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  1. I think Sheila's going David. I can't wait to see photos of the stand.
  2. t form

    I remember getting mine from Matt. He told me it's a short olive green form which I've not seen anywhere else so I snapped it up. I went to him looking for the one I had years ago.
  3. t form

    I have this form but it's started forking more than the once.
  4. I don't know very much about Nepenthes so can't comment further with any degree of certainty. Someone else will though.
  5. I spoke with Matt Soper about this last year and he told me that the true N. Rebecca Soper doesn't have red leaves. There's obviously another plant in circulation that looks similar.
  6. Although I've not shopped from him personally, I know many people hold him in high regard.
  7. It's definitely S. Mega Mouth by Phil Faulisi. His picture too.
  8. Best to propagate via gemmae.
  9. Very cool website Tom. I also love the interactive Nepenthes guide.
  10. So I saw. Massive congrats to Matt.
  11. Hi Ezza. Can you please PM me your details and I'll chase it up for you.
  12. t form

    It's okay Loakesy, I've managed to source it from someone else.
  13. Hi Ron Have you tried uploading your images to the gallery section and linking in from there? I'm not sure if it's been reduced or not, and I don't know how to find out. Perhaps a few others who regularly post images could help out with advice here. @Hannahraptor perhaps?
  14. A few days ago it came to our attention that a CPUK member had stated they had a Sarracenia cultivar S. ‘Waccamaw’ (which happens to be a crossing between two S. flava var atropurpurea plants) illegally imported into Europe. This member was subsequently banned from CPUK. The reason for the ban was two-fold. Firstly, no Phytosanitary Certificate was obtained. Apart from being a legal requirement, these inspections are needed for international trading to prevent the spread of pests and diseases (such as the Sarracenia rhizome boring pest). Secondly, all Sarracenia species are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), with S. flava (and this was a flava) being listed under Appendix II. No export and import permits were obtained for this plant. The member admitted to it being smuggled in the mail. As a few members requested to be placed on a waiting list for this plant at the time, it is worth pointing out that it is not just the one plant that may be seized by the authorities and destroyed. The whole collection in which the plant resides can be seized, as can collections of people who have received a illegally traded piece. Please take a moment to think about that. Was it really worth that risk? CPUK has always taken a strong stance against illegal trading, whether a plant was removed from the wild or was reproduced by seed. The Carnivorous Plant Society has conservation at it’s very heart, and this also extends to hoping we can protect our territories from foreign pests and diseases. Let us all try to not give our hobby a bad name.
  15. Oh wow, it's incredible. That'll be going on my wishlist for sure.