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  1. i think we should be able to have our say and discuss anything we want to,you don't have to read it or reply. Moderators can step in and calm things down if need be,we are all or mostly adults and have views that vary,discussion is good,it helps us understand other people. It can even lead to new friendships,we don't need a big brother type of forum. ada
  2. not enough light for sarracenia inside,some will grow under these conditions quite well but they really need full sun for as long as you can give it them to grow properly.Either that or its a bad clone. pictures also help,much better than words,was it a garden centre plant? e-bay or bought from a collector,all these little things can help with a diagnosis. ada
  3. Fred is fine,he just didn;t like the new forum set up,He'll be at Stephens open day all being well
  4. d.capensis by the look of it
  5. forgot about that Carl,but i think its a better explanation than anything we have come up with up to now. Simple factors have a great effect on some things,eg mountain hares and stoats turning white in winter,still the same animal
  6. Here's an interesting topic to read that might help us all understand why cephalotus don't all grow the same for everybody. In short epigenetics is the study of external factors that can turn on or off a gene without altering the DNA of an organism. google it and enjoy,could explain the whole mystery.We just need to find out what turns the plants growth gene back on. ada
  7. Thanks for that Hannah, i wont forget! still eating then. Great day,good food,good chat sold a few things too, those who didn't go,you really should have! ada
  8. dangle them into flytraps or drosera with the small ones
  9. sun is in short supply in yorkshire in winter,especially by the pennines where i live.
  10. I can send you some seeds when they are ready. I have given up with filiformis totally,i don't think it likes our damp winters
  11. teasel plant liquid
  12. Thanks Marcel, I have already read about increased seed production in plants that have been fed against non fed plants. It was the liquid production i was interested in. The majority of plants don't have this dark liquid,only clear liquid that could easily be dismissed as rain water or condensed dew,so easily over looked and untested. Only two plants show this dark liquid out of about twenty,just took a picture and put it in the gallery
  13. Are they seed grown,it could just be that that clone,or seeds from that clone don't do well in heat. I grow some in the greenhouse,from seed and all from one location and these are fine with the heat even when the doors have been shut, we all know the temperatures a closed greenhouse can get to. saying that i can't grow filiformis,they just rot in early spring for me. ada
  14. Anyone know anything about teasel plants secretions? I ask because we grow them in the garden,last week i found a large wasp drowned in the lower leaf axils where water accumilates. At least i thought it drowned,it was a large area of water that had collected but the wasp could easily have climbed out i would have thought. This week,looking at new leaves opening,i noticed in some a very dark liquid?collecting in the new leaf axils. It isn't dirty rainwater before anyone chips in with that idea. It looks like very dark tea colour or like liquid nicotine.I have never seen this before but wondered if this is diluted by rain water and could sedate the insects until they drown. anyone any ideas?
  15. That could be due to the spray Dan,sometimes if done and not dry before the sun gets on them it will cause this,even if done the day or evening before. It doesn't have much effect on tortrix either when they are all ready there,i find. Once in the plant it has an effect of repelling them or the female from laying eggs. ada