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  1. Yes, it was sometime around mid/late 2000's. Dicon also made a version which accounted for latitude. Should be on here somewhere or i can repost them. In my view there are 4 numbers that are relevant for each species, min/max temperature at average altitude. Min temperature at max altitude and Max temperature at minimum altitude. The plants don't always obey the 'rules' though, lol.
  2. Its allways good to revamp an old idea. Very usefull though!
  3. I think thats probably correct. I also got a couple of these a while back, i think one was actually labelled sanguinea, somewhere allong the way i started thinking they were rebecca soper but this thread and what Richard said about Rebecca Soper not have having red leaves does all fit together. There was some discussion about these very dark sanguineas a while back, some possibility that it was a hybrid (most sanguineas seem to be green and larger). Most i'd's on hybrid patents need to be taken with a pinch of salt anyway, Sanguinea 'black jack' seems like a good enough id.
  4. t form

    I had the T form from the Mid 70's upto 2010, it never branched more than once to my knowledge. Lost it in the hard freeze of 2010, been hoping to get the same clone back ever since (which i may have now).
  5. In Ireland, theres 3 power stations burning peat producing about 370 MWe of power. Roughly burning about 50te/hr of peat. 450,000 te/yr. And you thought the CP community used a lot! Similarly large amounts are burned in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Rwanda.
  6. Peat use for plants is considered immoral these days. But burning it in power stations is totally acceptable, apparently.
  7. " Less than 100 meters away the bog was being cut away and the soil around the purps was very dry "
  8. We are lucky over here on the west coast, generally warmer winters than inland. The VFTs dont even die off over most winters.
  9. Purpurea, flava and oreophila have been outside here for 30+ years. Dionae grow and slowly spread outside but never look as good as really well grown plants. The main problem outside is the wind blows the flava trumpets down and the look a mess.
  10. The EU is undemocratic and corrupt, they used to pay may salary, as an expert, and i know more about it than you do. They make sebb blata look innocent and fifa a bastion of righteousness. As i said earlier for economic reasons i would prefer to stay in Europe, but there is no certainty that economically that is the correct thing to do do, Europe has a lot of economic problems, italy is corrupt beyond belief and will likely follow Greece's economic path to oblivion. Economics is not a hard science and economists are very frequently wrong. Many were wrong in predicting disaster directly after voting to leave for example, and, they admitted they were wrong. Greg, we get it that your a legal guy who will argue legal niceties until the the cows come home and force us all to drop dead through lack of a will to live from listening to your rambles. Thats legal folks gift to the world and death to many a business. If i got a very large inheritence i would not trust any 'advisor' because they are only in it for their own benefit. Caveat emptor old boy. I can only assume you have some personal benefit from remaining in the EU. Acuially no, the main issue for the forthcoming election is giving the tories a bigger majority, getting rid of that idiot Corbin, and facing the EU with a strong government. Like it or not, we are leaving and need to get the best deal possible when we do. Greg, don't confuse qualifications with IQ or EQ. Theres is many a union leader that will run rings around the best brains at the top of any company. People get to be 'experts' by pedigree, not neccesarily, by ability. I think there are extremely valid reasons to vote to leave, but i also think many people voted to leave for very poor or frankly stupid reasons and that is the root of the problem, curtesy of Farage and co. Had people believed the real facts, i dont think we would be leaving.
  11. That doesnt seem like a likely explanation. As allready discussed, a peat ban was unlikely under EU law. No other country in the EU wants a peat ban and a unilateral uk peat ban wouldn't probably have been possible without EU approval. (According to Defra, and they should know). Far more likely the CPS just went allong with the flow and didn't want to get pilloried by the general public or anybody else for being un-green. Essentially a political decision i suspect. A pragmatic approach surely would have been lobbying of peat use for specialised nurseries using sustainably managed peat?
  12. We need a trade deal with Canada that includes a clause that sustainably managed canadian peat can be imported. CPS, get to it!
  13. Of course it is possible to raise Nepenthes seedlings without peat. Live spagh works, coco peat can work or forest moss etc can be used. It just isnt as convenient. As a point of interest, the sight of a local ordnance factory was turned back into a peat bog in the late 1970's. Bogs can be regenerated. It would be good to here what these 'pragmatic' reasons are.
  14. The only way this would change is if large scale commercial interests were badly impacted, which may well prove to be the case, but until that happens do you honestly think the UK government is going to change it's mind because of a few eccentrics moaning on about the impact on their slightly weird hobby?
  15. Greg, did you grow the Nepenthes from seed? It's way beyond the CPS to do anything about it, peat use reduction will be factored into the governments CO2 emission targets, no amount of lobbying by a minority interest group is going to change that. Doesn't mean to say we have to be happy or quiet about it.