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  1. Hydroponics shops

    Why is it everytime i go to one i feel like i'm being followed home by the drug squad?...
  2. Adiantum peruvianum problems

    Mine doesn't have scent, i'm surprised the roots rotted, normally adiantum roots are quite capable of growing out of the pot and into the water in a tray, mine are stood in water all year.
  3. Anyone guess what these are?

    Way ahead of mine. Im thinking mine are kept a bit cooler than most folks keep them, but hasnt been a problem, they grow fast, but will be a few weeks before theyre at that stage.
  4. Underrated/Overrated Cultivars?

    One bunch of clones i really cant stand are all the freaky vft clones, gives me the creeps, like they've been mutated by a blast of radiation and turned into mutant zombie vfts. Theyve got nothing on a patch of really well grown vfts, look at some wild photos, stunning, look at mutant vfts ugh, disgusting. just an opinion folks, lol...
  5. Hi Mathias

    Thank you for responding to my plea for Nepenthes burkei

    How much do you want for the rooted cuttings?

    God bless

    Br Benedict Joseph

    PS Where abouts in Cheshire do you live Im here in Manchester at the moment


    1. manders


      Hi Benedict,

      Im near warrington, i am slightly surprised a Franciscan monk would be into growing nepenthes? i thought you guys werent allowed to own stuff?  No offense, just curious.



    2. Br Benedict Joseph Delarmi

      Br Benedict Joseph Delarmi

      Hi Mark

      Thanks for the note, your right we cant have much at all but hobbies are encouraged and Ive been 

      into these plants since I was 13 years old.To be honest Ive only been into Nepenthes for a year,I have a poly tunnel

      full of Sarracenia etc.

      So this is a new hobbey Mark and I love the colours and shape of a Nepenthes burkei.

      Did you see the BBC docmentery on our community in April its on youtbe called

      From Bronx to Bradford Friars on a mission

      Check it out Mark

      God bless

      Br Benedict Joseph 


  6. Moranensis after two days of -3C

    Rain wasn't a problem, it was the freezing weather that was. I left these out deliberately, got about 30 of these guys.
  7. Anyone guess what these are?

    Its common to add leaves with tannin in to help acidify the water slightly, its supposed to reduce fungus infections etc, i used peat in mine.
  8. 90L x 45D x 90H cm. using 3 x PAR38, 36W (total 108W), 60deg beam angle. Warm white.
  9. Im using warm white LED, works well, growing neps, orchids, ferns etc...
  10. Germinating orchid seeds

    With extreme difficulty...
  11. Winter is coming....

    Bedroom windows are fine, light is more important than humidity.
  12. Sounds very optimstic, but will be interesting to see how well it works.
  13. Really interesting to know how much winter heating you will need for it.