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  1. @dimitar, if you have a leaf I will supply the moss
  2. @dimitar, given your success rate on rooting, I suspect I have a little while to wait yet I might have to come over there on holiday again and give you a crash course
  3. It's Two Peoples Bay, not Peobles ;)
  4. @dimitar, I've seen it on various clones where they put out one or more squat pitchers occasionally.
  5. Did you propagate the seeds yourself? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  6. I occasionally get a squatted pitcher on some of my cephs too.
  7. Yes, it mainly makes pitchers.
  8. The largest pitcher is the green one at the front of the first of the newest pictures and it's about 4cm, so not that small, but the rest are smaller. They tend to be quite squat. The form is nice. The pin needles are top dressing but I have also used them within the mix before.
  9. In this case I see little purpose in it being a cultivar if the characteristics are not identifiable.
  10. Not only how did ICPS verify these, also how would a grower go about identifying if they have the genuine cultivar with such a lack of description and picture?
  11. So, I blast a Cephalotus with LED until it gets a dark colouration, describe the colour then register it as a dark clone? You are correct, the topic of cultivars has been discussed before an my personal conclusion was that given the lack of validation required there is little value in the process.
  12. Does the ICPS validate the photograph or the claimed characteristics? The topic is still valid here.