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  1. Sarracenia Seedlings

    I'd wait at least a year personally. Seems a bit daft to pot them together and then pot them separately soon after. You might as well have just sown them in their own pots in the first place!
  2. The frame sizes are thicker though. The plants can get a bit shaded
  3. Looks fine to me, but you'll probably want some additional bigger particles e.g. perlite to open up the mix
  4. Get the biggest eave height you can find
  5. River water with Sarras.?

    United Utilities gives me the analysis of my local river if I put in the postcode on their site. I would have thought Thames would have the same thing somewhere on their site. But all water is hard in the south east because of the bedrock, so I don't see the river being any different.
  6. It must have properties other than preventing light from getting through otherwise plants would colour up equally well under filthy glass. Here is some information on polytunnel plastic (maybe whitewash really does mimic it?): "Diffusion: You should think of the diffusion properties of polythene as clouds in the sky. Diffused polythene scatters the light as it passes through, allowing it to hit the plants from all angles. This ensures your plants will get an even amount of light and not have to grow towards any particular light source, thus avoiding one plant overshadowing another. Even clear films have a small level of diffusion" Insektenfang grow theres in a polytunnel and they colour up fantastically.
  7. Or you try a long spoon or something and try to dig it out? Which idiot thought it would be a good idea to sell them in a daft tube??
  8. First one needs water. Second doesn't. When the second one traps an insect it will secrete a small amount of acid and digest, but it will still look dry when you look down the tube from the top.
  9. Yep that will have an effect. But the bigger the greenhouse the more heat they retain, so they get a headstart because the heat from March/April sun sticks around.
  10. Definitely want to make it down there, hopefully next year. Regarding light, polytunnels often give the best coloured plants because they diffuse the light and make it more even. So Matthew's whitewashed glass will give a similar effect. You can also get the same effect in a white powder coated greenhouse because it reflects the light around.
  11. River water with Sarras.?

    Try this link: Your water is very hard though, so I wouldn't use it on carnivorous plants to be honest.
  12. Buy some suitable compost and pop it in a plastic pot with drainage holes. Keep it in a tray of rainwater. If given maximum sunshine and a warm environment e.g. in a greenhouse, the pitchers will secrete a lot more nectar around the mouths to entice insects.
  13. River water with Sarras.?

    You should be able to look up the chemical makeup of your local river on your water company's website.
  14. I'd rinse it in rainwater just to make sure.