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  1. Netjer

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Ventricosa x ovata is gorgeous - I really like that. Ventricosa x (maxima x talangensis) is really nice too, definitely one of my favourite 'tubby' neps. I think my issue with ventricosa hybrids in general seems to be that I really do like the toothier plants but the ventricosa parentage often seems to detract from that in a lot of hybrids. That said, that's just my personal taste and shouldn't at all detract from other people's preferences. EDIT: Also, I've been reading a lot lately about how easy nepenthes khasiana is to grow. I've not grown one myself but it could at least be worth looking into.
  2. So I'm considering picking up a cephalotus in a couple of weeks and have a couple of questions: 1) My plant will be growing indoors on a south/south-west facing windowsill and in winter the temperatures can be around 8-10 degrees whilst I'm at work or asleep. I know cephs can handle temperatures lower than this and do appreciate a winter rest but is this potentially too cold for too long? 2) With nepenthes I've often seen it suggested that younger plants acclimatise to a new environment better than mature plants. Is this the case at all with cephs or am I better getting a more mature plant? Also, if anyone wants to share their watering experiences and tips I would definitely appreciate the input! Thanks for reading.
  3. Netjer

    Nepenthes for beginners

    I'll throw out a vote for Nepenthes x Bill Bailey. I've only had mine for a couple of weeks but so far it seems to be adapting to its new home well - only one of the original pitchers has died and the whole plant is growing fast enough to notice the difference every couple of days. The pitchers are absolutely gorgeous as well, which I don't find to be the case with most other widely available ventricosa hybrids.
  4. Netjer

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    I love the Spectabilis colouration on that, absolutely gorgeous. What sort of conditions have you got it growing in?
  5. How about the VFT? I guess with that in particular I can leave it standing on a gravel tray for a day or so after to drain the soil a bit if need be.
  6. So I'm hopeful that the SB will have done the job. In case it hasn't though I want to get my head around submerging the plants. Would I need to completely remove them from the growing medium or could I just submerge the entire pot?
  7. Thank you both for the replies. I've gone for the SB - I used it late last night and then again this morning, will apply another spray this evening. If this doesn't work I'll try soaking them, though I'm worried I've stressed the plants enough already. I'm just thankful my nep and darlingtonia haven't been affected!
  8. Yeah that's what I was expecting. Is a third spray likely to cause problems for the plants?
  9. I used it at full strength and gave the plants a good soaking with it.
  10. Netjer

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    I've only just seen this, but some great pictures here David. I've only seen glimpses of some of the CP displays from BBC and social media, so it's great to see these. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I think I must have aphids which have a resistance, as I sprayed once and found quite a few more a couple of days later (prompting the second spray). The fact that I'm now finding them again, albeit in much lower numbers, has got me a bit worried.
  12. Bit of an update - I've moved the sarracenia and VFT to a room with no plants in to limit any spread of the aphids. The window only gets a few hours of sunlight per day which isn't ideal, but I guess I don't have many other options. I had a bit of a wait for the SB plant invigorator so gave in and picked up some Provado. The first treatment seemed to slow the aphids down quite a bit and after a second treatment I'm now seeing one or two of the little pests on each plant every day or two. I'm manually removing these as I find them. Is it worth trying the SB to finish them off for good or is it likely to do more damage with the plants having had a couple of doses of Provado so recently? Alternatively, am I best just keeping on with the manual management? Ideally I want to get the plants back to my sunny windowsill, but I really don't want to put my nepenthes at risk. On a positive, both seem to be putting out healthy new growth, though they have understandably slowed a bit.
  13. Netjer

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    I think the obsession has already set in. I've got space for one plant left on my sunny windowsills and I think it's likely to be either a VFT Grun or a cephalotus, but another nep is very tempting! I might see how I get on with this one and then go for something a little more unusual for my next one. And that pitcher is gorgeous - very nice!
  14. Thanks for the reply linuxman, I'll get some Provado ordered tonight. I think I'll treat the VFT as well, but I'll avoid treating the nep unless I really have to as I only got it last week and don't want to aggravate it any more than I have to whilst it's acclimatising to its new home.
  15. So, I came home today to find my s. purpurea covered in aphids. I've manually removed as many as I can but I'm sure there are a lot more lurking around so I want to treat further. A couple of quick questions: 1) Are there any insecticides you guys recommend? (bonus points if it's available on Amazon!) 2) The plant has a lot of dew from them on it, any tips on removing this? 3) There is already some black mold which has formed on some of the pitchers, obviously where I hadn't noticed dew. Should I be doing anything about this? 4) The plant is kept on a windowsill next to my N. Bill Bailey and VFT. Neither are showing signs of aphids at the moment but is it worth treating them as well? Thank you in advance for any help.