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  1. I thought it was Kate's-bee-i too
  2. I think 'Eva' is just mitchelliana x leucophylla var. alba
  3. Never heard of the first one but catesbyi predates catesbaei.
  4. Any old small paintbrush works for me
  5. Yep, a few people have outside bog gardens. Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea will thrive and certain flavas will do ok. Others will just survive or slowly decline. Being a continental climate Canada tends to have consistently warm summers, not our hit and miss seasons though.
  6. Wriglyana can be very nice!
  7. Ah, but you need to create them to cross them again. Then you get some nice hybrids like 'Ladies in Waiting'.
  8. I'll be there! Looking forward to it
  9. There is no official ban AFAIK, it's just a voluntary aim that first appeared in a 2010 government white paper. Brexit has thrown a spanner in the works since obviously.
  10. Here's some information:
  11. She sounds seriously weird. But with her approach she'll just end up with a greenhouse full of straggly plants people are desperate to get rid of though?
  12. What stage are you at? I have some flower stems about 10cm tall, which is pretty normal for the time of year for me up north.
  13. It's a personal thing really. I prefer glass just because the building looks more attractive inside and out.
  14. Ah, looked ripe for splitting in half down the middle to me.
  15. Outside with lots of air movement you are unlikely to suffer any botrytis.