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  1. Drosera ramentacea

    Thanks. No, growth is only slowing down, but doesn't stop at all.
  2. P. Megaspilea cultivation

    The medium sounds good. But summer isn't the best period for their growth (too hot), they are also starting to grow slower at home.
  3. Sphagnum moss confirmation

    Yes, that's Sphagnum.
  4. P. Megaspilea cultivation

    You can grow it like Pinguicula hirtiflora and it should do it well.
  5. Pictures are quite dark, sorry, but it is to better see the veins on the petals:
  6. One of the two populations discovered this year:
  7. Great to see that species again! Thanks.
  8. Flowering azalea

    Very nice bonsai. Congrats!
  9. Macro pIcture of a sporophyte

    Really interesting to see such pictures, thanks.
  10. Utricularia alpina

    I don't really know what triggers blooming in this species but it could be an increase of the day length in my case.
  11. A strain with slightly violet flowers:
  12. Pinguicula alpina

    The seedpod, very characteristic of that species :