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  1. Some questions...

    Hi Mathijs You can purchase Sarracenia at any time of year but as you suggest probably spring is the best time. The age is against the seeds but if they have been dry and cool, you never know you may get some germinating. They dont t ake up much room, so give it a go. I have no experience with terrarium growing of Sarrcenia seeds, but have read that people grow them indoors under lights without dormancy for a couple of years to get maximum growth. Cheers Steve
  2. Spaghnum starting on peat

    Bottom and tops of the bogs. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi from South Yorkshire

    Welcome indeed to a hobby that I find requires more money and space than I have available, but it is certainly adictive. Cheers Steve
  4. Depends on its size , constitution and indeed how full the pitcher is. Cheers steve
  5. My unwell water is 230 p.p.m.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    rain hammering down
  7. Auction 444 - Bundle of Sarracenia - 3 plants

    Put me down for £10.00
  8. Im up for a £5 cheers steve
  9. They say that they dont mix it with other composts now, but various members (me included) have had bad experiences with Westland in the past and lost some old friends. Once bitten etc..... Cheers Steve
  10. Hi all!

    Hi Jamie and welcome aboard. Cheers Steve
  11. hi from derbyshire

    Hi Craig and welcome
  12. I'm back

    Good to see you back here Stephen.
  13. Slack's Max falling over

    Sticks and string (fishing line if you dont want to see it) are almost essential for tall outdoor plants in windy conditions or for plants whose pitchers lack turgidity. Cheers Steve
  14. this season

    My outside plants are not as advanced as yours yet, sadly. Cheers Steve
  15. peat

    I recycle mine as best I can, but you have to do more than remove a build up of salts. In my bogs I don't suffer from the build up of salts as the bogs get occasional innundations and are drained. However when the peat starts to deteriorate as the acidity level falls, (I measure the PH twice a year) the peat starts to release nutrients as it decomposes and it breaks down into the smaller, fine particulate. This finer substrate also reduces oxygen exchange to the roots, so needs its texture opening up. When I see this happening, I dig the bog roughly, mix in sulphur chips for quick lowering of PH, pine bark, pine needles or shavings for longer term acidity and tannin release. As I tend to grow outside I don't have specimen plants as such, but I have done this for a number of years with good results with Sarracenia. Cheers Steve