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  1. No more PM notifications?

    Working for me too now, happy it has been fixed. Thanks Richard!
  2. I have yet to see plants which can be grown solely under LEDs or T5 :). HPS are still a solid value when it comes to growing indoor plants for instance. I used to grow my Heliamphora under the same kind of spotlight as Harro. If you plan to learn and make your own setup, maybe that thread of Naoki could be helpful :
  3. Pinguicula neo-volcanica

    Nice tray ! Have you ever tried to pollinate them ? I know they wouldn't pollinate themselves, however, I can't recall Pinguicula being allogamous, but I don't have anything to support that claim.
  4. PICS 2017

    I would second that: those plants are definitely eye candies !
  5. Why is the silica sand green??

    Looks like algae development. Water + light + nutrients = algae... quite hard to avoid that equation. You can consider using pure water to reduce the likelihood of algae growing on top of your pot. As for harming the seeds, if the seeds are big enough, I don't believe it's a matter of concern. It can be more troublesome when dealing with minute seeds like Drosera seeds.
  6. So far so good, I have yet to bring a few stuff to an end and take some pictures, but I'm happy with the results, especially on the tree fern panels: Utricularia jamesoniana: Ageing flower of Pinguicula hemiepiphytica (three at the moment on the plant): And low down : Drosera roraimae:
  7. My heliamphoras

    That's a unique genus indeed, and you sure convey it with your pictures. Love those bushy clumps.
  8. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    Splendid Heliamphora, with no exception! The colour of that Heliamphora "Tequila" is simply stunning ! One may like it green. I hell like it red :). Thanks for sharing !
  9. I've been quite away from the internet community lastly, but I've just stumbled upon that information:`heliamphora_macdonaldae' How sexy is that for a Heliamphora lover! Hope we'll finally see it in many collections, and can't wait to see the hybrids people will make with that species. Hopefully, Gert will manage to propagate and sell it in 2018 as claimed. I didn't see it anywhere on the forum, my bad if I'm wrong:
  10. My heliamphoras

    Amazing setups! Love the natural vibe it gives.
  11. Indeed, 15°C is not that odd. Perhaps, you can take several readings and get rid of the extreme values. Or, unless you can induce a severe temperature drop, say by watering, you can also have something which could take into account the previous value, a bit as you've just implied. About making an average, this is a piece of code that I have for my RH sensor: def mcp3008Inputs(channel, probe): [...] Readout_sum = 0 for i in range(1,1001,1): Readout = readadc(channel) Readout_sum = Readout_sum + Readout Readout_avg = Readout_sum / 1000.000 As for the temperature (code freely adapted from Clément Lefranc's one): def RoomTemp(): RoomTemperature = W1ThermSensor(W1ThermSensor.THERM_SENSOR_DS18B20, "00000561f4f8") RoomTempValue = float(round(RoomTemperature.get_temperature(), 1)) if RoomTempValue > 45 or RoomTempValue < -10 : return RoomTemp() print("Room Temperature: " + str(RoomTempValue ) + "C") return RoomTempValue Maybe the simplest way would be getting the median of a list of readings.. Up to you, too many choices :).
  12. 35/40°C seems quite excessive to me. I hope your plants are coping well with this heat. Well, I'm no coder, so I can't really advise on a legitimate basis. But I can let you know how I did my own thing. It was easy to do with existing tools in Python. See here. import email import smtplib msg = email.message_from_string('warning') msg['From'] = "" msg['To'] = "" msg['Subject'] = "helOoooOo" s = smtplib.SMTP("",587) s.ehlo() # Hostname to send for this command defaults to the fully qualified domain name of the local host. s.starttls() #Puts connection to SMTP server in TLS mode s.ehlo() s.login('', 'pass') s.sendmail("", "", msg.as_string()) s.quit() I created an email account just for the RPi, which sends two emails per day + any set up alerts (temperatures, lights, open door, etc.). You just need to replace the '' (sender's address), '' (recipient's address), 'pass', and '' with the adequate email addresses, the password of the sender's address and the smtp mail server of the sender's address (easy to find on Google). As for the erroneous sensor readings, you might consider saving the data only if it is a plausible one. For instance, an expected terrarium temperature could be comprised between 5°C and 50°C, so any data out of the range should be read again. Then, you could also take 10 readings, and make an average out of them to smooth the curve.
  13. That's quite the exhaustive topic you made here. Its looks very clean, especially the LED setup with the black wiring. Not to mention the light shield ;). Congratulations on your first adult Heliamphora pitcher too. I look forward to hearing more from your terrarium, especially from those lovely colourful Cephalotus.
  14. Apologies for the delay Stu, I was hopping to get back to you only when able to introduce the website. Well, I believe it will take one more week or so. Thanks for the pointer: I thought I knew what 'mister' means, but I guess it's always time for a reality check! Hey Tom, thanks for the nice feedback. I have yet to read your website, but it seems to be a great tutorial! I wish I had something like that when I first started to delve into this kind of endeavour. I'm sure it will be a great help for many growers. Congratulations on presenting your work in a didactic manner. Just skimming through, it looks very neat. I'm glad you found 'plenty of ideas' for your next setup. I do love how working with a RPi gives you the possibility to explore a prospect and actually make it happen. I can't wait to see your next upgrade or even your new project then. I'll make sure to post some regular updates (at least one for the website very soon), although I hope the next time will be for pictures of plants ;).
  15. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    Amazing! Keep up the good work! That last H. neblinae pitcher is a stunner!