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  1. Some discussion regarding epigenetics in this thread:
  2. If I remember rightly, HugoMorse used to have lush live Sphagnum moss in his pots?
  3. The forum has lost some members with amazing collection over the years. Sometimes a members name will come to mind and I wonder what every happened to them, much like yours :)
  4. @HugoMorse, from recollection LJ divided her Tank Ceph 2 a few times and passed them on to growers like me. Unfortunately I lost mine some years ago and have never been able to replace it. I wonder whatever happened to LJ. She went from being an avid VFT collector and forum member, to vanished.
  5. Mine's just coming out of it's winter dormancy, so nothing special right now.
  6. I've never tried rooting in cat litter. Rooted plants grow fine in it though.
  7. @Harro, how did you cat litter experiment go? I wouldn't mind having one of the Klaus Keller offspring if successful ;)
  8. With dark clones, I suspect that people have expectations to see the colouration in their conditions. Side-by-side I would expect to see a dark clone darker than a typical in conditions conducive to colouration.
  9. @dimitar, if you have a leaf I will supply the moss
  10. @dimitar, given your success rate on rooting, I suspect I have a little while to wait yet I might have to come over there on holiday again and give you a crash course
  11. It's Two Peoples Bay, not Peobles ;)
  12. @dimitar, I've seen it on various clones where they put out one or more squat pitchers occasionally.
  13. Did you propagate the seeds yourself? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk