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  1. Spaghnum starting on peat

    Ive been wondering that myself, it looks like its growing from dormant bits of plant but all the peat was brown and dry coming out of the bag. Theres several places its starting from, at first i thought it might be ordinary moss but now i think its definately spagh. It does seem awfully fast, ill have to have a closer look.
  2. Spagh cultivation

    No idea, quite a lot though.
  3. Spagh cultivation

    We seem to have two types, i have no idea what they are, a courser one and a finer one.
  4. Spaghnum starting on peat

    I was just looking around my new bog trough i made a few weeks ago, filled with Shamrock, there's already signs of sphagnum growing on it.
  5. We got a Bromley as well, a couple of years back, didn't realise they do a double glazing option... I did it myself with polycarb. My only small niggle was they ran out of sealant and i had a leak in the roof. They did come and fix it though.
  6. Woodpecker used to be reasonable but looking at the prices today they seem to have shot up. (just thought on, imported wood, bad exchange rate = brexit)
  7. Pinguicula gypsicola tips?

    Thanks Gaz, i just popped out to ebay though :). Appreciate the offer anyway
  8. Pinguicula gypsicola tips?

    Thanks Gaz, i might try similar. I need to get some gypsum... i tried using coral sand but that didnt work.
  9. Pinguicula gypsicola tips?

    So today i got my third gypsicola, the last two both just sat there, did nothing and eventually faded to nothing, it took years for one to finally vanish. So my third one arrived today and its still in winter mode, which doesnt fill me with a huge degree of confidence. Is anyone out there growing it ok and in what conditions?
  10. pinguicula problem

    Have you tried feeding it?
  11. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Have you got many other adiantum's, id be interested to know how you are growing them, my two big ones have settled into a corner of the greenhouse but they're not the fastest of growers.
  12. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    I'm only in this one at the moment, it might be one of the ones you've seen,
  13. Pinguicula Grandifloras never flower

    Nope, but watch out for mice and tree rats grrrrrrrrr.......
  14. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    Yes, usually you get lots of them around grandifloras, worth spreading them out a bit in early spring or theyll get smothered by the main plant.
  15. Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    Im actually convinced my grandifloras keep growing more hibernacula all winter, little ones around the edges.