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  1. I'm looking for S x Danas Delight, if anyone has one for sale.
  2. I have found some mealy bugs on the crown of some of my plants. On cacti, I use methylated spirits to eradicate mealy bugs - but is it safe to use this on cp's?
  3. I dont let my Cephs stand in water. I was advised to water from above and then tip away any water that collects in the tray / saucer. To date, all has gone well and not had any problems so my guess is it's got something to do with standing in the water.
  4. I have one of these as well, where did you get yours from?
  5. Hi Hannah, welcome to CPUK. Nice to see another Nottingham grower
  6. Hello Merrick, welcome to CPUK.
  7. Hi Jonathan, welcome to CPUK.
  8. I have several plants of Sarracenia x Catesbaei. However, each ine has it's name spelt differently from the nurseries / garden centres that I got them from, so my question is this....which is the correct name? S x Catesbaie S x Catesbaei S x Catesbyi Thanks.
  9. Will do Mike :)
  10. we'll definately be there Mike :)
  11. Ok cheers guys Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Is it too late to split a huge pot of Sarracenia? I got them off Derek Clavell-Bates several years ago and they now just grow around the outside of the pot, nothing in the middle.Any advice would be appreciated
  13. Instead of being argumentative, why not be thankful that someone has taken the time to warn others of yet another scam?
  14. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.
  15. Does anyone know whats happened to Dimitri? He seems to have vanished and his website also appears to have gone. I ordered some plants off him in August and they arrived very quickly, but apparently others have been waiting for months and are getting no response to emails or facebook messages.