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  1. Flowering Genlisea pygmaea problem

    I had problem with the flowerinf of this genlisea. I got stalks but after few days they were dry. I think this specie need more humidity because the stalks are thinner than other species like G.margaretae or G.hispidula.
  2. Ireland : Comeragh mountains

    Hello Richard, Of course,it will be a pleasure ;). Anthony
  3. Hello, Last week end I went hiking in Comeragh Mountains in the county Tipperary. I was able to see somes Drosera rotundifolia. I would like to know if someone know places around Kilkenny where I could see carnivorous plants. I am in Ireland for business until 2nd of July.
  4. It is a very beautiful specie. Thank you for your sharing ! Regards Anthony.M
  5. Heliamphora hispida

    Very nice colors ! Congrats
  6. Identify drosera

    Thank you for your answer Vince81. Now I am able to correct the label. It was a specie that I lost there is few year.
  7. Identify drosera

    Hi, I need your help. Could you help me to identify these two drosera ? First is a drosera pygmy, but which one ? And this one. It was sold to me as a Drosera spatulata var.lovellae. But it look like at a tropical form of Drosera intermedia. There is not yet flower.
  8. You photos are beautiful, congrats. It is one of my prefered Utricularia. One day I shall try it.
  9. My G. hispidula

    Hi, It was what I thought but it seems to me there is very much dead sphagnum. I once have tried this substrate with Genlisea africana. It was an echec. Never the plant had grown.
  10. My G. hispidula

    Hi, Nice plants. What substratum do use ?
  11. Photos of dionaea muscipula

    Hi, A very particular Dionaea, not my prefered but the deformation is rather interesting. Each trap has a different form. Dionaea "bec de lièvre"
  12. Some Utricularia

    Just a photo of Utricularia laxa put on the purple flower of a pinguicala.
  13. Utricularia nelumbifolia flowering

    Nice, I should get one for my terrarium.
  14. Repot my sarracenia

    Thank you ;)
  15. Repot my sarracenia

    Thank you. I can wait the end of the winter. I should repot them before they begin to grow ?