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  1. oliv-666

    heliamphora pollination result OK?

    Hi Dudo. Congratulations ! I think it is a good sign to obtain about 7/8 seeds, maybe more. Which specie is it ? You have to wait many weeks to have them mature, but I am sure I will be patient. Oliv'.
  2. oliv-666

    Caterpillars of Brahmeae hearseyi

    Hi François. Very beautifull butterfly ! The caterpillar is very strange, as often. It reminds me two month ago the Acherontia atropos (Sphynx Tête de Mort) and last year the Saturnia pyri (Grand Paon de Nuit) in my garden
  3. oliv-666

    Drosera amazonica

    Realy beautifull plant. Erected aspect, red colour, only one big flower as D.solaris... lovely ! Better if it is the same cultivation than D.felix ! Do you know when we will be able to find it (plant or seeds ?) Olivier. PS : thanks to Andreas, Fernando and Alberto.
  4. News from our exhibition : I have added informtions. Sellers, lectures (with S. MacPherson)... Don't hesit to contact us for more informations.
  5. Dionée, the French carnivorous plants society organise on next september her 4th exhibition near Rouen (Centre Georges Désiré, 271 rue de Paris, 76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray), from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. It's a very pleasant meeting, free enter. You will find : - 2 plants sellers : Karnivores ( http://www.karnivores.com/ ) and A.Wistuba ( http://www.wistuba.com/ ) , - 1 materiel seller ( http://www.indoorgardens.fr/catalog/fr/ ), - a swap plants area, - a pictures exhibition, - BIG plants exhibitions, - a bookshop, - a seeds shop, - a raffle with CP to win, - a lot of people (about 3 000 persons on last time) - lectures about : Samedi 19 septembre 2009 from 11h00 à 12h00 : "What is a carnivorous plant ? " by Pierre-Emmanuel Durand from 14h30 à 15h30 : "Nepenthes Bokorensis : botanic history/taxonomy/écology/culture and presentation " by François Mey Dimanche 20 septembre 2009 from 11h00 à 12h00 : "Carnivorous plants at Borneo" by François Mey and Stewart MacPherson from 14h30 à 15h30 : "What is a carnivorous plant ? " by Pierre-Emmanuel Durand You are all invited to come and see us. Don't hesit to PM or mail us to have more informations. Regards, Oliv'.
  6. oliv-666

    Heliamphora and Utricularia

    Very beautifull pics. Where your H.neblinae comes from ? It looks like my H.neblinae var. viridis (if I can still can call it like this). Oliv'.
  7. oliv-666

    A couple of Heliamphora

    Hi all. I tried to read and understand what you wrote. It's not very easy when you don't know the typical english botanical language. I lova Heliamphora very much. Most of my plants are juvenil, but many begin to produce adult pitchers, and ionasii has flowers and fruits. You wrote 3 H.neblinae clones. Do you include them parva and viridis ? What do you think about viridis var. ? Oliv'.
  8. Terribles !!!! I love tepuys plants very much, and with those pics, I enjoy +++
  9. oliv-666

    A couple of Heliamphora

    BEAUTIFULL pics Thanks all for enjoyed...
  10. oliv-666

    heliamphora temp tolerant

    Mine tolarate 0/1°, but some leaves die, and the growing is stopped.
  11. oliv-666

    H. sarracenioides -- special requirements??

    Paul, please could you post a pic of your hybrid ? It's just to see how is this plant... Oliv'.
  12. oliv-666

    Utricularia menziesii

    Thanks Martin. Esle, the light is full sunny, when the sun is shinning in Normandy (not often in winter ). Oliv'.
  13. oliv-666

    Utricularia menziesii

    Utricularia menziesii Size : U. menziesii vs warburgii : menziesii is more than 3cm long !! Enjoy !
  14. Hi. Sorry for not have answered sooner. Macrophylla is around 12cm size. I tried to pollinise it by it self, but hopeless. Very happy if ionasii have any seeds in the fruit. I don't think it is a difference between species. My experience is not very long yet, but I sure it's because of the difference of melange. Yes, the plant has water just under the leaves. Sometimes, I drain water for 2/3 days, and put water again. I am just a biginner with U.menziesii : I received it just 1 year ago, from A.Lowrie. It had only 3 tubers. I put it in 90% sand, 10% peat, and water. It grew VERY well : at the end of growing (dead leaves), it had 8/9 tubers !!! Then I didn't water it from may to september. It grew again on october, 25th and flowered on januar, 20th. Oliv'.
  15. Here are new pictures : Drosera macrophylla, flowers By Olivier666 Utricularia menziesii Size : U. menziesii vs warburgii : menziesii is more than 3cm long !! Heliamphora ionasii, flowers, fruit ? Enjoy, Oliv'.