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  1. and so.....the same size of D. scorpioides ?
  2. M

    an other solution e.....and r ..r .....y etc...
  3. Has anyone bought one of these off amazon before??

    this plant comes from carniflora http://carniflora.nl/en/products/pinguicula-tina.html best regards Fabrice
  4. UK pesticides

    for imidacloprid the brand name is CONFIDOR J® from bayer it's now forbidden in France. it was too toxic. The professionnal brand name gaucho was also call the bee's killer. http://www.roses-anciennes-eve.com/epages/rosesanciennes.sf/produits/81461_INSECTICIDE CONFIDOR J®.html
  5. just for Klaus Keller you can find one topic about it here in 2009....it's not really a recent clone but you can read the old name... Cephalotus follicularis "Klaus Keller true giant" ex harald weiner old clone[A.Amici] so it's seems klaus keller and harald weiner are the same........ But I stop my investigation here ;o) best regards Fabrice
  6. congratulation I'm curious to see the size of the gems best regards Fab
  7. yellow dionaea

    hi an other springtime 4 years old and the vft is always very light green and yellow almost spring. specially in spring, in automn the vft is more green. But you can recognize her even in automn sorry no spare or division yet best regard Fabrice
  8. Peat + perlite or sand? Your experience...

    peat perlite and sand for sarra, drosera and dioneae fab
  9. Goldie

    I divised the plant this year. The mother plants and specially this older tube are yellow. I put divisions in a less sunny place and the first tube was green like and flava flava. best regards Fab
  10. I am especially surprised that they replant the plants during flowering best regards Fab
  11. New watertray

    great job I'm interested to see the underside of the structure. can you post some pictures too... best regards Fabrice.
  12. I have seed if you wants > 10000 I'm quite sure... if you want some. Best regards Fabrice.
  13. Sarracenia "broken resolution"

    When I looked the pic I believed it was S. 'mercury' whith color like this best regards Fabrice
  14. Rose in bloom

    It's a very nice rose named 'madame meilland' in france ....it seems to be very pink on your picture isn't it? The real flower in your garden is more yellow ? For the fun I put it next to 'papa meilland' rose in my garden best regards Fabrice.
  15. Ledge Bay cephalotus , dose not exist

    http://biocache.ala.org.au/occurrences/ee2279de-08c2-457b-a7e3-72d8c90bdda2;jsessionid=9EC2B641DC6793FFC7B44A141916A93E ledge bay...ledge beach.... everybody can change one word and make a mistake best regards fabrice