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  1. pirks

    Cephalotus vertical growing

    Have you any more information you could give us please, position of the maxim? how do you keep it wet? is it grown in a terrarium? Thank you
  2. pirks

    Vitax Irish peat

    Which brand is a peat only mix that we can use with No fertilizers added anymore as it seems I need to get at least a 10 year stock in
  3. As Blocky71 said your latest link works perfectly but the earlier ones unfortunately didn't. Please keep us updated on this if you don't mind Karsty
  4. Karsty no pics have come up. Did you manage to wipe them out? If so I will buy in the insecticide you used as I just found a damn spider mite on my plant this morning. Last time I had these I struggled so much to get shut I ended up getting rid of the plants in the end.
  5. Well that may work but spray them outside as it could be a little toxic for you and wear disposable gloves just in case. Fingers crossed you kill them
  6. Try the bcss forum again, there's a new post from iann about the spider mites so you can get shut of the buggers for once and all but could cost a few quid from reading between the lines but will kill the lot of them
  7. Just noticed your post asking about them on bcss, I will certainly be on the look out for them now. Hope you manage to wipe the little sods out.
  8. Could you get rid of the infected plants or are they not easy to come by? You've got me worried, I read they weren't in this country
  9. pirks

    My venus wont close :/

    How did the plants get this? Not supposed to be in this country from what I've just read up about it
  10. pirks

    My venus wont close :/

    South facing window? Only use rainwater, not boiled tap water or bottled water although distilled water can be used but could get expensive when we live in a country as wet as the UK. Put a bucket outside and use the rainwater collected from that to water the plant.
  11. pirks

    Kew Gardens- Behind the scenes.

    I would definitely be up for this and could also make a mini break of it with a stay in the London area which would entice the other half to come also.
  12. pirks

    Maxsea fertilizer 16-16-16

    I've read it's done in the UK also but can't for the life of me find the thread about it and I looked on here for over an hour last night trying to find it
  13. pirks

    Aliens and there plants

    Wow. Are you sure it's not an alien smoking weed?
  14. Cephalotus outside is this with a cover or without as I didn't think they would last outside in a UK winter
  15. pirks

    What to do with drying out and moldy plants

    Powdery mildew is the mold in the pictures. This is caused by the soil being too wet and not enough air flow, to combat this from happening again keep the plants dryer in wintertime and somewhere that has a better airflow.