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  1. Green slime in water tray

    I think you’ve introduced it somehow on the bottom of a pot maybe. I’ve never had anything like that.
  2. Norman Parker has grown

    He looks fine to me. Where are you keeping him? In full sun the pitchers will turn a nice bronze.
  3. Wind Problems

    You should be fine I would have thought in any weather that isn’t very windy. I’d just close them when the Met Office gives out a yellow warning for wind
  4. The weather is looking unseasonably summery for Saturday!
  5. Feeding sarracenia with maggots

    Perfectly fine
  6. My Sarracenia has grown massive this year!

    If you keep it in its existing block of peat you can just transfer it across to a bigger pot and fill in the gaps
  7. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Yep, I've got a 'Red Lips'. It's H146 on Mike's growlist.
  8. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Or are they the same cultivar?
  9. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    Impossible to tell without any pitchers sorry.
  10. False Widow spiders

    Nothing for us oop north!
  11. Looks like something has physically torn it.
  12. Hi Mike. Count me in
  13. So now Sarracenia purpurea eats slugs!

    A seal to stop odour? They absolutely reek when they've caught a slug!
  14. Tiny deformed traps

    They just look like new growth from a little offset on the bulb. I'd leave them - the next traps will probably be normal.
  15. Potting Grit Ireland

    They bulk their peat up with ordinary compost so I wouldn't believe the 'lime free' on their bags of grit either.