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  1. Simon Eyre

    Hello and I'm back from New Zealand!

    It was good to meet you Michael. If you are ever back down this way you will always be welcome
  2. Here is a YouTube link to the story
  3. Simon Eyre

    New book

    My unsigned copy arrived from Book Depository last Friday. It's a really nice update from the last edition, my copy of which is well read to say the least :-)
  4. Simon Eyre

    Id please

    I too have both Rebecca Soper and sanguinea. I would also say your plant is a Rebecca Soper
  5. Simon Eyre

    Heliamphora from seed: old school and new school . . .

    Great photo. It will be good to see how they develop. I'm hoping to have seed from a nutans that I have pollinated soon and it would be great to see how well they go outside of T/C
  6. Simon Eyre

    Good seed supplier?

    Hi I have imported seeds from a couple of places. The first, and most obvious if you are a CPS member, is from the CPS in the UK. Everything I had from the seed bank there was good. Another good place to try is Triffid Nurseries in the UK. I had a few Drosera seeds from them a few years ago that did well too. I'm guessing the NZ import requirements are similar to those for the West Island and I had no problems with bringing the seed in from either place
  7. Simon Eyre

    Genlisea under the microscope

    What a great video. Thanks for sharing
  8. Hi Martin. My suggestion would be to look on TradeMe, the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay. There are a few sellers on there who sell good quality carnivorous plants. Otherwise hopefully some of the growers in the north of the North Island may be able to suggest a nursery or two for you. I hope you find what you are looking for Simon
  9. Simon Eyre

    Overwintering in greenhouse- S. American & tuberous?

    Sorry I misread that bit. Mine get bright sun from about 10 am until about 3 pm during winter. The rest of the day their position is fairly shaded. They are doing really well, so I would have thought a greenhouse in a British winter should be ok.
  10. Simon Eyre

    Overwintering in greenhouse- S. American & tuberous?

    Hi Although we are a bit warmer here, I grow my tuberous sundews outside. We go down about as low as 3 or 4 degrees and only get a upto about half a dozen frosts a year and they do fine. So I would have thought that they should do well in there. We had one of our heavier frosts a couple of days ago and they are still growing more than happily enough. Cheers Simon
  11. Simon Eyre

    P.x Weser

    Hi Personally I wouldn't worry too much. I have some pings that do the same. It seems to make no difference if they were seed grown, from leaf pullings or from T/C. In fact I have a seed grown laueana that grows 6 months out from the rest of my plants, yet in the same pot are 3 other laueana that grow to the correct season. What causes it I have no idea but so far it hasn't hurt the plant, in fact it is one of my best growing plants. Go figure
  12. Simon Eyre

    Auction 353 - Pinguicula laueana seed

    £3.50 (assuming it is ok for me to bid)
  13. Simon Eyre

    Auction 353 - Pinguicula laueana seed

    £2.50 I assume I can place a bid as we can legally import the seed of this species into New Zealand. If not please remove my bid
  14. Simon Eyre

    The CPS (UK) December Newsletter

    Thanks a lot Dennis. I'll just need to be patient Cheers Simon
  15. Simon Eyre

    The CPS (UK) December Newsletter

    Hi Dennis I hope you had a good Christmas. For those of us who are E members do you know when the latest news letter will be available from the website? As I, and I'm sure others are looking forward to reading it Have a great New Year Cheers Simon