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  1. Seller, rhizome divisions and no roots...

    do i see 2 tiny roots just forming? i wouldn't be happy with that but i'm not surprised either. It gives me an idea how much i can charge for a leuco var alba #1 from steffan Lenssen. It will grow,but the first two seasons the pitchers will be like grass i reckon ada
  2. Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    looks more like a black mini banana :)
  3. Venus fly traps frozen solid

    heated? that's a luxury most of us don't have,mine are frozen solid,i cant even lift the pots out of the trays. Yours will be fine,some of mine might die but i doubt it
  4. Searching members names

    i think they have done away with it bill
  5. Hardy sp in unheated greeenhouse

    50/50 peat and perlite is fine for most species but some do like lime in the mix. I don't think p.primuliflora would survive your winter without any heating. P.grandiflora will grow well,and there are 4 flower coloured forms
  6. Hardy sp in unheated greeenhouse

    it depends on where you keep them in the greenhouse, if you keep them on the floor by the open door,where it is cooler and gets the benefit of the cooling draught, they can be grown successfully. Place them where they get the early morning sun while it is still cool. if they are in full sun,all day everyday,eventually the heat will kill them.Why not grow them outside?
  7. A lot of the refusal of the post office to accept plants for postage is down to people claiming compensation in the past for "dead" plants,so now the knee jerk reaction is not to accept them at all, as before just lie!
  8. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    only when they are dead
  9. Help

    i gave up Nigel,you can put them on a gallery easy,but you have to make them smaller for anything else i think ada
  10. As Nigel says,you can send them in the EU, the post office just don't want to,so say you can't. simple answer is lie through your back teeth,tell them its a t shirt or stuff you sold on e-bay,door knobs,anything but plants much less hassle. ada
  11. Nigel, there is probably confusion,professional nurseries like yourself provide a great service, I myself have always had great service from you and can't fault you, but some small growers that only sell a few spare plants see an opertunity to make a fast buck at someones expense. ada
  12. i don't grow utrics, but i have had this experience with temperate pinguicula. THAT is being sold something as one species and it turns out to be another when you get it to maturity and it flowers. It is very annoying! All i can say is do your homework on any seller,ask for pictures of plant and flowers,how long they have been growing the plant,who or where did they get it from. One of the growers who mis-sold me a plant didn't give a stuff about selling the wrong plant but i have a long memory! if he tries to sell again i will be watching and remind others of his ways.There is also one seller who consistantly cheats people by selling wrongly named plants,he is being watched too ada
  13. Sarracenia species

    first of all,its not a species, Its a hybrid,that is a cross between two species if you're lucky. It could be a complex hybrid,that involves multiple crosses of different species or hybrids. A flower colour might help decide what the parentage could be but unless you ask the person you got it from you will never be sure. saying that,i'd go for something involving s.minor and s.purpurea ada
  14. Question about Pinguicula lusitanica

    It is on one of the top shelves with the sarra seedlings,if the sun shines they full sun. right beside the door for good ventilation too
  15. Question about Pinguicula lusitanica

    Hi, i don't know about different populations living longer than others. I only grow one p.lusitanica ,originally from Stephen Morley . I had the original plants for 18 months easily, some survived around 2 and a half years,the seed from these is still going now and these are two years old now. I don't think my cold damp conditions are ideal for this species but it keeps going,perhaps feeding it might make it grow longer but its in with the sarracenia and has to take its chances. ada