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  1. Kew Gardens- Behind the scenes.

    Hi we are waiting for a response from Kew. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. CDennis
  2. CPS new membership

    The membership secretary has been away from home on a training course and is now catching up. Dennis
  3. Any further news of this year's EEE? Dennis
  4. A Bristol Carnivorous plant group

    Hi the Carnivorous Plant Society arranges around 15 open days each year across the UK. We haven't had an event around Bristol for some years and would welcome one now. If you are a member of the society your event(s) would be advertised on our website (, in our newsletters and on this forum. There may even be some financial support available. In addition we provide grants to other CP related conservation organisations, have stands at RHS Chelsea flower show, other RHS shows and CP weekends at RHS gardens, our Journal Planta Carnivora is published twice a year and our Newsletter also twice a year, we have one of the world's largest seed banks, arrange talks at Horticultural Societies and Garden clubs and fund this forum. You can join via our website. UK membership costs £20 pa. cheers Dennis Balsdon Chair, the Carnivorous Plant Society
  5. Hi the latest edition of Planta Carnivora (the journal of the UK Carnivorous Plant Society) was mailed yesterday. If you don't receive your copy please contact me by PM or through the contact page on our website ( regards Dennis Balsdon Chair
  6. Hi The Carnivorous Plant Society is holding its End of Season Meeting on Saturday 16th September from 1pm to 5pm at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TR, . (Note: this is a different location to Winterbourne Gardens we have held previous meetings at). Entry to the gardens is free to CPS members with an up to date membership card. The society will have a large plant display which will be open to the public. Talks will include Mike King on his new greenhouses and his use of Melcourt products, a video of a talk at the ICPS conference entitled "The Search for Carnivorous Seaweeds"(!) and one on Spiders and Ants and Termites and Bats and Tree Shrews and Nepenthes. Chris Crow will have a comprehensive range of plants for sale. On Sunday the Gardens are hosting the Edgebaston Tricentenary Festival. In conjunction with the festival the plant display and plant sales will be open to the public and we will be giving public introduction to CP talks. Entry to the festival is free but you must apply for tickets in advance to cheers Dennis
  7. Hi this weekend the CPS is putting on a CP event at RHS Wisley this weekend. The Society will be putting on a comprehensive plant display, the Society and Chris Crow will have a large selection of plants for sale and there will be introductory level talks on CPs generally. Carnivorous Plant Society members get free entry on production of a membership Card. cheers Dennis
  8. CPS Charitable Activities

    Hi Mark the CPS' charitable objective (which are shown in our society rules on our website) is: To advance the education of the public in the study of carnivorous plants and to promote the conservation of such plants. We do this by having a website with lots of information, having stands at major RHS shows (Chelsea and Tatton Park this year), holding CP weekends at RHS and other gardens (RHS Rosemoor, RHS Harlow Carr, RHS Wisley, the National Botanical Garden of Wales and Birmingham Botanical Garden this year), giving talks to garden clubs and other organisations, publishing journals and newsletters and participating in media programmes/events. We also have a conservation fund which was considerably boosted following our hosting last year's ICPS conference at Kew. We use this fund to make financial contributions to various conservation activities. In the past these have included a grant toward the maintenance of the S. rubra Ark (held by Mike King) and we have made a largish grant to the Nepenthes Ark and expect to provide further grants to it in the future. We also provide advice to and source plants for other charitable institutions who are seeking to create or expand their CP collections including most recently the Eden Project. A list of some of our other conservation activities is shown on our website under conservation. The vast majority of the work associated with meeting our charitable objectives are undertaken by the small group of enthusiasts who form our committee. If and when you decide to rejoin the Society we would welcome your participation. best regards Dennis Balsdon Chair, the Carnivorous Plant Society
  9. I'm obviously out of date then. Dennis
  10. Hi what people like Mike King are using is Melcourt's composted fine bark. Dennis
  11. Bug sprays?

    Bug Clear vine weevil killer is very effective against mealy bug, and other nasties on sarracenia. The only problem is that it is a systemic insecticide, and will kill flies going for the nectar - often before they fall into the trap. Dennis
  12. nurseries around newquay cornwall

    Hi I guess you will be travelling down the A30. In which case you could call in at Chris Crow's near Okehampton on the way down/back. If you wasn't to do this, PM me as I'll give you his contact email address. cheers Dennis
  13. RHS Harlow Carr CP weekend 13 & 13th August

    Great stuff Stephen! Dennis
  14. Hiya, from Glasgow

    Welcome back. There are quite a few members from Scotland. Dennis