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  1. N. flava x ovata ?
  2. You are right corky, but N. diatas does not hybridize with flava, do it ?
  3. Hi Neps lovers, Here is a Nep i have grown from seeds i've got in 2014 from the Ebayer 'Nepentheceae' Seeds were supposed to be from a N. flava plant, but it looks something different. The leaves remind me of a N. densiflora. Pitchers look like those from the singalana like group. Maybe someone has plants from the same batch of seeds ??? Anyway i love the pitchers, can't wait until they get bigger ! Fabrice
  4. Your plant should pitcher again in Spring and Summer. Fabrice
  5. Many carnivorous plants have a dormancy break (Dionaea, Sarracenia, some Drosera) therefore they are small after winter. Your Dionaea are adult plants, they will get bigger soon in good conditions. Fabrice
  6. It works also in this way if diluted. Do not use strong fertilizer - like Osmocote - to feed the pitchers, the latter would die back fast and you may have a fungi attack on the plants. Fabrice
  7. Hello Gilles, You won't easily find someone having ampullaria cuttings available. N. ampullaria are usually sold as small plants (from in vitro in my case) You should wait until the temps are above 15°c for the plants to be shipped. Hope that's help. Fabrice
  8. I agree with manders about the temps. Also it does not like to be kept always moist. My red clone grows better during summer when i have flies available for feeding pitchers. Fertilizing works fine if given as foliar spray (i use Orchid focus) Fabrice
  9. Sounds too low for me.. Temps are ok.
  10. N. bicalcarata is a real tropical plant (ultra lowland Nepenthes) Whatever the clone, you need - as already said by fltropical - ALWAYS between 25 - 35°c. From 18° to 22°c the plants will stop to grow and below, will die... Fabrice
  11. I have some available now if someone is interested in. Plants are from my own production. Fabrice
  12. Hello, I have some seedlings - received as N. aristolochioides seeds - of course they are not. I know it's a bit early to really identify but I would bet for N. bongso or naga, what do you think? Cheers, Fabrice
  13. Just a real beauty...
  14. Probably because they are sold out fast... I will have some few plants available again in some few weeks. Fabrice
  15. I agree with manders, your plant may need a temp. drop during the night. Also i use to cover my windowsill Neps with a clear Orchid pot until they get hardened. After some time remove it, check what happen, recover it if needed. When they don't, they go back to their glass cage...