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  1. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Did you buy from China? Lots of fakes, avoid Chinese sellers. Best to buy from people on this forum.
  2. Dormancy

    Those temps are too warm for dormancy a cold greenhouse or unheated garage window would be better for sarras and vft
  3. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Can easily confirm if we can see the pics. You need to upload to a share site and post the link
  4. Sand, UK

    Maybe they’ve changed the source then.....
  5. Sand, UK

    Same here, not suitable I’m afraid
  6. Sand, UK

    Have you tested it for lime content?
  7. Pinguicula going not growing at all??

    It is normally that they have gone dormant, but looking at the photos it looks like the growth point is distorted. This can happen and I think it’s due to a mite. If my plants get this I throw them away.
  8. U, longifolia

    It’s powdery mildew, very common on longifolia and a few others. The red bits are where the fungus has damaged the tissue. A fungicide with myclobutanil will help
  9. U, longifolia

    The fungus is powdery mildew
  10. Got S.Blackberry Sundae - what are its parents ?

    A lot of people don’t, they just import them illegally. I’ve had loads of offers from people who do it regularly, even well known nurseries.
  11. PICS 2017

    Great plants!
  12. And it’s definitely NOT a boring cultivar, one of the best in my opinion, large well coloured pitchers, easy to grow and vigorous
  13. few questions

    As David said coir is fine but make sure it’s salt free. Pine bark is great, some of us including me grow almost all my plants in milled pine bark (melcourt) and most cps love it esp Sarracenia and vft.
  14. Actually Bill Bailey grows carnivorous plants...
  15. Hello from North Yorkshire

    You’re welcome to visit my collection, only 20 mins from malton