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  1. Gilles, we sometimes have amp cuttings, we have a thai form which roots very easily (some other forms i have found to be difficult). Might have some later this year.
  2. It would be a sad world if we all agreed on everything.
  3. Then please remove the 'talk about anything' part of the forum Dennis.
  4. Seems like neither of them are electable at this point. Cant believe there is nobody in parliament that isnt either incompetent or a lefty loony weirdo.
  5. Leaves do look a bit non-standard, no idea, nice find though :)
  6. Does seem to be a hybrid.
  7. Didnt he start his own forum?
  8. Wouldnt touch them with a very long bargepole, if they are actually Nepenthes seeds, most likely they would be N. distillatoria, a sri lankan native and hot growing.
  9. If they go mouldy then its safe to say they're dead, but otherwise i just chuck em out when i get bored of waiting and i need the space for something else. Fresh seeds should germinate a few weeks, if kept at around 24C.
  10. Hmmm, its unlikely anyone in sri-lanka has genuine Edwardsiana seeds. If you sowed them in april, something should probably have germinated by now, although they can take upto a year.
  11. The one in the photo on the left is a gibbum. I have brasiliense coming up all over the greenhouse, seems a shame to weed them out.
  12. No interest, very nice miniature tree fern, fast growing...
  13. Thyrsiflorum, suavissium and guibertii, spelling may not be quite right :)
  14. It's quite an old plant that has had several cuttings taken off it over the years.