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  1. Maxsea fertilizer 16-16-16

    A lot of the US guys seem to prefer syringing it into pitchers, sarracenia seedlings in particular.
  2. Westland peat moss

    Their peat may well be perfectly fine today, but considering all my fly traps nearly died in it about 7 years ago, I won’t buy it ever again.
  3. Vitax Irish peat

    It worked for me the other day but it’s now gone behind a paywall for some reason. Strange. It basically said that peat free trials weren’t going as successfully as hoped and that Gove was looking at the possibility of taxing it rather than banning it in 2020 at the moment.
  4. Granite Grit

    If it's the Kelkay stuff it seems to say quartzite on the bag but granite on the website! I'm doing some soil experiments and potted some flytraps and sarracenia up in a variety of mixes back in August, including some with the Kelkay potting grit. Everything seems fine in it so far, but need to see how they do when the growing season starts. I'm not really sure what the advantage is in swapping 50% of the perlite for potting grit is though personally. I'm leaning towards 25% Melcourt / 25% peat / 50% perlite, but like I say we'll see how these do compared with mixes with potting grit, 100% Melcourt etc.
  5. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    I don't think they experience many winter burns in the wild so I'm not sure they are as tolerant to being cut down in the same way as sarracenia. I leave mine alone.
  6. Vitax Irish peat When it all hinges on the likes of Michael Gove I think all bets are off.
  7. Vitax Irish peat

    No problems as far as I know
  8. Westland peat moss

    Clover and Arthur Bowers are ok too
  9. Sarracenia species

    It’s a very common unknown Dutch hybrid. You come across it in garden centres all the time and this same topic comes up every few months. You’ll never find out for definite I’m afraid.
  10. What to do with drying out and moldy plants

    They were probably given tap water in the shop. I’d repot ASAP
  11. It’s forecast to reach -11C in Wilmington, NC on Saturday night!
  12. It’ll secrete small amounts of acid and enzymes. All sarracenia work this way, apart from purpurea, which drowns its victims and relies on bacteria to break down the bodies.
  13. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    It supposedly compresses and creates a laggy cold environment they don't like. Or so I've heard