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  1. Maxsea fertilizer 16-16-16

    I've read it's done in the UK also but can't for the life of me find the thread about it and I looked on here for over an hour last night trying to find it
  2. Aliens and there plants

    Wow. Are you sure it's not an alien smoking weed?
  3. Cephalotus outside is this with a cover or without as I didn't think they would last outside in a UK winter
  4. What to do with drying out and moldy plants

    Powdery mildew is the mold in the pictures. This is caused by the soil being too wet and not enough air flow, to combat this from happening again keep the plants dryer in wintertime and somewhere that has a better airflow.
  5. Hi

    Hello and welcome,
  6. M

    Nope the next letter is definitely P
  7. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Cheers for those two, interesting watching. You learn something new every day
  8. Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    If you wouldn't mind yes that'd be cool and interesting thanks
  9. Hello

    Hello and welcome. Savage garden is a great read and just one of a number of good books on carnivorous plants. I'm sure you will enjoy growing the plants and watching your collection grow as you become more used to their needs and requirements Karl
  10. Could you possibly tell me what do you all use as a fungicide as well as good air flow to prevent botritis on your collections as this will be my first year putting the plants in an unheated porch/conservatory type of thing. Before this year I have left them in an unheated room wherever they slowed down in growth but never really stopped, but we have recently moved house so now have a porch to put them in and was wondering how to help them make it through the dormant season safely. The plants are darlingtonia, sarracenias, drosera and a Venus fly trap. Thanks Pirks
  11. My peat bog

    Good looking garden, im now trying to persuade my wife why we need one of these
  12. Hello!

    Hello and welcome
  13. Hello!

    Hello and welcome and as tatter has said shops water their plants with hose pipes generally as they don't a) know as any better or b) don't care as most will be sold before it becomes noticeable on the plant
  14. Fly traps going dormant!

    They look very well against the moss in the pot don't they
  15. Darlingtonia still looking well

    I thought when you don't see any more new growth then it's going into dormancy