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  1. Indeed, as long as the rhizome is not soft and brown (i.e., rotted), you should be able to stimulate new growth. I've regenerated quite a few plants from blind rhizomes over the years... they come on surprisingly quick.
  2. You'll soon need a bigger greenhouse! Welcome aboard.
  3. I suppose it is possible if overlying growth has squeezed the petiole, but sometimes the odd pitchers just die off as new growth replaces them. They can also die off rapidly if polluted with too much fertiliser or food that the pitcher cannot cope with.
  4. Nice one Matt.
  5. Not sure why that particular pitcher has decided to die back. Keep an eye on it but as the abundance of new leaf growth is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. Incidentally, I grow mine always standing in water, sometimes almost up to the pot brim with the smaller pots! Dry conditions around the roots are far more detrimental than flooding.
  6. Nice collection Hannah. I've had a few over the years... here's what I currently look after.. The love of small-scale spills over into similar projects too!..
  7. Haha, that's awesome. Gotta love little shop of horrors
  8. Nice photos of some lovely plants! Could you add the cultivar/clone names for each pic please?
  9. Welcome to CPUK!
  10. Was taken by surprise when I saw this sight in the greenhouse tonight... Seems the ants in my garden have gotten wise to a good source of free nectar, whilst playing with danger in the process!
  11. Welcome aboard Michaela. Good to see more Utricularia growers about
  12. Welcome to CPUK Hannah. Lots of useful information to be found here. Nice to see your collection already spanning different genera.
  13. Ha, sorry to say they are definitely not Drosera or Sarracenia, certainly not even a carnivorous genus! Does look remarkably like basil but I wouldn't risk ingesting something I didn't know. Incidentally, do the leaves have an aroma?
  14. Same here. Started using it before forums allowed direct linking of pictures and has become the norm for me.
  15. Lovely flowers. What's the two in the bottom of the above photo (greeny-yellow)? The slight flushing of colour inside is interesting.