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  1. Minimum depth for a tub garden?

    60 mm or less! I have a small 'miniature bog garden' (of sorts) consisting of d.muscipula, d.muscipula 'akai ryu', d.capensis 'alba', and U.dichotoma all growing in flooded sphagnum within a 220 mm x 165 mm x 60 mm seed tray. I'll post a pic later to show what it looks like. As long as the substrate does not completely dry out, they'll be fine in very small depths. The question you need to ask yourself is how often do you want to water them... a very shallow container in full sun will need regularly topping up.
  2. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    Have you tried blitzing the live sphagnum to a fine milled pulp? This might allow you to compress it into a relatively flat and firm surface. Not sure how quickly it'd regrow it's fronds and start pushing up though - perhaps I should experiment with this and see how it goes.
  3. Quite correct, usually it is not necessary to feed them and marginal growth improvement is in my opinion not worth the effort. If, however you have them in a naturally fly-free environment such as a closed terrarium, it may be necessary to supplement the diet manually.
  4. Hey everyone! Newbie to the forum

    Welcome Elliott. That's quite a setup you have going already!
  5. As bogtrotter says, it would be advisable to check the chemical composition of the pellets (should be on the packaging or online). That being said, you could feed them if you crushed the pellets a bit with water to make a thick paste. You would also have to 'massage' the traps a little after closing to stimulate the further closing and digestion mechanism. I have done similar with freeze dried bloodworms... the composition of those is favourable to Dionaea so I should imagine the pelleted form is similar. Just be careful to only feed a little - no more than 1/3 of the trap size and only one or two traps at a time, every couple of weeks to a month.
  6. hi from derbyshire

    Hello and welcome
  7. Hi from Brazil

    Hey Cleber Welcome aboard!
  8. Hi.

    Welcome Steve The forum is great for picking the brains of seasoned growers who have much experience to pass on.
  9. My VFT collection pics

    My question too - is this a stable characteristic that has proved repeatable over the years, or is it a one-off mutation/fascination? Either way, it's an interesting looking clone!
  10. Welcome Some great pics - the D. regia is captured well in particular.
  11. Hi all!

    Welcome Jamie. Sounds like you have a nice sturdy collection of plants after growing for many years.
  12. I'm back

    Welcome back!
  13. Flytrap regression?

    Yeah, these extended sunny spells are giving me lots of very deep colours on all of the Sarra collection. Keeping up with the water demand is another matter though! The overzealous collecting happens to most of us mate - it's part of the hobby. Once you reach a collection size that outgrows your space and/or time needed to tend it, you start to whittle out ones that aren't as important anymore so you can focus on things you really appreciate.
  14. Flytrap regression?

    Good luck Chris! The breaking down into many small plantlets is, from my personal observations; further evidence towards poor media. I've always assumed it to be a natural survival technique.