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  1. linuxman

    Do I need to divide?

    Yes, photos would be helpful. As Tommyr says don't do the division now but when he says. Sarracenia can stand a lot of pot crowding with no ill effects so that shouldn't be causing the pitcher browning. Make sure it's getting plenty of rain water and protection from the wind as that can cause damage.
  2. linuxman

    ASDA plant

    Yes, that was it. They are selling vfts and even Drosera capensis at the same price.Not worth buying the capensis as like most people it's a weed in my collection. I wouldn't normally buy CPs from ASDA, but the S. purpurea looked quite good and would probably only get killed by anyone else so I rescued it. However, the care instructions aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
  3. linuxman

    Hi There

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  4. linuxman

    Drosophyllum progress

    Thanks for the info Richard. I saw you posted a photo of a plant a while back. I've never had any luck with seed germination before so I bought this from danl82. If I get any seed this year I'll try again. BTW do they self pollinate?
  5. linuxman

    ASDA plant

    Saw this on sale in ASDA and couldn't resist rescuing it. After all a member of the general public is likely to kill it, especially with the instructions on the packaging. Removed from packaging and given a good flush through with RO water and put in semi-shade until it's acclimatised. Should make a good plant by next year.
  6. Here's my tub of darlingtonia. Not quite as tall as yours, but doing well nevertheless.
  7. linuxman

    Drosophyllum progress

    More flowers coming ....
  8. linuxman

    Is this S. flava var ornata?

    Well, he plant looks too green to me - has it been kept in shaded conditions? Ornata should have yellowish-green or vivid yellow pitchers in direct sunlight and be lined with variable, dark red or purple reticulate veins. From the evidence shown here I would say it seems to be a S. flava var flava. However, the lid and spout on the lip of your plant look like examples of rubricorpora from Wewahitchka, FL. I would try giving it full sunlight and seeing if it darkens. I've got plants in the sun all day which have still not developed the red colouration.
  9. Looking good Dunc! And no aphid damage that I can see - how do you do that for outside plants? Some dividing to do next year, maybe
  10. linuxman

    Where's my rain?

    Had a little bit of rain the other day, but I've mostly been using RO for a while now. Have to run it for 2 days to fill the butts.
  11. linuxman

    Linuxman's photos 2018

    A further update. S. alata, Heavy veined, De Soto Mississippi (wild seed), HCP S. alata, Stone Co., MS (A20MK) S. flava var atropurpurea, All red form F3, Blackwater, N. Florida (HCP) S. flava var rugelii, Giant robust clone (F18MK) S. flava var ornata, Apalachicola NF, FL (F88MK) S. flava var atropurpurea, 'Kimber Red Ruffles' (F195MK) Darlingtonia californica S. leucophylla, "pink veins" S. x moorei, 'Adrian Slack' (H113MK) S. x moorei, 'Leah Wilkerson', Walton Co., FL Seed grown from Cedric's SX33 x SFO09 (Orange Fire x flava ornata) S. x moorei, "Ruth Realff" (H341MK) S. x moorei, "Jeff Realff" (H374MK) S. flava var rugelii, Tall form, Marston Exotics (F92MK) S. x "Crimson queen" (H138MK) S. x moorei, "Elizabeth Aydon" (H193MK) S. x moorei, "Esme Cowlard" (H192MK) and lastly the ever reliable S. x 'Juthatip Soper' (H55MK)
  12. linuxman

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Thanks for the photos David - I know what a pain it is posting images on here! I guess most people have moved to social media now which I think is a great pity.
  13. Shame there's nothing on the CPS website on this. An obituary maybe?
  14. linuxman

    Greetings friends!

    Hi and welcome to the forum.