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  1. You can upload images if you click on Gallery at the top. Then you can link them in (I think).
  2. Test your tap water with the TDS meter too Guy. If it's under 100ppm then it will be fine to use. I used tap water with a TDS of 135ppm for about six years before I moved house. Everything grew fine with the exception of Darlingtonia (but I still struggle with that) and seeds would never germinate for me.
  3. Yes we absolutely still exist. I'm on the committee. I'll chase it up for you with the membership secretary and treasurer. Apologies for the delay in your membership coming through.
  4. In my opinion a water butt connected to your down pipe would work out cheaper in the long (and not so long) run compared to RO and distilled.
  5. Dixie Lace leaves last longer than a season. Norman Parker will produce traps soon, don't worry.
  6. Welcome to the forum Guy, we got you on here in the end. What were the pitcher plants you ordered? I'm curious about which ones you chose. Also, what was the Sundew? Keep reading/learning on here, ask questions and share your experience. I'd also recommend you get a good book such as The Savage Garden 2nd Edition (Peter D'Amato) or Carnivorous Plants (Nigel Hewitt Cooper). Actually the very first nursery I bought my first plants from was Little Shop of Horrors back in the day. They're nice people. I also recommend Ian Salter (who will send potted if you ask him) and Hampshire Carnivorous Plants as well as Hewitt-Cooper Carnivorous Plants.
  7. Did you ever get a response from BE @Mark Anderson? My Bill Bailey is in flower now and it's male too. I got mine from a guy called Mark Rouse.
  8. Well said Dennis. My only hope is that I can get something like Melcourt or decent coir here in Ireland! It's getting hard to get peat here too. I went to buy a few bales (specially ordered) from my local independent gc at the weekend only to discover that it was Westland that they bought in for me. My fault for not requesting Shamrock specifically.
  9. You're lucky I read this thread. I don't have much time to read every forum post these days but this one sounded interesting. Thrash out ideas further in this thread and message me when you have a better idea of what you'd like and I'll set it up.
  10. Try getting a message to Tim Bailey through the contact form on He's been to all the sites. He invited me to drive up and visit the sites when he was over here with Stewart writing the book but I wasn't fond of the idea of bogging at the time.
  11. Folks can we please keep this thread as civil as possible? There's a perfectly good reason Sheila didn't want to name and shame the individual and that's because she doesn't want to leave herself open to being sued by that person. Please don't try forcing the information out of those who are in the know. Please just have a bit of trust in Sheila's warning. She's given the individual's sob story very clearly, that should be sufficient.
  12. Hi all There will be an upgrade to the forum today. We may lose service for a little while. We will also lose the custom CPUK skin during the upgrade but it will be restored (once I figure out from Andy how to do it) asap afterwards. I don't envisage any major changes like there was last time. Best wishes Richard
  13. No. You can email Chris Crow though. Did he give you a business card with his contact details? If not, PM me.
  14. Hello Luigi, and welcome.