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  1. lucien01700


    Séléction Reptile RMT giant Lézard vert Lunatic fringe Phalanx Velke cerven pasti E Diable rouge Ghost Mirror Bec de lièvre Mirror Triple feuilles
  2. lucien01700

    Dionaea summer problems.

    Peat may be responsible for this, but I think, like Ian, that it is the perlite that dries and rotates the plant. Put # 3 quartz sand in the peat and some sphagnum heads on the surface to maintain moisture acid on the top of the plant.
  3. Olá,gostariade comprar uma "miss Pimbêche" por favor entre em contato 

  4. lucien01700

    Happy New Year

  5. lucien01700

    Our first year with VFTs

    Hello Do not leave your dionaea in the pots of origins of the gardening. These probably contain fertilizers. You will have a real glimpse of your plants in a new substrate of peat and sand. Hello from France Lucien
  6. lucien01700

    yellow dionaea

    Nice plant
  7. lucien01700

    Underrated/Overrated Cultivars?

    The clones of mutant dionea are no more obscene than the balls of nepenthes dangling miserably. Each his own just an opinion folks, lol...
  8. lucien01700

    Transmission of PM

    Hello all or some time I have problems mp transmission. Contact me again by MP Lucien
  9. lucien01700

    NEW!! Dionaea "Erectus"

    Dionée "Erectus"
  10. lucien01700

    Pom pom mirror

    As far as I know I'm not your friend No I do not communicate with this kind of caricature gossip. I have neither Facebook, nor twitter, nor other so-called malicious social network which one tightens to slander and propagate calumnies
  11. lucien01700

    Pom pom mirror

    No interest just a passing curiosity for Facebook
  12. lucien01700

    my 'adentate'

    Nice plant
  13. lucien01700

    Dionaea"Chicot" evolution

    Hi Youri The teeth are very short almost non-existent, the traps are rather round, the petioles are very rounded near the trap, and finally the color is different than the giant RMT I got this plant in 2014 at the same time as the Red micro theet. As the scandal erupted about my plants on this forum I thought it would be nice to let the turmoil go by. Diable rouge is erect. Red micro teeth is prostrate RMT giant is prostrated with large traps with small teeth. Chicot is prostrate, the teeth are non-existent, hence its name. See definition of chicot All these cultivars are from Microdent declared by G.Bily, crossed with different red dionaea Lucien
  14. lucien01700

    Dionaea"Chicot" evolution

    Dionaea "Chicot"
  15. lucien01700

    Dionaea photo

    Dents fusionnées RMT giant Red dagger Mutant 1343/1 Lezard Alien Werewolf Giant I3