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  1. Live moss and pictures are best,i grow live moss for my darlingtonia and its always good to have different species if possible
  2. raise any issues on here,they won't get missed for long
  3. tiny paint brush every time for me,no wasted pollen. stick it in the pot of the donor plant and use it a few days later for another cross.Much easy to dab on the stigma too.
  4. nice plants Jeff,i can see i'm going to have to look for some big lumps of limestone to grow these better
  5. survivors from last year
  6. This one looks very similar to your p.mariae to me,smaller top petals though but i am colourblind
  7. a side shot of the flower and the p.macroceras,nearly open,we haven't had much sun this week
  8. Beautiful plants Jeff,good to see other people posting pictures of these great plants.
  9. It was from me,as a grows well to semi maturity but as it ages it becomes more prone to the heat or this pathogen that kills needs keeping cooler and in the moss,hopefully to help with its anti infection properties
  10. i thought so,it does have a big flower for a vulgaris though
  11. beautiful plant and flowers
  12. Thanks Aymeric, the larger flowered one? its from seed from a friend.
  13. who's ranting moronic political views now? It was the little people who fought wars in the past,our grandparents and their friends,who's guts and bravery made this country what it was. It is the greed and easy life these peoople that rise to political elite crave.It is well documented the corruptness of EU officals. We need to step back from being goverened by germany and france,keep our money at home and sort our country out,for people that live and work here. when that is done we can start to look further afield at what we can do to help others,we need to help our own first. the world is a bigger place then europe and there are far more oppertunities out there than just europe. get over losing a vote and get on with helping put our country right before everyone else.People and countries will still trade with us or we can go elsewhere,they can't afford to lose our custom. ada
  14. got 3 in the moss Martin,had them years.they are so slow ,might try feeding one
  15. Two othello's from seed can you see the second?