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  1. Hello from Sunny South Africa

    Hi Riaan, Good to see you here
  2. Small addition on that. Of course it has strong promotional value but Bill is actually a good friend of Rob and that plus the combination of a thanks for his conservation work (in Bill's case Indonsesian rainforest and specifically Urang utan projects) os the main reason he was selected and not....say Bruce Dickingson. He actually came to see us at work at the IUCN-Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group redlist workshop and attended the presentation of a botanical painting to Sir David Attenborough at the ICPS conference. Same with Dame Helen Mirren.
  3. New Carnivorous Plant Book

    Publishers website has more information: check the table of contents and the contributerslist. Lots of big guns, but expect a technical/scientific book, like a selection of specialised papers on selected topics make a complete story. Not a picture book or light reading material. Looks like at least one of my Christmas gifts will have a slow reindeer...
  4. Nepenthes clipeata Cultivation Survey

    The ICPS project is more or less silent as there are not many registrations done. However we are still working. Last year a match was made and seeds produced. The seeds got distrubuted. Ark of Life got some which went to the Hortus in Leiden for the Nepenthes Ark we have there. As a matter of fact..if any one has a male that is going to flower about mid november - mid december please contact me. I know a lonely female in Japan that will be flowering at that time. The beautiful lady in question is living for many years now in a botanical garden and was originally wild collected by that botanical garden.
  5. Rare Nepenthes project

    Hi Mathias, As Stewart has so little time we are re-setting things as a foundation in The Netherlands with an actual international board running things (as opposed to a not for profit organization with only Stewart on the books). Basically we are already a foundation (notary work is done). Right now the bank is checking the identification papers of the first 3 board members (Tim Bailey, John v.d. Werf and myself, others have agreed to join the board and will be added when things are running) so an actual bank account will be available and not just a paypal account linked to Stewart. With that Chambe of commerce can be completed. After that...we need to reactivate the dead website. It was frozen after many hacks, so we need to rebuilt that more strong. When that works I can meet the requirements for Charity status and we are off again. For the moment the plants in Leiden are doing well and we had some additions since this last post. Check out our Facebook page for that
  6. EEE tickets and the menu in English

    Registration was closed, you can try to contact John at penningmeester[at]carnivora[dot]nl, he might have some spares set aside
  7. Due to some small issues we had to make a small change in the order of the speakers. Friday 11th of August – Speakers: 12:30 - 13:00 Paul Kessler, Introduction 13:00 – 13:45 Raisal Haq, Indonesia – Nepenthacea. 14:15 – 15:00 Yupi Isnaini, Indonesia – Nepenthes; Tissue culture. 15:30 – 16:30 Christian Dietz, Germany – South African Drosera. Saturday 12th of August – Speakers: 10:30 – 11:30 Miloslav Studnicka, Czech Republic – Utricularia spec. reniformis vs cornigera. 13:30 – 14:30 Joachim Nerz, Germany – Nepenthes in habitat. 14:45 Pastry 15:30 – 16:30 Laurent Taerwe, Belgium – Nepenthes; Threats and conservation. Sunday 13th of August – Speakers: 10:30 – 11:30 Simon Poppinga, Germany – Utricularia; Trap function and movements. 13:30 – 14:30 Michael & Caroline Schöner, Germany – Nepenthes; Symbioses with bats. 15:00 – 16:00 Damien Jouen, France – Drosera Petiolaris-complex.
  8. RHS Harlow Carr CP weekend 13 & 13th August

    But for the real travellers a trip to the European meeting in The Netherlands (11-13 August) is off course mandatory.
  9. EEE tickets and the menu in English

    Don't forget to register and if you are vegetarian, please send an e-mail to Penningmeester[at]carnivora[dot]nl. No specifics on what dishes from the catering but they say they can easlily add vegetarian dishes to the two basic options already in the menu...we just need to know for how many .
  10. EEE tickets and the menu in English

    Correct, stupid typo. oops
  11. EEE tickets and the menu in English

    ???? If you mean the link, it works for me... What is not working for you Aurélien?
  12. Hi, Noticed that the registration link was a bit hidden so here it is again: Also we have a great catering for the dinner, but people asked for the menu in English, so here it is Asian buffet EEE Sate Ajam Skewered fried chicken in peanut sauce Kecap balls Balls of minced meat in Soy sauce and pickled vegetables Kaeng Kari Kai Chicken filet with potato in a spicy curry sauce Daging rudjak Beef stew in a spicy sauce with onion and chili peppers Dadar isi Stirfried egg and vegetables in tomato sauce (vegetarian) Nasi Goreng Fried rice with meat and vegetables Miehoen Goreng Fine fried rice noodles with vegetables and egg (vegetarian) Garniture with amongst others: Oriental vegetable salad, Seroendeng (a mixture of roasted coconut, peanuts and spices), prawn cracker, pickled vegetables, Sambal roedjak (mild sambal, based on grounnd red peppers, sugar and fried onion) and Sambal badjak (fried, herbal sambal) additional vegetarian dishes or specific diet can be dealt with, let us know at pennigmeester[at]carnivora[dot]nl.
  13. EEE 2017

    Promo by the botanical garden for the show that goes with the EEE
  14. teasel's carnivorous? Whether or not that makes it carnivorous depends on how wide you cast your definition of carnivory. Yes, it benefits but no enzyms or ass. predators like Roridula, no specific attraction mechanism and are the modifications to catch really mentionable?