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    I am interested especially in tropical highland pitcher plants like n.hamata, spectabilis and so on. I also like tropical sundews which are from South Africa, New Zealand and Brasil

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  1. Nepenthes Macrophylla seeds

    The reason why some seeds cannot germinate can be also in time. It doesn´t have too much time to germinate on normal soil because there are molds, mites... etc... I hade germination after about 1,5 year after seeds has been sown but on sphagnum, sand, peat....
  2. Welshy's Greenhouse

    Fantastic job, really beauitul place for relax!
  3. ilsemenzaio Nep seeds seller on eBay

    Hi, This is fraudulent seller. Seeds of hamata or edwardsiana, villosa for few euros? We cannot nearly buy plants and he is selling seeds? So cheeky! I am trying to report him for few days. You should do the same. Corect me if I am wrong.
  4. Mushroom and herb

    I do not think that is Thyme. I use for making tea just a flower. I can take some other photo of it. Yea, that snail... desn´t matter, few of them are living in many of my pots, terrariums... they have huge field there where they can eat what they want... I do not fight with them cause I have found any damaged (rare) plants. I have also wild ferns, little scorpions, various kind of unknown, unseen beatles and this everything and more lives with my plants...
  5. Unknown Heliamphora

    Yea, that souds like one of my tips. I thought it could be something with heterodoxa ... I have bought it from one guy but he has forgotten what he grew.
  6. Unknown Heliamphora

    Hello, is there anybody capable to find out what species ( I think it´s some mix of plants ) is this heli ? Thank you for your answer
  7. Mushroom and herb

    Hello everybody, few days ago I found this yellow mushrooms in fresh nepenthes soil just few weeks after I changed the soil. I have found that little yellow dots on substrate many times before but this is for the first time I see usual mushrooms. The herb doesn´t come from my garden. It is just some plant from Turkey where they use it as "a green tea" but I have no idea what it could be. It smells like a mint or so. Thanks for any advice Kind regards
  8. Trip to Thailand

    I know. My friends and I already made a good deal with exchange office. We offered bigger amount of money and they gave us better exchange rate.
  9. Trip to Thailand

    OK thanks I will tell my bank I am going to Thailand, I hope they will count with that and all payments will go well. I have heard there are three types of power points. And in Czech Rep. we have 220V ( actualy 230V). This is what we use here . Could you show me the one used in TH ? I am going to sing mainly in Pattaya an Bangkok but I quess I will have some time to find Cps or other nice plants in a forest ... I do not know... Czech embassy is going to take us to the mountains so I think they could know somebody who knows where I can find cps. I can also ask some colleges where I am going to sing but all of them are focused on art so...
  10. Trip to Thailand

    Hello all, I am going to Thailand with my choir in less than one month and I have some question. Did you have any problems with Visa cards when you paid anything?. I have mBank and I am afraid of paying there. What kind of power points do people use in Thailand? I have heard there are three types of it. Any other advices are welcome. Thank you for your answers
  11. U. capilliflora, Wickham Point

    What a nice flower! You are lucky man !
  12. Hi from Madeira Island

    Hi and welcome ! What cps do you grow ?
  13. Nepenthes in the Greenhouse

    Absolutely breathtaking and amazing plants!!!! Thanks!
  14. Nepenthes problem

    Thank you very much for helpful info. These highland neps I grow many years with success but this year is strange. Still some problems which I have never had before.I grow them in 24°C by day when the summer is really really hot and 17-18°C by night. Yes, I grow lowland neps. And temperatures? Hard to say but I guess 20°C is the lowest by night and about 30°C is the highest temp. by day . I have never had any problems with lowlands.
  15. Nepenthes problem

    Is this what you mean ? --> I saw there only some aphids but only 10-20. I think i will use insesticid. Marcello: Yes I thought this too, but it is not burned by higher light level but these leaves grew in winter and it was very cold. Sometimes 12°C per day... simpy opened windows when I was not at home. I don´t use chemicals Do that red spidermites live in a ground ? These guys must be very harmufull in small amount for plants than, because I have never noticed something like that. But I think you could be right. If i am remeber it well, it started from diatas. Coudn´t it be due to low temperatures ?