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  1. Nepenthes ID from Brazil

    Its looks like my ventrata
  2. Yes its not rare and even I found flowers with three petals but very nice anyway
  3. Here my flick gallery from Extremadura, Spain. Regards and I hope you like it Marcos
  4. S. Debile

    No is too small but I have to use a lense because my camara isnt very well
  5. S. Debile

    Just 2 photos Hi from Spain
  6. U. asplundii

    very nice Thanks for sharing
  7. Hello! This is my Proboscidea louisianica just germinated. Few days ago Today Regards.
  8. N. dubia

    Really beautiful plant and we have the same greenhouse
  9. Invasion in Utricularia pots - what is it?

    Maybe a worm or a spider, this is very strange.
  10. Great photos!! But How did you take they? becouse I am very interesting
  11. Hi, here some macros. Regards
  12. Here some photos of stylidium debile Germination Mother plant Another plant Saludos desde EspaƱa