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  1. Hummer's Pictures

    EU HG from French grower left one is EB you can compare the size of pitcher but I believe that EB is not an perfect adult size...
  2. Hummer's Pictures

    Mine has good color pitchers under my condition :)
  3. Cephalotus Czech Giant

    Hello I don't think Czech giant and Czech clone are same clone. Now I don't have Czech giant anymore which was from EU but it was not giant just normal size typical stuffs at least mine and I think Czech giant doesn't make GIANT pitcher. I've never seen any photos and real plant. anyone has real one ? or can share photos in here CPUK? Czech giant is mysterious I think. one of members CPUK has Czech giant so I asked him but his one has not big pitchers just normal size. and I got some typical cephalotus from Czech last year? or so but one of them is quite huge and vigorous stuff so I labeled just Czech clone to distinguish pots on my collection. mine is not special. don't get me wrong. here is my Czech clone.
  4. Cephalotus typical from Charles Brewer.

    Here is mine has weird growth points.
  5. Cephalotus Howell Giant

    Yes. 1987 Yes. Probably..1987.
  6. real Hummer's Giant

    Recent photos
  7. Charles carrow ?

    Dimi excuse me Does your HG have wide mid rib and very thick peristome? I'm just wondering now after reading Alessandro comment and I have no idea that vertical rid is ─║inked to gene or not at least it is not stable feature I think.
  8. Cephalotus typical from Charles Brewer.

    Are you sure that the vertical lid is related with gene certainly?
  9. real Hummer's Giant

    Hello friendThank you for your comment sometimes I used volcanic soil, silica sand, akadama, hyuga soil, a little bit peat moss and perlite. Quite good for ceph as well other carni plants.
  10. real Hummer's Giant

    updated photos of HG and others Northcliffe clone from AU small adult pitcher of Eden Black tiny Squat from US
  11. Charles carrow ?

    Hey :) actually I didn't do try to get any cephalotus from you hardly ever and It was a just question simply. I don't need any cephalotus as well carniplants from YOU and am not trying to behave ARROGANTLY. Why ???What happened?? You've got it all wrong. Hey Do not delude yourself. Good luck to you too :)))))))
  12. Charles carrow ?

    In the case of Charles Brewer Maybe you know about that exactly as you've sold some of them before in here CPUK.lolol
  13. real Hummer's Giant

    Thanks all
  14. real Hummer's Giant

    my HG is growing quite well in my condition and showing feature now. thick peristome and wide mid rib. Regards Jin