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  1. My sarracenia purpurea seeds have germinated!

    Normally you must give sarracenia a winter dormancy. However, with seedlings you can prevent that happening and they'll grow faster. A heated propagator works well for this else on a windowsill in a heated room should be OK - maybe under cover to raise the humidity and giving occasional foliar feed. You can do this until they reach 2 years old or so.
  2. Cedric sells it cheaper than that here. But there aren't any for sale right now
  3. Mike King's autumn open day 14th of October

    Here are a few photos of the plants at the open day. Many thanks to Mike and Helen for another great day. Bought too many plants again, though . But we did get to see the famous motorbike!
  4. They survive over winter in the greenhouse so I should think it'll reappear in the spring if left outside. However, you could bring the binata inside for winter, they don't need a dormancy.
  5. Hello from North Yorkshire

    Hi Jeff, welcome to the forum.
  6. Hello from the south coast

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  7. Linuxman's photos 2017

    Quite possibly, and the rotten weather over the last few months can't of helped!
  8. CPS new membership

    I believe the membership secretary has been on holiday. I only recently received my renewal card - so shouldn't be long now.
  9. Hello from CA, USA!

    Welcome to the forum Mary.
  10. Linuxman's photos 2017

    A few photos from today showing the first autumn pitchers on the leucos. These 3 are S. leucophylla seedlings I've been growing for a few years now. I'll need to report them separately in the Spring. Here's the drosophyllum I planted this summer. Still doing well and has caught quite a few bugs but I don't know if it'll be large enough to survive the winter. Only 2 of my other S. leucophylla have produced significant autumn pitchers so far. The first is MK L12A, purple & white, Deer Park, AL. The next is the ever reliable 'Helmut's Delight'. Always pitchers early and strongly even in our damp and dank climate.
  11. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Is this enough to comply with the ICPS condition: "You must write a description of this plant and have the description (and color photograph) published in a widely circulated journal such as Carnivorous Plant Newsletter or other comparable publications." See website here. I suppose it could depend upon the definition of "widely circulated".
  12. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Certainly is confusing. A quick google came up with the following: Mike King sells: H148 Sarracenia x exornata `Peaches and Cream’, Mark Wesson, 2005 RHS has: Sarracenia × exornata 'Peaches' insektenfang sells: ipX26/09 Sarracenia x exornata 'Peaches' Steve Morley has the best looking plant, see the 'Carnivorous Plant Photofinder'.
  13. Here are a few photos of the meeting/show yesterday. The first 2 show the venue and displays, whilst the last shows Mike in full flow talking about growing peat-free.