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  1. Richard Bunn

    Forum problems

    I've our Treasurer Phil Wilson to thank for the improved speed. I wasn't getting anywhere with the hosting company regarding the speed issue so he went in heavy on them and they moved the thing to a faster server at no extra cost. It pays to be a grumpy fella in charge of the purse strings!
  2. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    Good. Thanks for letting me know Martin. Message me if the problem crops up again.
  3. Richard Bunn

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi Gary Hello from Ireland. I'm originally from Cornwall but have lived here for 18 years. Places that are a MUST to visit in Cornwall are Gary Wheeler in Helston (you can find him on Facebook). Gary's a good friend of mine and has a great warm-temperate collection in many greenhouses (I lose count as he's always expanding) and a polytunnel or two. The Eden Project at St Austell (although their CP collection is relatively small) is an amazing horticultural experience. Also, if you can get hold of him via Facebook, John Jearrard who is just outside of Redruth around Lanner. If you can get there you'll find John's vast setup is pretty amazing.
  4. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    Hi Martin I've checked and the setting hasn't been changed by me or you. Actually it CAN'T be changed by you. It's on by default. I've looked into your profile update history and I see you changed your email address last month. Can you please PM me (I'm getting message emails anyway) with the email address you'd like to get notifications to (it will also be the one you need to log in from as this will be the one connected to your account). If anyone else is having this problem then please let me know. Preferably via PM as I'm more likely to see it.
  5. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    I'll look into it for you Martin. I didn't disable it as it would be a foolish move. It could be a problem with the domain provider but I'm not sure.
  6. Richard Bunn

    Forum problems

    It has gotten painfully slow. I'll get on to the hosting company this afternoon about it. It's unacceptable.
  7. Richard Bunn

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    It really was a nightmare that I never want to have to go through again.
  8. Richard Bunn

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Thanks, everyone.
  9. Richard Bunn

    What happened?
  10. Richard Bunn

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Hi Everyone As you no doubt know, the site was down for a period of around two weeks. Why? I hear you ask... Firstly, this was not due to maintenance or system upgrade of any nature, so don't expect it to suddenly be faster. YET! What happened: The site hosting company took it upon themselves to change the IP address for the DNS nameservers. Why is beyond me. Straight away that means that our domain points to an invalid (out of date) DNS by the domain provider (different company than the hosting). I registered the new DNS with our domain providers and they screwed up, without explanation. They constantly told me that the change was made correctly and that I needed to contact the hosting company. The hosting company constantly came back to me with a report showing the site was still being pointed to the old DNS details and that I needed to contact the domain providers. This went on day... after day... after day! Knowing the DNS problem lay with the domain people, I opened a support ticket with them to fix the issue. They were painfully slow to respond to each reply I made. I'm talking two days or more at a time and also coupled with the fact that they had major outages lasting days that they were also trying to fix at the same time (possibly the reason why my DNS changes got corrupted after I hit submit). Eventually, after them telling me it was done, and allowing sufficient time for the changes to be propagated globally, there was something still not right. So I did several live chats with them, being told their tech team were closed (they're in Australia since before the Society inherited the site). So after three days of live webchats they tried to make the changes themselves only to receive errors. Yesterday morning I received an email saying that the change has been made by them again and that it would take up to four hours to be propagated globally. Finally, it was working!!! The future: This issue has seriously annoyed the hell out of me and one of the Trustees. Our domain is up for renewal soon and we are enquiring about moving it to our own developer at that time. Also, as we've had major problems with the hosting on and off for months, we are also working on moving the hosting to our own developer come the spring, when that is up for renewal. When the hosting is moved we will hopefully be moving to a solid state (SSD) service which will result in the site running faster. We are also getting an SSL certificate, which should have been done by the domain company ages ago, and wasn't. I'm sorry that the site was down for everyone. It was a total head-wrecking stressor for me, at a time when I could have done without it. It's important you keep in mind though that this was at no point the fault of me and neither was it anything to do with the Society. We have not changed any of the site's service providers since we inherited the site from Andy. We are planning improvements to the running speed and site stability in the future, improving backup features, and keeping as many aspects as possible unified and local. Thanks for reading. Richard Bunn CPUK Webmaster The Carnivorous Plant Society
  11. Richard Bunn

    Why doesn't CPUK use SSL / TLS?

    There are upgrades to be made which will sort this out.
  12. Richard Bunn

    Sign up not possible

    Hi Harro. We had a problem with the hosting company yesterday changing the IP address and not telling us until after it was done. If there are any further issues I will try to fix it as promptly as possible
  13. Richard Bunn

    Help with drosophyllum seeds!

    It could also be coming from the peat pots. Those things aren't great.
  14. Richard Bunn

    Hello from the Netherlands

    There's a privately owned bog called Termonbarry or Tarmonbarry bog. It has all the Darlingtonia as well as the purps. Not sure if you'd be allowed to visit it though. I'm in Ireland.
  15. Richard Bunn

    Anybody had problems with

    Done. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.