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  1. You can read the full scientific paper here: Link
  2. Thanks for the link - interesting reading.
  3. That's interesting, I'd not known about any sites in Kent with CPs however I had heard before that the Utric species were 'widespread' throughout the UK. I wonder where Stewart has collated that information from - does it state any references or credits? If you look at the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (link), U. australis and U. vulgaris are listed as recent spottings at Stodmarsh. U. minor however is listed as 'probably extinct for Kent' as a 1966 spotting in the Royal Mility Canal has been disputed (link ) D. anglica doesn't show up, but D. rotundifolia shows recent finds near Hothfield common, Ashford. D. intermedia only shows up in Sussex near the border. This roughly corroborates with the information we've heard.
  4. I almost exclusively browse the CPUK forum from mobile and confirm it works very well and the design is good. I think the popularity of Facebook (with regard to CP groups) is that people tend to like things all in one place as their time is precious. Lots of people check Facebook as a matter of course at multiple times a day.. they can check up on friends, family, colleagues, global news, and matters related to the groups and pages they follow, all at the same time via the default news feed. It's a similar reason why lots use the Facebook messenger part as their sole way of messaging and why you can log into other websites with a Facebook login - it's all about simplifying and making things easier which we can all relate to. All that said though, for those that do not use Facebook that heavily (like me), I find it becomes counterintuitive for good, archivable information on specific topics (such as CP groups). It's maybe OK for a quick question and/or for showing off photos, but I find true scientific and well thought out responses few and far between. As time is precious, and people are merely 'browsing' Facebook, they are less inclined to share and discuss on bigger, more complex topics. It is easy for information to get lost within pages of 'Why is my store bought VFT dead?' There of course is nothing wrong with such questions when starting out, but on a Forum such as this, it is easier to partition topics into relevant categories, archive and sticky important reoccurring topics, and link directly to previously posted information. Facebook's constantly ongoing news-feed style postings are difficult to navigate when looking for specific information over time. Sorry for the long post, just my take on the two and why I hope the forum continues for a long time in preference over Facebook. Oh, and one other footnote - there is also the potential issue of misquoted/reshared fake/untrue/unfounded topics on Facebook being taken at face value. Lots of people simply believe everything they read/see and do not even stop to think before liking or reposting what is essentially nonsense! (This is a personal bugbear of mine with regards to Facebook as a whole).
  5. Good work Martin. I've sowed some pygmy drosera gemmae, but haven't got round to the Sarra seeds yet. Will need to clear and organise some serious space in the greenhouse first I think!
  6. Yes I have heard this before and may be an important trigger factor - mine is (extremely) pot bound in a large, relatively shallow 'bulb bowl' style dish (30cm round). This seems to have allowed for very thick, white tuberous stolons underground.
  7. Hi Les, I grow mine in an unheated greenhouse where they die back to stolons/tubers over winter. They may require that to flower well? When the leaves on mine turn brown and shrivel back, I take it out the water tray and let it dry out completely, clipping off the brown leaves. After a few months, when the weather starts to improve very slightly, the flower racemes are the first things to appear out of the sphagnum around April. At that point, I start to resume watering. I believe they need to be of a certain age to start flowering but for me, it was the dry dormancy that really started to get it flowering every year.
  8. The bottom (Lambert) bag is perfect. The Novarbo bag may be OK - depends on what 'mix' it actually is. Looking at their website, they do a range of Peat substrates - some of which have added lime and/or fertiliser (both bad news for Carnivorous plants). If you can confirm the mix is one of the pure peats, that will be fine.
  9. Thanks for the info! I've made my own LED terrarium based on (55x) 3W star LEDs before, but COB LEDs are probably the way I'd go in future for similar projects.
  10. I'm using Bayliss Mk7 autovents and they specifically say on their website FAQs that it is not necessary to remove the cylinders for winter.
  11. It'll be fine over winter - growth will slow down and you may not see it produce pitchers for a bit but it'll take off again when it gets the warm spring sun. With regards to feeding, indoor plants can benefit from a bit of food every now and then but don't overdo it. A small amount of water (rain/DI RO) can be added to the pitchers if they really are dry. As others have said, Ventrata is quite tolerant of a range of conditions, but will quickly perish if temperature falls below about 5C.
  12. Can definitely feel the colder weather rolling in. My plants have probably got more of a shock from my commencement of the winter 'hacking back'!
  13. Yes I saw a pile on the surface of a small pot the other day (slug must have jettisoned on top rather than dig a hole). Always seems a horrible sight for me to find a nest in any of the pots!
  14. Greetings Mikko, Wow snow, hard to imagine winter weather already here in the south east of england where the sun is shining bright today! Lots of great information to be found within the archives here and people always about to answer any questions.
  15. Haha, ditto. I also discovered a stray leopard slug and a (rather peeved) large, female false widow spider + nest when moving out the pots.