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  1. Folks can we please keep this thread as civil as possible? There's a perfectly good reason Sheila didn't want to name and shame the individual and that's because she doesn't want to leave herself open to being sued by that person. Please don't try forcing the information out of those who are in the know. Please just have a bit of trust in Sheila's warning. She's given the individual's sob story very clearly, that should be sufficient.
  2. Hi all There will be an upgrade to the forum today. We may lose service for a little while. We will also lose the custom CPUK skin during the upgrade but it will be restored (once I figure out from Andy how to do it) asap afterwards. I don't envisage any major changes like there was last time. Best wishes Richard
  3. No. You can email Chris Crow though. Did he give you a business card with his contact details? If not, PM me.
  4. Hello Luigi, and welcome.
  5. Wonderful. Best of luck everyone for an enjoyable day.
  6. Try using Tapatalk for iPad.
  7. Other than what I suggested I have no idea. If you message Admin he may be able to help. Point him in the direction of this post. It could well be a gremlin.
  8. Try checking the 'read status', 'time period' and 'sorting options in the fields at the top of the 'content I started' area.
  9. The post is showing up and is here
  10. What was the post called?
  11. I like it too. I've still a couple of things to look into that Andy has asked me to do but I've been up to my eyeballs busy the last three days. Things like hooking up the login from Facebook and Twitter and Google.
  12. Where did you get your seeds @scooterboy67?
  13. You may need to sign in with your screen name rather than username @Mark Anderson. Ooo see what I just did, I tagged you. I likey.