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  1. There are purple orchids in flower in my fields at the moment. That looks the same just very elongated from trying to get to the light.
  2. Nice.
  3. A flat closed trap measures slightly longer than an open one ;)
  4. Hi Stu and Richard. How I set the competition up originally it was no work at all, just post the thread and send out the prize at the end. But by popular demand the competition rules were changed in early 2013, which made it a huge amount of work. I did it like that for 2 years then interest seemed to be waning, I got ill and the weather was crap, so I let it go. I don't mind running it again the original way, but I don't have the time or energy for how it was done the last 2 years. Also if someone else wanted to take it on that would be great, I'm happy to help out.
  5. We aught to be able to recycle the peat we already have. The problem with re-using it is the build up of salts in the peat from the constant evaporation, this could be leached out by leaving it outside in the rain in a plastic crate for a year.
  6. Supernova 1 2 3
  7. Hi Richard, I still check in from time to time, but it's just too quiet these days. Not the forums fault, every forum seems to be the same. I'm told it's because everyone is on fakebook - not my scene. How did the Dm. Urchin fare? It's one of my top favourites now.
  8. Dracula. If you're interested there's a previous "Favorite VFT" thread here:
  9. The darkest red stuff I see growing on the mountain is always growing over rocks with it's head in the sun and it's feet in the water.
  10. Just search Google images for Venus Flytrap Seedlings, you'll get lots of pictures of what they should look like:
  11. Oh that's nice! The old G9 clone has a row of little tiny teeth on the outside like that, always thought it must be possible for them to be bigger. Well done Lucien
  12. Give them enough warmth, light and humidity and they'll grow. The older the seeds are though the longer they take to germinate. Dont give up on them, I've quite often had seed germinate that was sown over 2 years ago.
  13. I sometimes get them as weeds growing in my lawn. They seem to grow in anything here so long as it's always damp and there's not to much competition.
  14. Often sounds like it does, Richard. Fred, In the winter it's actual sea spray but any time of year the rain can have a small sea salt content:
  15. Fred, You're right not everyone does it but that's the main reason it's done by the people that do it. I'm a 100 yards from the Atlantic Ocean, so even my rainwater has salt in it.