in Carniflora by Guillaume Bily. Gert found the same he calls it double trouble All of Bily's dionae are plants found at Cerniflora or in a garden-house close to home. Lucien is me Lucien Blacher
  11. Cerbère ==> Guillaume (Carniflora) charly mandon's spotted ==> Charly Mandon (jardinerie) dents stress ==>lucien (cadeau Plantev) Double green ==> David Carnivoria unstable fused tooth perso ==> Speddy moon trap ==>Gert (Carniflora)Netherlands mikkiki ==> Julien Hussein plumechon==> Mic (Belgique) coq couche ==> Nico 59 (Nord de la France)
  12. Why are the other traps not the same?
  13. No interest, it's a stress
  14. Main features: the inner lips of the trap remained