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  1. Looks like a great healthy plant so I wouldn't worry about the odd trap or two going 'off'. Too many plants so can't be fussy on any of mine - they're in the trays like anything else in the greenhouse that hit the mid 30s today. They're in very free draining compost mix but the 'stems' go down very deep in the pots so are probably in water most of the time. Seem fine with this.
  2. I've had some outside for 5 or 6 years now (N. Hants but a cold 'pocket'), both round my pond and in a container (plant trough akin a washing up bowl size/shape). The pond plants took a hit this winter for some reason but a couple of new ones are now coming through quickly. Just find it never gets as big as in the greenhouse as it has a bit of a shorter growing season.
  3. Superb - now I can see what's worth trying in my conditions easily! Thanks for this, really useful
  4. I grow Darlingtonia californica outside in the rim of my pond too - too a bit of a hit this year but two plants still coming up. Wasn't that cold so it isn't the cold it doesn't like! Its been snow and iced in previously..... Never gets to the size of the greenhouse plants but that's all.
  5. No seed grown in cultivation yet?
  6. Hi Florian, the problem with regia, so I've heard, and it's seems to be true for my plants, it that the clones don't self pollinate or cross pollinate between two plants of the same clone. Never mind that full cross pollination is difficult too (see Slack for example,). I've two clones plus my own seed grown and even with deliberately crossing multiple times when a seed pods swells there's only some viable seeds and many of the small shriveled ones folk are sending you. I've a lot of flowers coming up this year so hopefully timings will be right for some good seed - watch out later in the year! Next week I'm going to report and split a mature 'pot full'. If that goes OK them may have a few spare?
  7. Probably got to say 'why bother'? D capensis tend to self seed everywhere if you let them flower so you'll soon have plenty more. I sometimes pot up a nice looking one but quite a few get weeded out every year and just go on the compost heap......?
  8. t form

    A lot less of a 'mess' than the branched:
  9. t form

    I've grown a simple T form in my binatas - one of the original plants I first got back in the late 1980s!! Almost certainly from Marstons. I'll take a photo tomorrow. Doesn't seed widely in the greenhouse like some of the others do!
  10. Go laminated -they last for ever! Had a couple of my labels break this year on re-potting because the plastic is old and gone brittle. However, the laminated label was still readable and stuck on as new (and in fact held the broken plastic together!!). Been using the brother laminated tapes for 10 years or so now after seeing how good they were at work. Have the 1230PC which makes it very easy as well as a hand-held for the odd ad-hoc in g/h job.
  11. Welcome - which edge? I'm near the northern one.....
  12. I'm another that's always grown the CPs in with toms (peppers, cucumbers, melons too) and never had any problems at all. The humidity from the CPs may even help the toms set and keep red spider mite down
  13. Whilst fully agree these are great books I also agree with the first post that the proof reading is not 100%. Perhaps even more controversially, I'd add that I also think the books are over priced w.r.t. print quality, content, format, etc. compared to the market (waiting for the ....). I'd be happy to stand corrected IF the full costs to produce the books were given here If you don't mind the price and don't want the books signed note that Amazon sell them with free delivery whereas Redfern Natural History charge £5.99 (there are also small discounts on some of the books at Amazon). It would be nice, given that CPUK must be one of the best outlets for the books, if Redfern Natural History could offer a suitable discount