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  1. P. grandiflora help required

    A lot depends on the heat.They go dormant even earlier if it gets too hot and start to grow again in autumn when it cools down sometimes. My pings are mostly going or gone dormant now but a few are still growing but much more slowly now,getting ready for dormancy.
  2. Sarracenia Seedlings

    they'll be fine,leave them alone until next year. they can stand frost too. when they grow some new pitchers next year,repot them after 2or 3 pitchers.
  3. get as many water butts as you can! you can soon run dry if you're not careful. One butt is no good,it won't last long in a dry spell
  4. Hi from South Yorkshire

    Please tell me you're not a councillor . I,m in wisewood
  5. Hi from South Yorkshire

    Where abouts in S.Yorks? i'm in sheffield
  6. Pinguicula Grandifloras never flower

    Do they get frosted? i think some form the flowers in the autumn/winter hibernacula so they can flower early in spring,they need a good cold period. Mine flower every year and are also grown in peat/perlite. last thought, are they really p.grandiflora?
  7. what seeds? how long have they been sown? have they been stratified first?
  8. How did everyone start??

    depends on where you grow,if you can provide the right light and heat,you can grow most things.No heat in the greenhouse so i stick to temperate plants
  9. How did everyone start??

    i blame the wife,she bought the first sarracenia for me,------------26 years ago!
  10. My plants new home

    I have a couple of these i rescued from vacant properties,they are great for small plants and seedlings. Good use of limited space too,the covering will last a couple of seasons.
  11. FRAUD

    Change can be a good thing, but to change something just because you can doesn't mean its a good thing. If it 'aint broken don't fix it!
  12. FRAUD

    i'll give you that one Alexis,carry on doing good and seeing both sides