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  1. Very nice!
  2. nice collection :-)
  3. Simply beautiful. Good job! :-)
  4. Christian is a really nice guy and his plants are hardened and solid! everytime again!!
  5. congratulations! lovely collection!
  6. Plant arrived in healthy and perfect conditions! Thanks!

  7. really nice flower and plant!!! :-) congrats!!!
  8. really nice plant!!!!!
  9. Absolutly Amazing pictures!!! i am stunning! Really i love these Habitat-photos :-) greetings Marc
  10. Hello Marc, great looking plants!!-compliment! regards Marc
  11. Good evening, for me it looks like an orchid ;-) regards Marc
  12. nice collection!!! keep on going like this ;-) greetings Marc
  13. hello, i have this setup in my room situated betwwen other 20 terraria and aqauaria. it is really spectacular in the room. i love it ;-) Ps: thanks for your comments. i will take some more pics in the comming future.. regards Marc
  14. Hi, here are some pics from my big setup. regards ;-) Marc
  15. Hi, @ avery: no there are also jamban, inermis, flava, rajah, and some jacquelinae and tenuis of course. Some Helis are in the right sight. maybe i will do some pics of them all in the comming future. @Nadja: the lowii is 7 years old. i have it for 4 years. regards Marc