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  1. My VFT collection pics

    It is winter here. Please wait until summer
  2. My VFT collection pics

  3. My VFT collection pics

    It is stable
  4. My VFT collection pics

    Hi all friends! Hidra seems to be a cristata form Dionaea but it is stable. I have cultivating for 5 years and did not change the caracteristics. I live in São Paulo at 780 m and the winter is around 14 degree centigrate. Some time 0
  5. My VFT collection pics

    My growth list: Jaws smiley Bad Luck Angel wings Umgekrempelt Vitiligo Werewolf TC02 toothless Red sawtooth. Lost it!! Grosse à guigui Dentate x piranha Spotty Trichterfalle TC03 longtraps UK sawtooth 2 Giant form x piranha DCXL B52 Sawtooth UK Sawtooth 2 Red Dragon Red Shark G3xG14 Xo3 South West Giant Kayan Microdent Adentate Dentate Dentata Alien Fused Tooth Alien Mutante Holland Red Big Mouth Giant Red Giant Clan Vine Mouth Lá Grosse a guigui Star Coquillage Cupped trap Tiger Fang Ghost Vc Troll Double trouble Double Green Hidra Ginormous Titan Black pears King Henry Bz Razor Back BZ 57 Low Giant Fine tooth x red Pink Venus It is coming Wacky trap
  6. My VFT collection pics

  7. My VFT collection pics

  8. My VFT collection pics

    Biggest B52
  9. My VFT collection pics

    Let start with rare ones Vine mouth
  10. Help with this two different Nepenthes!

    The first pic is the stem of first Nepenthes. The second one is flower of second plant. 1- 2-
  11. Help with this two different Nepenthes!

    the stem has a triangular-shaped cross-section. So the first plant is a N. rhombicaulis or N. pectinata. Which one? Thanks a lot for yours help. Marcos Ono
  12. I have this two Nepenthes for a long time. Please help me with ID. Any help is welcome. Thanks. 1- This is another one 2-
  13. This seeds were harvest here and sowed in sphagnum moss only. With my surprise!
  14. This Sarracenia flower is different.

    This is a S. leucophylla or a S. leucophylla hibrid with S. alata maybe. I will post some pics of the plant also. Phill Green, I have a nice dobled flower Dionaea also. Did you see it? See you soon.
  15. Every year this Sarracenia gives me this nice flower