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  1. Thanks Gaz and Dan, the flower head is feeling like it may be self fertile so hopefully seeds will set. If I can get enough it will be tried outdoors for hardiness. chris
  2. Flowerd in a small pot, if anyone knows the species name please let me know. chris
  3. Altys in preston have melcourt growbark pine in stock, delivery is reasonable, if you want to enquire try 01772 812176. chris
  4. Ikea do a range of ceramic white pot holders that are ideal if drilled. Very cool due to the material and the colour, and cheap. chris
  5. Do not attach them directly, use wire to attach them ti the fram and the window vent, this gives you more room to manoever. c
  6. Is there a reference to the cross transplanting of purps in the two soils please?many thanks chris Edit to add that I have found it, though some of hte figures look somewhat odd. Chris
  7. Some colonies of mistletoe around chester, and I have the euphorbia mistletoe int the greenhouse. Chris
  8. Hi Ron, I've found then easy to grow among sarracenias, which afford some shade and humidity. Same compost and frost free. Seed is an option, I get quite a lot of volunteers. Chris
  9. Thanks -eventUally manged to turn of that option (it was reluctant to leave lol) and now it is working again Best regards Chris
  10. Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply. I have Forums, New Since my last visit, Items I started ticked - I have tried other time options like last 6 months - no joy. This is happening on a pc and ipad. chris
  11. I'm still suffering from this problem, Richard - can you let me know what the solution was please. thanks chris
  12. Could be peperomia P. ferreyrae or similar Chris
  13. It is water pennywort - a serious weed in the wrong area (like my outdoor bog). chris
  14. Hi Stephen, I agree that it will not acidify the water much, but the tannin will combine with some of the calcium and precipitate out. Adrian used sulphuric acid, I have used phosporic acid in the past - neither should be used by anyone not trained to deal with these acids as they are highly corrosive. chris
  15. One thing that may help is to fill the water butts with tap water, allow it to stand at least overnight (gets rid of the excess chlorine), and to hang a bag (stocking or pantihose is ideal) of peat in the butt overnight - this will help to absorb some of the hardness and an acidify the water somewhat - when done use the peat on the garden. chris