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  1. My new indoor setup!

    Hi, I had a try with two of this growing tents for Nepenthes some years ago. Positive thing: a lot of space! Negative thing: you need a lot of water to keep the humidity high enough ! Fabrice
  2. Advice for led lamp

    Hello Marco, What about Lumen, Kelvin, lifespan ? .... Fabrice
  3. Horticultural sand

    ...and far less heavy ;)
  4. unidentified Nepenthes

    I would say the same but based on the last photo (lower pitcher) Reminds me of a plant sometimes sold as "alata" Fabrice
  5. I would try first from a EU provider. Far less complicated and faster. Fabrice
  6. I can't comment about Araflora but: Whatever the method used to propagate plants someone can produce bad or good quality plants, this has NOT to do with in vitro or not. Before i focused on Nepenthes, i have produced many Sarracenia in vitro and they were in general very strong and heathly, usually flowering only after 2 years ex-vitro. I have always found most Sarracenia growing like weeds - in the greenhouse - if, like said above, grown in good conditions. Fabrice
  7. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    Nice to see you there gab ;) This idea has gone through my mind too :)
  8. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    I've done it today ;)
  9. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    I have check again the S. McPherson book vol. 2 (including indonesian sp.) and had a look also on my diatas, densiflora, bongso...plants and this plant have clear similarities with densiflora and angasanensis. I will take time to go on more details (presence of rhizome, hairs on tendril...) Time will say!
  10. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    I will do it !
  11. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    N. flava x ovata ?
  12. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    You are right corky, but N. diatas does not hybridize with flava, do it ?
  13. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    Hi Neps lovers, Here is a Nep i have grown from seeds i've got in 2014 from the Ebayer 'Nepentheceae' Seeds were supposed to be from a N. flava plant, but it looks something different. The leaves remind me of a N. densiflora. Pitchers look like those from the singalana like group. Maybe someone has plants from the same batch of seeds ??? Anyway i love the pitchers, can't wait until they get bigger ! Fabrice
  14. No pitchers after re-potting

    Your plant should pitcher again in Spring and Summer. Fabrice
  15. Many carnivorous plants have a dormancy break (Dionaea, Sarracenia, some Drosera) therefore they are small after winter. Your Dionaea are adult plants, they will get bigger soon in good conditions. Fabrice