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  1. One of the two populations discovered this year:
  2. Great to see that species again! Thanks.
  3. Very nice bonsai. Congrats!
  4. Really interesting to see such pictures, thanks.
  5. I don't really know what triggers blooming in this species but it could be an increase of the day length in my case.
  6. A strain with slightly violet flowers:
  7. The seedpod, very characteristic of that species :
  8. With a more common color:
  9. 3: Silene sp. (similar to Silene nutans, but I'm not used to Italian flora) 4: Vicia sp.
  10. Pinguicula longifolia var. brevifolia is only one minor variation of P. caussensis (see Casper, 1966). It does not represent the whole variation range of the species and can't thus be applied to the whole species.
  11. Many pygmy sundews are setting seeds at home, but not all. I never tried to sow them (I rather propagate them by gemmae) but it sounds to be difficult to get them to germinate. While going through Lowrie's Magnum Opus, I noticed that, to the exception of only one or two, all natural hybrids are cited as being sterile.
  12. Another location:
  13. The location of this one is dubious.