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  1. linuxman

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Nigel H-C has produced an article in the September 2018 issue of the ICPS newsletter on D. magnifica cultivation you may find interesting.
  2. linuxman

    Sarracenia descriptions

    Here's a couple of links that may help with plant descriptions and photos:
  3. linuxman

    Open day, 13th of October, 2018, 9 to 2.30 pm

    Don't think I'll be able to make it unfortunately - beer festival on the Friday takes precedence (Note to Mike: times on the CPS website need updating).
  4. linuxman

    No email notification of new message

    I did receive email notification the other day, so whatever you've done Richard has had some effect. I'll have to wait for another PM to confirm it's fixed though.
  5. linuxman

    Hello from the midlands

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  6. Whenever I was PM'd in the past I used to get an email notification. Now I've noticed this no longer happens and the option appears to have been disabled by the administrator. Is there any reason for this, or do I need to set some other option first?
  7. linuxman

    New flowerbuds in september??

    No need to worry. They'll either die off as the cold weather approaches or you can remove them when they grow a bit more. I suppose they could stay as buds until next spring but I doubt it.
  8. linuxman

    Forum problems

    Yes, I've read the other thread and I'm not blaming Richard at all. He's doing a sterling job trying to keep it going. I used to come on here every day, now it's every other day. Terribly slow again now so the site is almost unusable. Going to logoff instead
  9. linuxman

    Forum problems

    It is so slow it discourages me from coming on here at all.
  10. linuxman

    Greedy pitchers dying off

    No, nothing you can do, except stopping the flies getting in in the first place. You'll see lots of people calling this pitcher "indigestion". I don't bother to cut off the effected pitchers, instead just let the plant re-absorb as much from them as possible.
  11. linuxman

    Dead Darlingtonia

    I believe many in the US have trouble growing darlingtonia because their climate is nothing like it is in N California or Oregon. There shouldn't be similar problems in this country. I grow both outdoors and in the g/h and have had a very good year. The outdoor pitchers in particular have caught so many flies they're going brown and getting very smelly.
  12. You obviously get what you pay for. I've got 2 from the cheaper end of the market and they've been fine. Maybe a little difficult to assemble but just be careful and patient and it should go together OK. I would recommend buying one with a base. In my case the base comes with an aluminium peg for each corner. This can be concreted into the ground and will ensure the g/h remains fixed and stable. A top tip: when installing the base ensure the diagonals are the same length as this will result in right angles at the corners. Once the base is installed you just build the g/h up from it - nice and easy! I'd also recommend buying a g/h with high eaves, especially if you're growing sarracenia. Most suppliers will replace any broken glass you find during assembly, but there can be a time limit - in my case it was 2 weeks. So, if you're not erecting the g/h immediately may be worth checking the glass for breakages. I've only got horticultural glass and a few panes have needed replacing over the years. I've laid a base inside the g/h using compacted sand and cheap slabs finished off with dry cement dust in the gaps. It's a bit of extra work but does give a better look and possibly helps with stability. Else gravel will do on top of a weed membrane. I'm sure others can supply other tips and advice. You can see my 2nd greenhouse half-way down this thread. Good luck!
  13. linuxman

    Help with drosophyllum seeds!

    Salts in your sand, maybe?
  14. linuxman


    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  15. linuxman

    Do I need to divide?

    Yes, photos would be helpful. As Tommyr says don't do the division now but when he says. Sarracenia can stand a lot of pot crowding with no ill effects so that shouldn't be causing the pitcher browning. Make sure it's getting plenty of rain water and protection from the wind as that can cause damage.