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  1. Caterpillar!

    May be silver y moth catterpillar. chris
  2. Giraffe's Knees flowering

    Individual leaves pulled off root and form new palnts of zamioculcas chris
  3. Does anybody else grow bamboo

    I now only have the black bamboo, and they are seedlings from a now passed plant that flowered. All the others i have had have eventually had to be removed due to bullying... chris
  4. Welwitschia

    Yes, the early growth is very suceptible to sudden death, they nned csrefully watching. the bromeliad is Broccinia reducta. chris
  5. Welwitschia

    They re in a south facing velux window, lots of sun. I think the biggest (a boy) is about 20 years old, the others about 15. I lost a number due to greenhouse electricy (main supply) failures so they live inside. i grew avout 40 from seed but none i think except these survive. Nice plants, grown in gritty compost, watered regularly. regards chris
  6. Welwitschia

    Here are three i grew from seed, lost some due to rot, some due to heater malfunction nad these ar the survivors, ome with three leaves.....impossible eh..
  7. Puya sp. RH1809

    Thanks Gaz and Dan, the flower head is feeling like it may be self fertile so hopefully seeds will set. If I can get enough it will be tried outdoors for hardiness. chris
  8. Puya sp. RH1809

    Flowerd in a small pot, if anyone knows the species name please let me know. chris
  9. Altys in preston have melcourt growbark pine in stock, delivery is reasonable, if you want to enquire try 01772 812176. chris
  10. First CP to bloom this year

    Ikea do a range of ceramic white pot holders that are ideal if drilled. Very cool due to the material and the colour, and cheap. chris
  11. Auto vent.. faulty or not

    Do not attach them directly, use wire to attach them ti the fram and the window vent, this gives you more room to manoever. c
  12. How do you grow your "Marl Bog" purpureas?

    Is there a reference to the cross transplanting of purps in the two soils please?many thanks chris Edit to add that I have found it, though some of hte figures look somewhat odd. Chris
  13. How far north does mistletoe grow?

    Some colonies of mistletoe around chester, and I have the euphorbia mistletoe int the greenhouse. Chris
  14. Disa Orchids

    Hi Ron, I've found then easy to grow among sarracenias, which afford some shade and humidity. Same compost and frost free. Seed is an option, I get quite a lot of volunteers. Chris