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  1. CPUK Auctions

    A round of applause to @Loakesy for a job well done.

    Excellent seller. Have purchased several times and always happy.
  3. DNS problems with CPUK

    Email issue fixed. Turns out it wasn't my fault after all. Phew! Richard
  4. No more PM notifications?

    Yay! *happy dance*
  5. No more PM notifications?

    It's been fixed this morning. Is it working for you now? I'll send you a test PM. Regards Richard
  6. DNS problems with CPUK

    I I had a sneaking suspicion it was related to the ZX Spectrum that I used to have.
  7. Auction 450 - A trio of Sarracenia

    Can this one be archived now @sheila
  8. DNS problems with CPUK

    I have a problem with the emails now. I think this one's my doing though. I'm trying to get it sorted so I'm sorry you didn't get my email. What's the ZX81 that you're referring to?
  9. DNS problems with CPUK

    Hi Keith I emailed you earlier looking for information. Did you get my email?
  10. DNS problems with CPUK

    It should be working now. Can you please confirm whether or not you're still having issues?
  11. DNS problems with CPUK

    Delighted to hear it. I was going to monitor it over the evening to be sure before letting people know.
  12. DNS problems with CPUK

    It doesn't appear to be properly rectified yet. I'll keep you posted. Naturally we must have a Firewall so it's going to take some fiddling with by the tech crew.
  13. DNS problems with CPUK

    It appeared to be a problem with the firewall. It's working now for me so hopefully it'll work for everyone else.
  14. DNS problems with CPUK

    Guys I'm sorry this problem is still going on. We have asked tech support to fix it several times. I also regret locking the original post (although I can't unlock it from my phone, which. Is my only access at the minute, as the function isn't available). The reason I locked the post is as I said, to prevent people inadvertently posting any of their secure details on here. But seeing as this thread is open, sure do whatever you wish with my blessing. I'll get the Society back onto tech support again today. Regards Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. DNS problems with CPUK

    Hi folks Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the forum the past week where some people, myself included, cannot get the site to load. Are you one of these people? If so, please let myself and Steve (CPS Webmasters) know. HOWEVER ------>>>>>>>> PLEASE DO IT VIA EMAIL TO and NOT via private message on the forum (seeing as I can't get on from home). Many thanks and sincerest apologies. Richard