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  1. Hi I agree. This is not the place for politics. Neither is it the place to insult members who may have different views to your own. Please play nicely. cheers Dennis A hypocritical, condescending,brain washed sheep and guardian reader (I'll admit to the latter)
  2. Hi 95% of the peat bogs in the UK have been destroyed and the UK imports millions of cubic metres of peat each year principally from Eire and the baltic states. Having destroyed our own peat bogs we are now supporting their destruction in other countries. There are alternatives available from sustainable sources. Tim Bailey (past chair of the CPS) has been using coir exclusively and successfully for at least ten years.and has undertaken trials using Melcourt composted fine bark. The results of the trials have yet to be written up but having seen the trial plants I think they were successful too. I have been told of one commercial grower in the UK who uses a mix of composted fine bark, sand and peat for sarracenia as it is cheaper than the usual peat and perlite mix. I have been trying this mix myself for the past year without problems and will be gradually reducing the peat content over time. The UK government's current target is to remove peat from UK horticulture by 2030. CPS supports this aim as does the RHS, RBG Kew and many other organisations. I don't see this changing after Brexit and hope that it doesn't. One of the main charitable objectives of the CPS is plant and habitat conservation. Using peat destroys CP habitats. A quick google search will provide lots of scientifically backed information. Dennis Balsdon Chair, The Carnivorous Plant Society
  3. Insektenfang was bought by James Ellis and is still operating as far as I know. Dennis
  4. His collection was sold to Chester Zoo national collection rather than donated. Dennis
  5. Hi the latest edition of Planta Carnivora is being sent out to members today. If you are expecting one but don't receive it please PM me. cheers Dennis
  6. Hi the CPS AGM is being held at East Horsley Village Hall at 1pm on Saturday 6th May. The hall will be open from 12.30pm. The address is Kingston Avenue, East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 6QT. In addition to the formal business of the AGM there will be an opportunity to see some of the talks given at the ICPS Conference, plant sales and light refreshments will be provided. Dennis
  7. Hi there are currently no CITES restrictions on moving plants within the EU including the UK. When the UK leaves the EU that will probably change. Dennis
  8. Hi certainly not in the UK (we are not rich enough) and nowhere else as far as I know. Dennis
  9. Hi Phil is a long time member of the UK CPS. He is currently one of the trustees. Dennis
  10. Hi the CPS is going to run a field trip to Dorset and the new forest later in the year. You will be able to see all native drosera and pinguicula, many utrics and some sarracenia introductions. Details will be on our website ( in due course. cheers Dennis
  11. Mike's website is at: Dennis
  12. Hi the conference video is going through post production editing. The finished video will be the property of the ICPS (not the UK CPS). I guess it will go to those who attended the conference but any wider distribution will be up to the ICPS. cheers Dennis Balsdon Chair The Carnivorous Plant Society
  13. Hi where do you get your seeds from? Dennis
  14. Hi Just a reminder about the end of season meeting at Winterbourne on Saturday. See Richard's earlier post for details. I will be showing some pics of the conference, field trip etc, Mith Raymond will be giving a talk on his recent trip to the Tepui of S. America, Chris Crow will be be there with his usual wide selection of plants for sale and there will be a large plant auction. Every attendee will receive a free gift (don't get too excited)! Cheers Dennis
  15. Hi the CPS will be hosting a field trip in the New forest and Dorset in mid 2017. Details later. cheers Dennis Balsdon Chair