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  1. Our Sarracenia haul for the year

    There have been a few late arrivals, Could not resist a few from HannahRs trades, first trade on here and really pleased to have the following with us, first a lovely S. Flava var. Atropurpurea, Blackwater, this is the first mature Sarracenia I set my eyes on so over the moon to have this plant. Then two Leucos, 'Schnell's Ghost' and L43 Leuco Pink Upper Tube, both stunners and really happy we are a bit more Leuco round here, three types of happy thank you Hannah J Onwards we have Cedric, I have just sourced from the uk really so far so of course I want to source from further a field too and I feel a big part of horticulture is experiencing and seeing what growers are up too around the world, I wanted to start with our French friends what with being able to see them with a trampoline and some binoculars. First an S.x Moorei Wilkerson's White knight, North Walton Country, Florida. A beautiful plant and I could not resist, I wrestle, I lose. Added to keep it company on the journey and my first Rugeii was a Flava var. Rugelii anthocyanin-free, I like green and the af’s! Cedric must of thought these may be lonely still and very kindly added an S. Flava var. ornata very fine heavy veins, Green Swamp, NC, our first ornata too. Thank you Cedric J Then we got ourselves into a bit more of a pickle, we saw some seeds from Cedric as well so this is much more exciting for us! I have to confess we have a few to sow already but these could not be ignored, I missed out on one cross with SL79 but got the others we were after. Wanted to save a few years with some WWK crosses so went for some of those and we love our Leucos so had to choose a few of those too. SL69 S. leucophylla -- Stocky white top,Citronelle,AL,(PW) L02 MK x SXM18 S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's white knight SXM30 S.x Moorei -- Very large, Norman Parker(H92,MK) x SXM18 S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's white knight SXM18 S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's white knight x SL51 S. leucophylla -- Burgundy’Red & White SL25 S. leucophylla -- pink lip, Appalachicola National Forest x SL79 S. leucophylla -- Red & white, large form. Ian Salter, 2006, (L87,MK) SL74 S. leucophylla -- Perdido, AL. Green & white top, W, (SM), (L45,MK) x SXM61 S.x Moorei -- “Timothy King” SL13 S. leucophylla -- large pink lipped,Apalachicola x SXM54 S.x Moorei -- "Conecuh, Covington Co. AL SL16 S. leucophylla -- 'Cronus' (Titan tm) x SL62 S. leucophylla -- "purple lips" (Phil Faulisi) SL69 S. leucophylla -- Stocky white top,Citronelle,AL,(PW) L02 MK x SX131 S. leucophylla x oreophila, Karen will usa Supposed to be 25 seeds of each and that would be a few trays full but thanks to Cedrics generosity I think we have to allow eight trays which means much more pickle all round. It also means double the chances of finding a nice one or two and just a very exciting bunch of lottery tickets basically. Very excited to see what the world has for us there, not so much in the hunt for an individual but more the story and the surprise and just being able to witness the natural diversity, it might all end in the compost bin but it might end in a few unique plants too! So we have a few here now settling in ready for the new growing season and we definitely have our first years seeds, already I am thinking more water butts… Dean
  2. Our first year with VFTs

    Hello France and Manchester :) Thank you Lucien but yes as Alexis says I think I am safe with the source here and the standard I have potted on using just peat so that would be my own fault already! The others I was going to let grown on next season as they are happy in the pot at the moment. I have some seeds to sow so when I have some more I will try a peat / sand mix, be nice to see any differences between media. Thanks both, Dean
  3. Report of my spore germination experiment

    Thanks so much for posting Koen, I have been having a read of a few threads in this area (can't post on them all lol) and it has provided much food for thought, I will get some responsibly sourced material and have a play in the new year, added to the ferns and random pile :) Dean
  4. Tuberous sundews 2017/2018

    Beautiful beautiful plants Lutz, you must be so proud of those! Thanks for sharing, will try to find a little tuberous friend next year to live with us :) Dean
  5. Coir sustainability

    Thanks for posting haven't seen that before. I was left a bit bemused when asking for moss peat on my travels, it was much easier buying it online rather than getting lots of funny looks. Dean
  6. Our first year with VFTs

  7. Our Sarracenia haul for the year

    Thanks Tracy, I shall try again and see how it goes, maybe after I can move on to level 2!
  8. Sarracenia

