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  1. There's an ICPS description of Othello here.
  2. Looking good. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Not seen any yet - I've been keeping an eye out for some myself.
  4. FredG is the only one I've seen on the forum with an adult Othello. I wonder what his secret is?
  5. Good going ada. I had a stolon cutting that got that far, then just keeled over and died. Hope you have better luck.
  6. Thought I'd start a thread for all my photos in 2017. So to get started here's some newly opened sarracenia flowers from today. Looks like it's going to be a bumper year for flowers.
  7. From the album Photos2017

  8. I've only posted it, I didn't create it myself Enjoy your trip!
  9. Recently I was asked a question about sarracenia location descriptions, so I thought others may find this map useful. I think it only contains locations for MK's plants but its a good start.
  10. Hope you've some paint brushes handy Terry, because you'll most likely have to do the pollination yourself. Especially if you want to know what the seeds are. This video may help:
  11. I intend to be there. Looking forward to seeing the new set-up.
  12. Looks like sarracenia to me, too. Drosera capensis seeds are fine and black as I remember. Seedlings seem to pop up everywhere in my collection
  13. Mike, can you get round the far end of the middle bench? Otherwise could be a bit of a log-jam come the Open Day. Cheers,
  14. Looks very good. A bit ambitious for us to start with, but something we could evolve into.
  15. I was hoping it could be part of this site, but if not I could start an independent one. But that wouldn't be very immediate or accessible so people would just forget about it. Any comment Richard? Regards,