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  1. Drosera id

    This is definitely not D.burmannii or D.sessilifolia,if even if you purchased seeds labelled with these. Could be D.spathulata or D.venusta perhaps. Some rosetted Drosera are difficult to distinguish,at least for me.
  2. Why don´t you ask him/her personally???
  3. Germinating Nepenthes

    Nepenths-seeds germinate within 6 weeks earliest if fresh.They do so without any heating and not very much light. I always sow them on pure peat in small,clear plastic-boxes like used for salads. Just drain a few small holes in the cover. If single seeds begin to mould just remove them using tweezers.
  4. P.longifolia

    Can you post a pic of the complete wall please?
  5. Koen's pictures

    Which equipment did you use?
  6. ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    Or you ask the seller which other species grew in the near of the plant he harvested the seeds of.Maybe he still remembers that. At least you can limit the possible pollinators.
  7. I've got a big one...

    ....and a very big container to give room to the roots to spread.
  8. Late autumn color 2016

    Same as mine,thanks!
  9. Late autumn color 2016

    What temps do you currently have within the night?

    I´m at a loss for words! These offenses are a case for an advocate.That´s no fun anymore.
  11. Cephalotus Autumn Colour

    How did you grow a leaf-pulling within just one year to this size?
  12. Where is everyone?

    Correct! But to be honest I´m intending to enrol at fb for the cp-groups.
  13. Cephalotus typical from Charles Brewer.

    Hello Dimitar, it seems that each of your plants that grows in a relatively small pot is especially big respectively builds exceptional big pitchers. Can you confirm this? Here in germany growers propagate to use big pots for cephs,but honestly I´m not sure if this will be of a big advantage for the plants. Besides I´m thinking about repotting some of my bigger plants. When would you recommend doing so? Now or better in spring?
  14. Been asked by a friend

    One of the most beautiful cephs I´ve ever seen! I´d like to know why the plant has been potted that deep in the pot and which cfl.has exactly been used.
  15. Cephalotus vertical growing

    Hello Dimitar, very interesting kind of growth,but how can you separate the runner (in case you want to) from the motherplant without leaving the roots in the basket? Or do these also grow out of the pot,together with the rhizome or do you have to root the latter separately?