  9. VFTs

  10. Our Sarracenia haul for the year

    One hour of google photos and photo bucket and all the rest of it has yielded one photo link. I feel like my Father. Defeated by something that should be easy in 2017. I'll bang my head against the wall later but at least we have evidence of plants lol.
  11. Our Sarracenia haul for the year

    Well what can I say, we have of course fallen for all Sarracenia too, not sure we have seen any we haven't liked so that does make choosing tricky! We gave it a shot though and are very pleased to be looking after the following plants, to start we have a few from Hampshire carnivorous plants - A young Brooks hybrid – one for the big collection, with some bonus free Drosera that has yet to be identified. CV called Eva – Caught the eye at Wisley, RHS says garden merit and she’s not too tall so hopefully one to live outside here and battle the winds. Mitchelliana x leucophylla clone 1 - Chosen to live with Eva, clone 2 is taller and more colourful don’t you know so of course we felt pity lol, we are saving for clone 2! Also from Hants along with the above we have an unknown Sarracenia, was one of a pack of three plug plants from Chelsea and we haven’t a clue what that is now, it lives happily at my Sisters place though. Next plant stock was from Hewitt-Cooper Carnivorous Plants – Leucophylla f. viridescens Perdido, AL – On the big list but whatever the size a beautiful white and green. Flava CV ‘Maxima’ – One of the ones you seem to come across when having a look online, looks great and another big one too so it’s in. Leucophylla Purple & White Giant, Rt71, Nr. Althea, N FL – Well it’s giant it would seem but it’s purple too, another stunner. Oreophila, Sand Mountain, Georgia – Love this, so many we would like given space and time but this had to be in the first wave. So again we have some great plant stock to start us off but we like sowing seeds and propagating in general so we have jump started that experience a bit and we have 1500 open pollinated seeds from Chris Crow at Sarracenia Nurseries that were spotted on ebay so that should throw a few up! Saves a long old wait for us this, be a long time before we can generate such surprises ourselves so can’t wait to sow these and see what we end up with. New years day seems a popular choice for sowing and we're ready to go! Dean
  12. Our first year with VFTs

    Hi all, Like to post and show our first few VFTs, it was the youth asking about them that started our journey with carnivorous plants for us so we have a soft spot for these! Our first plant was from Hampshire carnivorous and is a standard form. We wanted one of these first just to have as a comparison to some of the others available, they seem to make a decent looking clump and we just like the look of the plant all round. Very keen on having standard anything in the collections really so no different here! The Little Shop of horrors was our next stop for plant stock and we went for the giant thing first off but also a little more variety, after much deliberation we went for – B52 – it’s big apparently, seems like a popular choice so why not, let’s have a look. Darwin – again with the big, has some interesting parents it would seem so why not, some here have a dream of catching big bugs so we have been swayed by that goal a little. All Green form - looks amazing and of course we want some variety in the plants too, even with just a four plants the green really stands out in the tray and looks stunning. So we have some plants to play with now and we will try and get a few more in the New Year but for all types of vegetative propagation we will have material to work with quite quickly really. We also want to make a couple of our own crosses at some point too so these are the first stock for that. Happily we don’t have to wait for that long to sow some seeds though and we are very happy to have some VFT seeds from Triffid. After having a quick look for a couple of hours we emptied my pockets and went for 10 each of - Switzerland Giant x Open Pollinated – A combination of the kids liking the giant bit and me liking the open pollinated bit, it’s a bit of a surprise by definition and we like that Triffid Giant TR4 – Well we’re ordering some from Triffid so let’s see what their giant is like! XL Clone x XL Clone - Sounds big lol! Really can’t wait to sow these! Have to say we were very pleasantly surprised to see two free types of Dionaea along with the ones we ordered, Green Dragon and BCP H06. Basically we have the chance to grow two more types and we are proper made up with that and the kids were over the moon when we opened them, to have four to propagate from and now five to grow from seed means this part of our collection is much better than we could have imagined now. Will work out the photo thing soon but their nothing you lot haven't seen already! We're off though and roll on 2018 :)
  13. We would of course be interested too, all sources of info have value and to those that share their knowledge and experiences we can only say thanks :)
  14. Hello from the south coast

    Ale you say?! How life should be Keith :) Apologies for the late reply, thank you for the welcome Tatter and Linuxman.
  15. 2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Well done to whoever it is, they all look great! We got some growing to do....... Dean