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  1. -12 in places tonight

    -12C in Shawbury last night. Which is very close to Shropshire Sarracenias!
  2. Hardiness of Dionaea

    All mine are outside, under fleece. It got down to -7C last night here. All I know is that 2010 was too much for them, even in a greenhouse. It was -10C at night and only reached a maximum of -5 / -6 in the daytime a couple of times. But it was below freezing, or just above for about 2 weeks in total during that month, so I think it’s protracted freezes that is the issue. 2 or 3 days of hard frost before a thaw is ok I’m guessing.
  3. A top dressing of Melcourt pine bark is supposedly a pathogen suppressive
  4. Sand, UK

    I’ve found their potting grit is fine so far, so it sounds like something has gone awry with the sand. I’ve only potted a few in the grit as part of some soil experiments, but if the supposed ‘good stuff’ can be tainted I won’t be using it when I repot the whole collection in future.
  5. Our first year with VFTs

    They’re from reputable suppliers. They don’t need repotting.
  6. Sand, UK

    "Ideal for making concrete, render or floor screed" I'll pass! Kelkay's RHS range is the best I've found.
  7. You can get a permit through Hampshire Carnivorous Plants: Obviously not really worth doing unless you import a lot of plants in one go. I'd say 15 years ago there was more incentive to get plants from the US, but the availability and choice in the UK has massively increased thanks to the internet.
  8. Bill's a legend! I've no idea if Johnny Marr grows any though
  9. Green slime in water tray

    I think you’ve introduced it somehow on the bottom of a pot maybe. I’ve never had anything like that.
  10. Norman Parker has grown

    He looks fine to me. Where are you keeping him? In full sun the pitchers will turn a nice bronze.
  11. Wind Problems

    You should be fine I would have thought in any weather that isn’t very windy. I’d just close them when the Met Office gives out a yellow warning for wind
  12. The weather is looking unseasonably summery for Saturday!
  13. Feeding sarracenia with maggots

    Perfectly fine
  14. My Sarracenia has grown massive this year!

    If you keep it in its existing block of peat you can just transfer it across to a bigger pot and fill in the gaps
  15. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Yep, I've got a 'Red Lips'. It's H146 on Mike's growlist.