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  1. Granite Grit

    The size is 6mm which is probably slightly larger than I was looking for but to be honest isn't too bad. It was either use it at this size or get the lump hammer out so I decided to stick with it Dave
  2. Granite Grit

    I managed to get two 25kgs bags of granite chippings from a local builders merchants for less than a fiver !
  3. Cut back?

    I leave the phyllodia, as they help with photosynthesis, and just cut back any old pitchers. Dave
  4. Granite Grit

    Thanks for the replies folks, especially you Phil for braving the elements and checking what it said on the bag ! When I googled granite grit the RHS stuff did come up but looking at images of it on the internet I couldn't see where it said granite on the packaging so was a little unsure whether it was or not. I think that has now been answered. I will probably trawl a few more of the local garden centres to see what I can find and if I can't turn anything up go down the route you have Stephen and just go with the perlite. Dave
  5. I have finally managed to get hold of some Melcourt Growbark Pine and I now intend to start repotting my plants in to Mike King's suggested mix of Growbark Pine/granite grit/perlite. Mike uses 2-4mm grade grit and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on a suitable brand and where I might obtain some without paying a fortune in postage ! I have looked in some local garden centres and although they stock potting grit (which is the required grade) it isn't granite. Dave
  6. Hi everyone

    Welcome back.
  7. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum Margot.
  8. S. x moorei ‘Leah Wilkerson’ Hardy?

    I leave all my plants in my greenhouse over winter including Leah.
  9. How do you over-winter your Cephalotus (in the UK)?

    I think I would be inclined to bring it indoors over the winter and keep it on a sunny windowsill especially with it being quite small. Just keep it damp and watch out for powdery mildew which can occur when the plant doesn't get sufficient ventilation. I keep mine in my greenhouse all year round now but put them under the main benches during the winter to give them a bit of added protection. I used to bring them indoors and keep them on a bedroom window but I now have too many to be able to do that and a couple of them did get powdery mildew. Dave
  10. Something eating my Sarracenia

    I have had similar problems to this and think they may be the caterpillars of the tortrix moth. In my experience they have only affected a few plants so don't worry that you will have a plague of them and will wake up one morning to find stumps where your plants used to be ! When I notice them I tend to just pick them off and feed them to my cephs. In the past I have used Provado to try and deal with them but I try to not use pesticides unless I absolutely have to. Dave
  11. Like Martin I sow mine direct in the greenhouse on 1st Jan and then leave them to do their own thing and they have always germinated.
  12. How did everyone start??

    I started off by buying some bog standard (please excuse the pun) sarracenia from the local DIY store which I kept outside in a container for a couple of years and then decided I wanted to get in to the hobby a bit more seriously and started buying plants off eBay. This meant that I then needed something to keep them in and so bought a polytunnel. If you look at my growlist you can see that the number, and variety, of plants I now have has grown to the point that I have two 8' x 6' greenhouses and still not enough space ! The one thing about having limited space is that you start to become more selective about the plants you buy because the danger when you first get in to the hobby is that you buy everything going. I really like leucophylla and so I decided after a while that I would concentrate on them plus plants that have a leucophylla influence such as mooreis for example. The bulk of my collection is made up of these plants but I also have other plants that I just like the look of. My advice would be just that, buy the plants that you like but be careful of buying plants just because you haven't got them because before long you'll be struggling for space. Dave
  13. Could it also be down to the fact that Matt's plants form earlier than ours 'up North' and so get longer to colour up ? When Matt used to attend the Harrogate Spring Show I was always amazed at our much further along his plants were compared to mine, he would have fully formed plants when mine were only just starting to put up pitchers !
  14. Plantsman89's Plants

    It's just that I have never seen one coloured up to that extent. Mine has a red throat patch and a red tinge to the edge of the hood but that's it ! Perhaps it's that warm southern climate that does it
  15. Plantsman89's Plants

    Are you sure of the ID of the plant you have said is Leah Wilkerson ?