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  1. I've sent an email off and will sort it out when I hear back. Thanks
  2. @Mark Anderson @Yunzi Please PM me your current email addresses to see if they're on the list. There's always the possibility of a typo in the database too.
  3. Thanks for plugging it David. It is briefer than my previous ones but I'm trying a new way of doing it now. As we email members several times a year with announcements I figured a flash-newsletter could go out at the same time with a couple of articles in it. As is obvious from your comment, it can always be made bigger if members write something for it. It does feature a great article on growing Aldrovanda and an excellent new video about sexing, pollinating and germinating Nepenthes.
  4. RHS Rosemoor Event - dates changed to 8 & 9 July
  5. Viv Topham Open Day (Suffolk) - 24 June - Cancelled due to ill health.
  6. I'll get it looked into for you @AndeeUK. My apologies for the delay.
  7. Paul Young is. I'll PM you his email address.
  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. That Darlingtonia is just Wow!
  10. I didn't know he started his own forum. Glad he's okay. I just remembered how well he grows Darlingtonia.
  11. Does anyone know whatever happened to FredG? He was a regular on the forum but hasn't been online since last September.
  12. My wife loves them and says she's interested in three. How much? I may have been a little instrumental in this as I love the colour. LOL
  13. I'd love one but it looks just too big. I have a Blechnum gibbum in front of me on the kitchen table.
  14. I likey!