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  1. Wow! Something from the group including D. zeyheri, cocccipetala etc.?
  2. From the album N. ampullaria for sale

  3. From the album N. ampullaria for sale

  4. From the album N. ampullaria for sale

  5. Same as Fryderik, I do not want to offend you, Lepto, but you wrote (in the separate post "beware the carnivoria.eu"): "I have constant 65% humidity and red/blue/white Led lighting, with a very good soil mixture." I think that 65% humidity is not enough for a newly acquired plant, it is close to a normal house air humidity (which is said to be 40 - 60% optimally) and is far from a natural air humidity (which can peak up to 100% during the night). Also, what is your "very good soil mixture" composed of, are you sure it is good for establishing of a new plant? And just by the way, it is usual to send plants bare rooted, potted plants are sent only very, very rarely as it is more risky (the pot can easily damage the plant).
  6. Sorry, double-post.
  7. Stunning plants... comparing to my own (much poorer) plants I must ask - do you fertilize them somehow? Adam
  8. Spectacular! (And I thought that i have some nice magnas in my pot... not a chance!)
  9. It must have been a magnificent trip Christian, thanks for sharing the pics. BTW: the soil looks as quite dry for D. chrysolepis, was it?
  10. Take a picture of some of its stem and branch leaves under a microscope (to see the whole leaf and possibly also under a higher magnitude to see the cells), then we can try to determine it precisely. I would personally guess S. fallax or S. flexuosum, however, I cant remember whether they can have reddish stem and I do not know, whether they grow on New Zealand.
  11. Sad news to me. Last think I knew was that they are heavily endangered, but not they are extinct completely.
  12. Nice plants and photos
  13. From the album Zlatokrts plants

  14. Impressive plant Dieter! Do you fertilize it somehow? My pink flowered plants stay at about 20 - 30 cm...