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  1. Hi David, i tried to grow some VFT's in a mix of coir and coarse sawdust or perlite and the plants were very fine.
  2. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    I was about to ask the same question. Mine are still young so i think i will cut only the dried pitcher, but maybe cutting down the plant could stimulate the new grow.
  3. Hello from Austria

  4. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to All from Italy!
  5. This is important.

    Hi! almost surely that plant will be one of these: capensis, capensis "alba" (white leaves instead of red), aliciae. Generally are easy to keep, they need of light, as much air circulation as you can provide and wet substrate, if aliciae not very wet. You can grow it on a windowsill, and don't really need of dormancy.
  6. Hi, i agree with carambola, sphagnum grows very much faster than sarras seedling. You could use the typical 50-50 peat moss and perlite without any issues.
  7. Hydroponics shops

    Maybe because black square pots are suspicious? i went in a very famous garden centre (some clerks know me for have spent a lot of money in the years before) in my hometown asking for those pots (for them they are waste), one clerk agreed, but the owner begin to asking me: " what you need? for what? Let me understand, no no i don' t want to know, no i can't give you nothing" ecc ecc. I've tried to explain that were for cps, but she did not listened to any reason. Six years ago.
  8. I started in 2009 with the typical triad: a vft, D. capensis and a some kind of unidentified purpurea hybrid (almost surely hybrid C from Extreme Plants). In the following years i've tried cephs and neps with bad results. Now my favourite genus are Dionaea, Darlingtonia and hardy sundews.
  9. Anyone guess what these are?

    Hi guys, please keep update the thread!!
  10. DNS problems with CPUK

    Today i hadn't any issues.
  11. DNS problems with CPUK

    Yesterday had some problems, two or three times, today is good.
  12. Phragmipedium boulay bay

    It's wonderful! I think that you've been rewarded for the years spent in waiting for this.
  13. Anyone guess what these are?

    Do you know that now almost everyone is interested in every development? Me in head obviously.
  14. It works for me, this should be fine: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56741-fast-germinating-darlings/