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  1. I agree Alexis. Diffuse light is what we're after rather than specular, so any light diffractors and reflectors will be useful here.
  2. All sarracenia apart from purpurea secrete digestive juices and shouldn't be filled with water. S. purpurea pitchers should contain water from rain in the wild and use bacteria to digest their prey. The upright hoods on these plants is the indicator they need rainwater. I sprinkle my purpurea with rainwater using small watering can occasionally to keep the pitchers filled. I'm not quite sure what to do with purpurea hybrids, though.
  3. Yep, Cedric's a good guy!
  4. Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

    Welcome to the forum Roger.
  5. Here's an example of what a couple of years in my conditions does to Matt's plants. This photo shows the plants I bought on Saturday - an ornata (F345) at the back with the rubricorpora (F26) at the front. Notice how relatively evenly dark is the S. flava v. rubricorpora. This photo is of Matt's F42 (S. flava v. rubricorpora) which in his g/h is a solid dark maroon. Unfortunately after 2 years mine is now not so dark.
  6. Photos2017

  7. F345_F26.JPG

    From the album Photos2017

  8. F42.JPG

    From the album Photos2017

  9. Yes, I agree they do get more and earlier sun than most of us. Matt did say that's why he uses the whitewash to reduce the temperatures to manageable levels. Not sure about the idea of whitewash diffusing light, though. I tried to find the albedo value for whitewash on the internet but couldn't. But surely it'll be quite high - snow for instance can be up to 90%. Admittedly it won't be solid so a proportion of the light will get through but maybe it's as high as 50%. Also albedo is a measure of the whole spectrum, so UV will be reflected as well.
  10. Went to the Open Weekend on the Saturday. Lots of people there and had to use the overflow car park - just a grassy field. What with the recent rain there was a great danger of getting your car stuck. I only bought 2 sarracenia this time as I have very little more room for more plants, so got a nice rubricorpora and an ornata. While there I asked Matthew why I can't get plants I've bought from him to be as well coloured as his seeing as we both use glass greenhouses (his being slightly larger of course ) - and he has whitewashed roof panes in his! He reckoned it's down to heat and humidity - he has no venting in his greenhouses for instance. So, that's something I'll try in the future by reducing the venting to occur at much higher temperature, but will need to ensure there are no watering problems. Anyway, here are a few photos of the day for those who couldn't make it.
  11. 13.JPG

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