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  1. Oddworld1000

    Hi everyone

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. You’ve got a nice collection there. You’re patient to start CP’s in winter but should finally start to see some growth now as spring takes hold. The plants I keep in the porch have woken up and pushing up new pitchers, the sarra. outside is still dormant. The D. Aliciae does not look like it has much dew, it may just be the picture. How long have you had it? It could still be in shock from being placed in its new home, it will take longer to recover in winter. If it is lacking dew then try increase the amount of sun it gets, as much full sun as possible. Keep it moist, this time of year my plants are sitting in water trays again. Also try to increase the humidity, not sure if you have central heating in your conservatory which may be drying it out. The Nepenthes looks healthy though, the new pitchers on the end of the leaves will normally shrivel away if the humidity is to low. Are you tempted to split the aliciae? What peat moss and water are you using?
  2. Oddworld1000

    Mimosa pudica

    Hi Swizzy, I cannot see your pictures, the album is empty. Mimosa Pudica was a lawn weed when I was living in South Africa, not so great when bare foot as they have thorns. We hardly ever watered or fed the lawn so it was normally pretty dry and mimosa thrived, even through the summers and droughts. They had tough deep roots and were hard to weed out. You can tell when mimosa is to dry as the leaves close up and droop down but they should lift back up and open again when watered. I did dig some up at times and pot them, from my experience they seemed to prefer a bigger pot with sandy soil and being kept slightly on the dry side. Full sun too. I had them so dry at times the leaves would turn to powder when rubbed but they would sprout new growth when watered. I could push them to the limit as I had a lawn full to replace them with. I had loads of problems when I tried growing them in a damp, loam rich soil, they would loose their leaves and slowly rot. That’s just my experience. I’ve never tried to grow them indoors as a house plant. I suspect they need a bigger, deeper root system to survive the dry periods.
  3. Hi, I’ve recently started trying to grow my plants in LFSM but not sure I’m preparing it right. The first time I just removed the sticks and bits then lightly pressed it into the pot.I found the long strands annoying when planting. The second time I cut up the moss a bit and then again lightly pressed it into the pot. It was easier to work with but not sure if it draw up the water properly. These have been used for seeds and my d. Adelae which is just regrowing from its roots so it’s to early to tell how well the moss is working. So my question is how fine should I chop up the moss, if at all, and how firmly should I pack it into the pots? thanks Nigel
  4. Oddworld1000

    Hi All!

    Hi Niki, welcome to the forum. I like your pots. Your heli is looking great. Do the plants get much sun with the curtains open?
  5. Oddworld1000

    how to get rid of moss

    How long should the pot be flooded for? I imagine a few hours flooding would not have much affect. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Oddworld1000

    Utricularia reniformis

    Great plant Tom. I’d written off growing Utric’s like these as I don’t have a terrarium or grow lights. I’m encouraged to hear your experience and will now try growing this at some stage.
  7. Oddworld1000

    Plantsman89's Greenhouse

    Wow, now that’s commitment. And there I was feeling proud of myself for just buying a 25l plastic jerrycan.
  8. Oddworld1000

    Help with ID please

    Hi Tracy, yes it is a lovely sundew. Wish I could grow one of those but tuberous sundews are a no go for me at this stage. I can only keep what will grow on a windowsill or outside. Maybe I’ll get a terrarium or grow lights at some stage in the future. Thanks for the info tuberousdrosera. It could be Stolonifera. Initially I thought it was a flat plant growing close to the ground but looking at the pic now it does look like the branches are turned up. Not sure about the central flower stall, maybe Ramulosa? I found another pic from a 2014 post by Lucien01700. Hope Lucien does not mind me reposting, he has some fantastic plants.
  9. Oddworld1000

    Help with ID please

    Hi everyone, this is not one of my plants but I wish it was. I found this image on Pinterest but it did not say what it is in the caption. Could somebody let me know what it is and a bit about it. Is it tuberous, temperate or tropical. thank you.
  10. Oddworld1000

    First buds

    Thanks blocky, sad news though. Something also liked my new pitchers and ate them as a midnight snack a couple nights ago, I did find a tiny slug in the VFT pot yesterday. There are new pitchers pushing up again so hopefully found the culprit. This is a small division I took last year and kept in the porch to get a head start on the growing season. The mother plant spent the winter outdoors and is still dormant. How are your buds getting on? Hopefully the weather has been kind to you and they are developing well.
  11. Oddworld1000

    First buds

    Woohoo, happy days. I noticed this evening that my Sarra is also pushing up two new pitchers, one on each growing point. This is kept in my porch which gets cold at night but the water trays have never frozen. Will move it outside once the frost threat has disappeared. Will most likely leave it outside next winter.
  12. Oddworld1000

    Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    I think you are right Karsty. I’m quite good a spotting ground orchids which are not in flower (finding, not necessarily ID’ing), they just stand out from everything around them. I will eventually get one of each dew to compare but I recently brought a mixed batch of 250 drosera seeds to boost my collection. Currently have only 1 d. Adelae which I got bare root in January, the crown turned to mush but it’s sprouting from the roots. Need to find out what seeds grow and sort out space and water before I buy anymore plants. Might have intermedia or anglica in the mix already. Might be harassing everyone for help with plant IDs in a few months. We have some customers in the new forest so I’ll take my wellies with me next time I’m down there and go exploring on the way back. Thanks for the info to kisscool, I’ll try time my field trip for when they are flowering and check where the scapes emerge.
  13. Oddworld1000

    Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Definitely a “plant of the month” winner, hands down.
  14. Oddworld1000

    Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Wow, that is an incredible plant. Great camera work too. I’ve always preferred the typical form as I like the contrast of the red and green. Eden black has never appealed to me but I’ve just been converted. I’d love to have a plant of that quality in my collection. Will have to start shopping for one now. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.
  15. Oddworld1000

    Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    Thank you for your comments Karsty and Carambola. The painting are a really nice illustration of the UK sundews. The problem with trying to differentiate by size is that it may be a large mature intermedia or small young anglica. Looks like the seed or pollen may be the best way to tell the difference (whatever the image to the side of each plant is), not very useful for field ID though. I’ll pay closer closer attention to the leaf growth and habitat next time I visit. There were sundews everywhere, even on the edges of the tyre tracks along the forestry path, which was quite a way from the water. Can’t remember if they were flat or upright growing dews though, it was five years ago. I’ll take my macro lense on my next trip and post some pics. Hopefully the u. Vulgaris will be in flower again.