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  1. Hello!

    Hello and welcome
  2. Hello!

    Hello and welcome and as tatter has said shops water their plants with hose pipes generally as they don't a) know as any better or b) don't care as most will be sold before it becomes noticeable on the plant
  3. Fly traps going dormant!

    They look very well against the moss in the pot don't they
  4. Darlingtonia still looking well

    I thought when you don't see any more new growth then it's going into dormancy
  5. My cephalotus follicularis are looking healthy!

    Looking very well, are they not going into dormancy yet
  6. Rain Rain Rain

    Once had to buy in 25 litres of reverse osmosis liquid as I was running low, hoping I won't ever have to again. Work used to have one of these units but skipped it around 6 months before I asked to use it. They had no use for it anymore so just got rid of it argh!
  7. Pitcher plant species

    I wouldn't repot it until it goes dormant as they have a tendency to sulk sometimes and slow to regrow if repotted during the growing season. Why do you want to repot it anyway? Sarracenias don't mind being slightly overcrowded
  8. My sarracenia purpurea seeds have germinated!

    Fantastic looking seedlings
  9. cephalotus follicularis on sale locally

    hilarious but true
  10. Hello

    Hello and welcome, you haven't said what carnivorous plants you have in your collection. Also temperate amphibians?
  11. You obviously know your way around a camera with those pictures, stunning colours and very nice plants