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  1. Hello good night,

    I wanted to know if u hace some darlingtonia californica yet.

    Im from Spain and i wanted to know too if you have photos and shipping cost!



    Good afternoon,

    I've been watching your plants post and would be interested in a few.

    -Utricularia dichotoma

    -Utricularia blanchetii

    -Utricularia parthenopipes

    -Dionaea sawtooth

    I'm from Spain and I would also like to know how I would pay you and the shipping costs.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Problems with sarracenias

    Thanks for the answer, I have bought a systemic insecticide to try it. i hope not to be a virus and this insecticide kill this pest and don’t damage my plants, my dionae is beginning to have spots too... thanks another time!
  4. Problems with sarracenias

    Good afternoon, i have had some problems with my sarracenias, i have one S.flava and one S.stevensii that now seems to not be so good. I dont know if winter is coming or its something of autumn or hibernation, im living in madrid. They have too much spots and brown parts like bites of insects, i have found sometimes little spider webs, some night i have seen flying white flies... i dont know what it is...if is some insect or some fungus or some virus... i have used potasium soap and neem oil and nothing seems to work... have someone the same problem? Lots of thanks! love this forum! Sarracenia Flava 6 Sarracenia stevensii