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  1. Dunc

    Collapsed pitcher

    It happens every so often - don't worry and just leave as is until it dies back. A strong wind can do a fair bit of pitvher bending too!
  2. Not sure as never thought of that! My 'waste' water is around 450 tds so just collect it in a watering can and use on the garden as its been so dry. If I was to guess then I'd probably say it's not worth it. If I was buying again I'd probably go for a unit with a higher output as I only got a 75 l per day job.
  3. It takes all sorts so I wouldn't worry. Some people like watching 22 silly b...ers chasing after a round lump of plastic on a nice field for 90 mins trying to get it between 2 sticks. I've never understood that!
  4. Get taps for the RO and waste outlets so once strarted you can keep water inside the system to keep the RO unit wet. Always do a few mins flush each time you use it. Use tds meter to keep an eye on performance - you'll get a better idea when filters need changing. Don't expect it to be quick!!
  5. Dunc

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Sounds good - let's hope it's not too fussy and gets around fairly quickly. Drosera usually seem the easiest CP given the right conditions (A lot are almost seeds in the greenhouse.
  6. Dunc

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Would love to try growing but will wait until the price settles a bit! Looking at the flower heads they must produce tons of seed if pollinated? Would be a good one for the CPS to source some seed and then a few of us could see how hard it is to keep happy. ;-p
  7. Sounds like it should be in the right ballpark. Bet it'll look stunning - you'll have to post a picture! Guess if you can AM a suitable ring holder that shields the leds so most of the light goes down to the plant you'll not need shades...
  8. Thanks - never had it grow this tall before. I'm wondering if the big pot helps?
  9. Thanks. Hear from others that they struggle. Not sure why but I find they grow like weeds. I let them form a good clump - individual growing point die off regularly but there's always lots of others to replace them.
  10. Cheers. Don't seem to have problems with aphids on the plants kept outside. Almost always on the new darlingtonia growth in the greenhouse though! May have to look at dividing next year although it's only a year since I potted this up.
  11. Dunc

    My CPs

    Misc Pictures of my CPs
  12. A cloudy mid day is around a k.lx, (1000 lux), a bright sunny one around 100x this (approx.) A lux is a lumen per square metre. So if you take the area of your plant, let's guess at 100 sq.cm, for a cloudy equivalent you need 10 lumen min, for sunshine 1000 lumen - at the plant, full spectrum. Watts don't tell you much about the light level, normally just the max power input (Not always achieved). Obtaining full spectrum or pseudo full spectrum is one issue - hence why 'grow light's are often mixed colour leds. Getting the light to the plant the other - from the light source the light drops off with distance to the power of 3 (reflecting etc can improve this). Hence why grow lights are close to the plants. Hope this helps? My guess would be you'd need a few thousand lumen with you lights for long term growth. This would seem very (VERY) bright in your set up (and they'd get hot). I have similar COB leds in my outside lights and whilst good for illumination they're no where near bright enough for grow lights.
  13. Whilst I've now watched countless thunder storms not far away (within a mile or less) the total rain falling must be sub-mm for over a month. Hence with butts quickly running low the RO has been working flat out for the first time this year. Greenhouse butts now full, one other butt to go. Anyone else missing the wet stuff or have you all been lucky enough to be under a downpour or two?
  14. Dunc

    When will my sarracenia open?

    Agree, it's not looking full of the joys of life. If it's in a suitable compost (?) tuck it away in good sun somewhere and let it pick up a bit of strength.