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  1. One of my favourite cephs

    Very healthy looking Cephalotus
  2. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    I suspect that you are the only one to have 'Bananito' in cultivation.
  3. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    I believe that it is season dependent. Good colouration comes in cooler weather. Whether this is temperature, light colour temperature or other factor related, I'm not sure.
  4. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Stunning and worthy of any collection. I'm sure you will agree though, that it needs certain conditions to be met in order to achieve that colouration.
  5. new members posting crap

    Any reported posts of such are dealt with accordingly. Any members who join the forum to purely post spam either get banned or if uncertain, get their posts restricted until reviewed by a mod.
  6. No sun in uk

    Thread moved to the appropriate forum section.
  7. Dying hummers giant

    Looks very dry to me. I would stand it is a deep tray of water and mist the pitchers when the sun is down.
  8. cephalotus and epigenetics

    Some discussion regarding epigenetics in this thread:
  9. "Tank Ceph 2", Sibling to Eden Black

    If I remember rightly, HugoMorse used to have lush live Sphagnum moss in his pots?
  10. "Tank Ceph 2", Sibling to Eden Black

    The forum has lost some members with amazing collection over the years. Sometimes a members name will come to mind and I wonder what every happened to them, much like yours :)
  11. "Tank Ceph 2", Sibling to Eden Black

    @HugoMorse, from recollection LJ divided her Tank Ceph 2 a few times and passed them on to growers like me. Unfortunately I lost mine some years ago and have never been able to replace it. I wonder whatever happened to LJ. She went from being an avid VFT collector and forum member, to vanished.
  12. Nice shape and size pitcher

    Mine's just coming out of it's winter dormancy, so nothing special right now.
  13. Heat resistant

  14. Heat resistant

    I've never tried rooting in cat litter. Rooted plants grow fine in it though.