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  1. Terranium plants

    Some of the larger utrics like humboldtii, alpina & longifolia would do well
  2. Red Spider Mite in the middle of winter, out of nowhere.

    Many populations of spider mite are resistant
  3. Maxsea fertilizer 16-16-16

    Liquid seaweed is not a fertiliser, it has very mild fertilising effects and provides trace elements.
  4. Red Spider Mite in the middle of winter, out of nowhere.

    Never had spider mite on neps, but I would have binned it too. Better off with a proper acaricide, you can get small quantities off eBay, like Floramite as imidacloprid doesn’t really touch them.
  5. Granite Grit

    I use grit and or perlite with melcourt, doesn’t really matter. Usually perlite as it’s easier to get.
  6. see individual country rules. You’d be amazed at what you can’t post to Germany, hardly anything IS allowed
  7. France, Germany and Italy don’t allow you to send plants
  8. Westland peat moss

    Westlands is the one to avoid
  9. Botritis prevention

    control, no help prevent, yes
  10. Botritis prevention

    there is no fungicide to control Botrytis available to the amateur grower in the UK. Best to prevent through good light levels, good hygiene and good airflow. Remove and dispose of infected plants or growth points.
  11. how to water a Pinguicula?

    While they are growing, stand them in water. If they go dormant, reduce water to just damp.
  12. U, longifolia white fungus

    The fungus is powdery mildew, very common on longifolia and a few other utrics (and cephalotus)It leaves behind red blotches on the leaves which is damage. Difficult to eradicate, treat with a product containing myclobutanil like fungusClear.
  13. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Did you buy from China? Lots of fakes, avoid Chinese sellers. Best to buy from people on this forum.
  14. Dormancy

    Those temps are too warm for dormancy a cold greenhouse or unheated garage window would be better for sarras and vft