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  1. I know its small but what would you guess it was? Its actually one of my BE3664 N.spectabilis x N.veitchii
  2. Zerbirus

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Yes khasiana accepts a wide range of temperatures but its endangered so not a lot of people stock it, prefers lowland temps but ive read it surviving 8c nights fine. I went against the idea of getting one with my last wistuba order from someone who told me theirs died after a year for no reason but ive been thinking about raising them from seed, if it wasnt for my lowland chamber being packed with seeds as it is edit: forgot to post this yesterday blocky71 - maxima, it looks like maxima, eymae and maxima also got confused at borneo exotics and eymae were sold as maxima due to the similarities of the lower pitchers
  3. Zerbirus

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    Is that a clone or seed grown? I dont particularly like the chocolate lime colouration of spectabilis hybrids (something im coming to terms with with maximas) but the botom pitcher has a really nice contrast between the peristome and body One of my ventricosa x inermis pitchers next to its 2 basals which is my favorite ventricosa hybrid im growing right now and is really easy to grow too
  4. Zerbirus

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Just have to find the right one Ventricosa x Inermis (really nice), ventricosa x dubia (i have 3, get tempted then forget i already have them), ventricosa x (maxima x talangensis), ventricosa x ovata (when BE restocks), ventricosa x spectabilis (hit and miss seed grown)
  5. Zerbirus

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Should be a very deep purple which comes from the singalana parentage and comes through in several singalana hybrids, might just be darkening over time
  6. Zerbirus

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    Cephalotus and vft like more light than nepenthes and of course a vft will require winter dormancy. Mexican pinguiculas should do well in the same environment and are great for these pesky gnats we keep getting recently as well as fruit flies. I'm sure once your nepenthes leafspans increase, that space for 1 more plant will quickly disappear so a short vft, ceph, ping, rosette drosera or alike will fit in fine underneath as time goes by.
  7. Zerbirus

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    I love the ruby red or blood red peristomes ventricosa can bring to singalana and ramispina, i prefer the hybrids of both in general. Now to let them grow and keep your mind off of buying more in the meanwhile or it'll become an obsession. :) If you dont mind the obsession however, my hants rob x (aristo x spec) which I recommended has a nice big new pitcher.
  8. Zerbirus

    Nepenthes veitchii advice

    Best to move once theyre about an inch wide which is now. I dont think theres any sure way to do it. Im sure the humidity in your terrarium is higher than your windowsill so you might need to lower it using a bag or cover with holes. My highland nep seedlings are smaller than yours atm so I dont have any first hand experience to give. I dont want to say just take them out and they'll be fine as theyre so small so theyll adjust easily, just in case, but from what ive read it can be done.
  9. Zerbirus

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    10c nights are a little on the low for those, 12-13c might perk up pitcher production. I had a ventricosa x sibuyanensis on the windowsill over winter, I had to move it as it didnt seem to like it. x rebecca soper did fine with 10c nights and x miranda.. well it killed the vine but it continued the sideshoot fine (huge leaves now) and has 2 more sideshoots next to it.
  10. Zerbirus

    What else

    Hookeriana is a lowlander hybrid so rafflesiana, mirabilis globosa, ampullaria and bicalcarata are all generally easy lowlanders to get hold of. Look for yourself https://www.carnivorousplants.co.uk/resources/nepenthes-interactive-guide/#elevation
  11. Zerbirus

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Intermediate hybrids would be your best bet to start off with, they accept a wide range of temperatures, generally dont need such low nights and have hybrid vigor. The amount of light depends on the species, lowlanders dont need as much, highlanders like a lot but generally not direct as it'll scorch the leaves. Basically if you see red dots on the leaves then lower the light, if the whole leaf or leaves go red then theye getting enough and you can lower if you dont want red leaves. https://www.hantsflytrap.com/nepenthes-monkey-cups-14-c.asp http://cpphotofinder.com/Nepenthes.html See if theres any you like and check on the cpphotofinder picture collection for that species and let us know and we'll tell you what they need.
  12. Zerbirus

    Capensis false vivipary

    Noticed this a few days ago, all on the same stalk, one even caught a fly.
  13. Zerbirus

    sarrencinia from seed

    Firstly this is the nepenthes section. Ive only gown sarracenia from seed once and they take a while to get out of that small stage, 3 months is a long time without much growth though.
  14. Zerbirus

    My poor nepenthes collection :(

    I cant find it now, it was some forum topic i found months ago before ordering, all i see now are topics on high humidity, temperatures and needing a well draining media which burnt clay can help with since they suffer from root rot easily. Might be why i let mine dry out more so with my mix.
  15. Zerbirus

    My poor nepenthes collection :(

    There have been 100% pumice media and similar but its not the easiest to control with watering. All of these hybrids are really easy to grow in sphagnum mixes with perlite and whatever else you fancy so theres no point in over-complicating things. There really isnt much to go wrong with wick style humidifers since the wick will draw just enough water unlike the floating ones which rust the insides or i presume short out the insides as i saw black on the disc of one. You could get one with its own container for £10 like the fishtank one, has good reviews and was my next step if the bottlecap one broke which it didnt. A quick tip with ultrasonic humidifiers is if you use tap water, most impurities wont make it far from the humidifier but next to plants i'd use low ppm water. With bottles, if algae builds up with rain water you can replace the bottle and clean the wick (or use hydrogen peroxide). You can buy replacement wicks but ive never needed to. Theyre also low power usage, i think mine uses 0.3a if i remember the review correctly which showed how it worked.