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  1. At the store i found large packs of cotton fibres along with heads and stems which are fluffy and doesn't seem to compact, it's used for rodents so probably free of any additives. Would this be suitable to grow CP in ? anyone experience with unprocessed cotton ?
  2. Hello everyone , i''m new to this forum. I'm experienced with all kinds of plants for the last 16 years especially cacti, lately i started growing carnivorous plants because of increased availablity. i'm not new to carnivorous plants but i rather be humble and ask questions to make sure im doing it the right way.....My questions are : 1. is coconut coir (or chips ) suitable for carnivorous plants, i have been growing bromelia in a coconut coir mix but bromelia have higher salt tolerance than carnivorous plants ? bromelia are looking good ( in this mix for 1.5 years) does this mean i can use this brand of coconut coir for carnivorous plants or would it still contain too much nutrients ? 2. Can i grow carnivorous plants in pine bark (pinus sylvestris bark ) or will it turn into a mush ? 3. Can i water tolerant species like nepenthes and Pinguicula with water filtered by a brita filter ? dH of my tap water is 7.7 and the pH is 7.96 .... would the plants survive if i flush the pot with distilled water every 3 or 4 weeks ? Can i mist my plants with water filteren by brita filter ? 4. What are the minimum temperatures of N.ventrata , ventricosa and alata ? 5. What is the biggest creature your carnivorous plant devoured ?