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  1. Stu


    The top pic (succulent) is Crassula ovata (Jade plant). Not sure on the cacti, someone else will be able to help.
  2. Stu

    Root Mealy Bug

    I feel for you, Mealy Bugs are a pain, particularly a bad infestation in the roots! See Mike Wang's method here... Link (4th post)... this is the method I would use if I were to get an outbreak. Most important (as I'm sure you're aware) is that the infected plant gets isolated, preferably some distance from your healthy plants, or at least do not let is share a water tray with anything else. Good luck!
  3. Hey guys, In early May I will be holidaying in the Peak District and hopefully doing many hikes, so I'm naturally curious if anyone knows of any confirmed locations of Carnivorous plants in the area (native and/or introduced)? (I'm looking at you @Hannahraptor!) I see there are deep blanket bogs especially to the north in the high peaks so expect there to be sundews about and probably pinguicula around streams and wet waterfalls. Also seen reference online to some introduced Sarracenia but not sure where and if that was historic. Anyone can PM me direct if they prefer not to publicise any locations.
  4. Stu

    2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Only just seen this Chris... if you're still interested, it's a seed grown plant. Seeds were obtained from ThomasL here and sown back in Sept 2012. All that is known of the parentage is it's open pollinated seed from "Giant Traps, Erected Petiole". I've got 4 adult clones from the batch; all fairly similar but the entry photographed was clearly bigger.
  5. Stu

    2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Congrats to Matze for the monster trap! Great to see the competition was popular and hope it continues next year. Thanks to all responsible for organising, running and donating prizes. I agree with Ricky.. be great to see a 5cm+ entry!
  6. Thanks Karsty, glad it is proving useful for others.
  7. The heatsink is part 1440HS from bal-group (Birmingham Aluminium). The profile is 300mm wide, 8mm thick at the base with fins rising to 40mm high. They do it to any length, so I ordered 755mm to perfectly sit atop my terrarium. Hope that makes sense... you can see a picture of the cross section on their website.. The LEDs are spaced approximately 50mm apart (horizontally and vertically in a grid).
  8. Have edited this thread so the pictures now show again.
  9. Stu

    Can't view some pictures

    Couldn't have put it better myself! It's photobucket blocking third party linking. I keep meaning to update my LED terrarium thread so people can actually see the pictures again, but can't bring myself to sit down and relink about 50 pictures one by one!
  10. A good way of protecting animals is by creating little 'bait boxes' for the pellets.... get a smallish clip lock tupperware and bore a couple of holes in the sides with a hole saw bit, not too large but large enough for the slugs (& snails?) to move in and out. Then you can load pellets in the box, close the lid and put in the greenhouse. Pets and animals won't be able to get through the small holes.
  11. Stu

    Minimum depth for a tub garden?

    60 mm or less! I have a small 'miniature bog garden' (of sorts) consisting of d.muscipula, d.muscipula 'akai ryu', d.capensis 'alba', and U.dichotoma all growing in flooded sphagnum within a 220 mm x 165 mm x 60 mm seed tray. I'll post a pic later to show what it looks like. As long as the substrate does not completely dry out, they'll be fine in very small depths. The question you need to ask yourself is how often do you want to water them... a very shallow container in full sun will need regularly topping up.
  12. Stu

    My first attempt at vft sowing.

    Have you tried blitzing the live sphagnum to a fine milled pulp? This might allow you to compress it into a relatively flat and firm surface. Not sure how quickly it'd regrow it's fronds and start pushing up though - perhaps I should experiment with this and see how it goes.
  13. Quite correct, usually it is not necessary to feed them and marginal growth improvement is in my opinion not worth the effort. If, however you have them in a naturally fly-free environment such as a closed terrarium, it may be necessary to supplement the diet manually.
  14. Stu

    Hey everyone! Newbie to the forum

    Welcome Elliott. That's quite a setup you have going already!