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  1. Bought the wife one last Christmas! Best tenner ever spent the fun she has with it - if you think a fly's good then try a wasp in flight.... Plus, I get the carcasses to feed my plants! There's also a superb review on Amazon that'll have you wetting yourself laughing.
  2. Dunc

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Condolences on your loss Rob-Rah. Any picture to show? Do you know how the other lucky growers have got on? Do you know of anymore seed/plants being available for further trials?
  3. Dunc

    Forum problems

    Seems to be a lot quicker this morning!
  4. Depends on where you are and how much risk you're prepared to take. A heater will at least give you the option to use if needed. I initially heated - plants survived anything and grew earlier but grey mould could be an issue. It also did show on my electricity bill! I now just use a 30w tube heater to keep it frost free (but occasionally a deg or two below zero overnight) and everything survives. I've quite a few outside all year too. Neps and helis don't thrive and tropical pings and tropical drosera struggle so depends on what you want to grow. I have my neps and genlisea in my conservatory - normally 10 deg min. I still have the 3kw heater but have only used for a few nights each year and it's turned down very low but last few winters have been quite mild in the south of UK.
  5. My mother has some sarracenia like this that I gave her in her pond north of Manchester. I think they're all simple hybrids but they've done fine like that for over a decade!
  6. Dunc

    Dionaea just bought, inappropriate/dangerous potm

    Looks like you picked up a very nice VFT - much better than some of these I've seen for sale in the UK! Wouldn't worry about the potential root - just keep the plant in a few cm of rain (distilled, etc) water for now and it won't come to any harm. Should enjoy the temps/humidity as long as you keep it wet. Over winter when it cools down a bit it may go dormant (depends on where you are in Spain I suppose and what your winter temps are like) and then would be a good time to gently re-pot into something a bit bigger using CP compost.
  7. Dunc

    My CPs

    Misc Pictures of my CPs
  8. Dunc

    Forum problems

    Also finding it painfully slow now! A real shame it has got this way. It can be almost unusable at times esp. on 4G. There's some info from Richard in another thread on why and what's going on. Not going to try to link from my phone as it'll probably crash!!
  9. Dunc

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Thanks and glad cpuk is back up again. Sounds like the planned changes in the future will be good moves.
  10. Dunc

    £325 - a new record?

    Part of me agrees with the view of fool/money, part well that's the market. However, I also think this is a bit obscene! Where did the enthusiastic fellow CPer go who likes to swap or sell at reasonable cost?
  11. Dunc

    What is wrong with my capensis?!

    Looks like it's been in the wars - probably not a surprise given the aphids and then their removal. Keep it wet (hard to overwater capensis!) and be patient. Even try to ignore it for a while, it will recover. When it flowers you'll get lots of seed and as many new plants as you want (and some more).
  12. Dunc

    What happened?

    Still seems slow to load to me too?
  13. True! The rest are watching the ICPS posts on facebook leading up to the conference. Pure CP porn?
  14. Dunc


    Got the t-shirt for doing this in the past too. Also leaving the small pump on in my outside butt that I use for transferring water into the greenhouse. Result, empty butt and burnt out pump.....
  15. Dunc

    Fake vft or not

    If you want typical vft seed I'll send you some for a sae! They'll be open pollinated so could be pollen from any of my 30 odd types but the mother plants are typs (these are the ones I don't notice setting seed in all my sarras). They will be freshly collected on the day I put in your envelope though.