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  1. I find that they have no problems if you cut them to the ground in early spring. Doing them same in winter is probably no different except you'll lose out on them being able to photosynthesise on winter days where it's above 6 degrees celsius (the minimum temperature plants can photosynthesise at). The exception in my experience is sarracenia minor though. They hate being cut back I've found and struggle the next year I've discovered.
  2. A very good result there!
  3. We never get many until August usually.
  4. I've never thought it was a very good looking plant. It just looks like the pitchers haven't unfolded properly. I honestly wouldn't have it in my collection
  5. I report any time over winter e.g. November - March. They should flower every spring, but occasionally you'll see a summer or autumn flower if the weather is a bit up and down. Non-spring flowers are usually on short stems (maybe they soon realise they're flowering at the wrong time and grow a short stem to save energy). Some plants are proflific flowerers and some don't flower every year. The number of insects caught the year before might be a factor.
  6. Reptilian Rose at a bargain price!
  7. It'll probably be next spring I'm afraid.
  8. The pot size looks fine. They aren't particularly bothered about being root bound anyway
  9. Yep, this section is described as the 'General chit-chat area'. Someone always wants to talk politics in any forum though - with the inevitable disagreements!
  10. Flower colour will give you a clue
  11. Ah, I just saw you had a white Robinsons and the same kind of staging
  12. They look great. Did you buy Mike's rare plant greenhouse by any chance?
  13. Pop some slugs in them and you'll see a quick increase in growth!
  14. This Dutch hybrid is very common. It probably has minor and purpurea in it, and possibly rubra as well. But you'll never know for sure.