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  1. snowwy

    Who owns the photo rights?

    Ok! I don't remember that part but that's what I was actually thinking - it's a private thing and shouldn't be distributed . Thanks Marcel!
  2. snowwy

    Who owns the photo rights?

    I'm using only my own photos
  3. Hi folks. I've got a question in my mind, I'm about to publish a carnivorous plant book in Finnish and I've got a photo taken from 2016 ICPS Conference that I'd like to add in my book. Its a photo taken of an old plant speciment that was displayed at Kew's private plant museum, or how should I describe ithat place.. Oh well I was just thinking is it legal to publish a photo from their collection in my "commercial" book. I know the photo is mine, but the collection was private and also when it comes to earning some little money with this book of mine. What are your thoughts? I don't want to get accused
  4. snowwy


    I bought my 100L for 60€.. Oh well I guess that was better than pay 10€ for 5 litres.I dislike how expensive all the horticultural things are here.
  5. snowwy

    Hiyas from Finland!

    Tervetuloa tänne foorumille! Oletko liittynyt myös lihansyöjäkasvit - facebook ryhmään? :-)
  6. snowwy

    What and where? Competition!

    Venus' flytrap on a bus?
  7. Very nice vid! Did you just plant your gemmae straight on top of coarse sand?
  8. My plants are already been put to dormant by now. However for me February is still too early and actually thats the coldest winter month for us so I always prolong their dormancy untill late March or early April. Its better to give then somehow a bit too long dormancy than introduce them to too low light levels and suprising freezes...
  9. snowwy

    Carnivorous plants in Poland

    Wow what great photos! I really enjoyed watching 'em! Thanks for sharing! Thay sort of look like being take from Finland! However our trees and scrubs have almost entirely dropped their fall coloured leaves because winter is so clooose..
  10. snowwy

    Putting the plants to ground for winter

    Yep I did add pine needles around the plants and the plants are seperated from the soil with bubble plastic. I guess its interesting to see how they do since they aren't submerged in peat like bogs but in pine needles. However I added a thin layer of peat under the pots. How about watering? I havent watered them for like a week since temperatures have been quite low but not freezing as I think they won't dry out in those chilly conditions. Or should I water them before I put the last layer of pine needles? Do they have to be wet when experiencing " a natural dormancy" in the ground?
  11. snowwy

    Putting the plants to ground for winter

    Heh. I've got too many temperate plants to put on out basement and I have a highland tank tank that heats the basement quite a lot. I cant add any more light sources there or it will get too warm there. I've got a collection of my plants in the pit now and we'll see if they survive!
  12. Hiya! I've always been sorta innovative with things and especially with my hobbies. This winter I'm going to try to overwinter my plants on the ground - at least a part of it. The reason is that winter in Finland is very long and verycold. We just had our first frosty night, about -2,5c and things are about to get frozen soon. Our winter or should I say "its freezing at some point during the day' period takes place from late October to late March here in south of Finland. We go down to -30c every winter so there's no way I could leave my plants outside - they'll die for sure!. For the past 3 winters I've take my temperate cp to our basement but it tends to stay a bit too warm there. 6C is the lowest temperature it's ever gone there. Also my collection have grown a bit so I really struggled last winter and lost about 1/3 of my Sarrs. SO my question and the point of all of this is that I've now dug a pit in the ground outside on quite sheltered place. Its so deep that the growth tips of the plants will stay under they ground level. Any ideas what would be the best way to cover them? I've imagined putting a piece of tarp on the base (pine needle layer) and then plants (another pine needle layer) and more tarp on top. Another probability is to replace the tarp on the ground level with umm gauze it is called? . --------------------------------- snow-------------------------------- ___________________tarp____________________ - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - pine needles - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pine needles - - - Plants - - - - pine needles - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - pine needles - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ___________________tarp____________________ =============original soil =============== I'm not familiar with this method so I'm wondering how humid it needs to be there inside the pit? Plastic holds humidity but it prevents air movement I think. For the species I'vethought about putting there mainly purpureas and oreophila but also trying with spare flytraps. Thanks for thinking about this case of mine :)
  13. snowwy

    1971 advert

    "Feed it with raw hamburger from your hand" - when things go wrong and your plant dies making you buy moar!
  14. snowwy

    my new bog garden

    Nice! Does D.madagascariensis survive there throught winter or will you dig it up later in season?