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  1. Whether or not that makes it carnivorous depends on how wide you cast your definition of carnivory. Yes, it benefits but no enzyms or ass. predators like Roridula, no specific attraction mechanism and are the modifications to catch really mentionable?
  2. Sorry we are a bit slow. We just don't want to post anything we have no absolute confirmation on. Please keep checking this page too..It is the main page and will also give instructions on registration etc when we are ready. - EEE Eng.html
  3. Carnivorous Plant Cultivar Names Database N: $[Sarracenia ' Marston Dwarf ' {Hort.Slack}] P: Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:72 (1986) S: =[Sarracenia flava var. ornata {Hort.Bull ex Mast.}] Introducer: A.Slack Nominant: A.Slack Registrant: A.Slack HC: registration preliminary (standard missing) Description: Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:72 (1986) "The variety (sic!) [Sarracenia ' Marston Dwarf ' {Hort.Slack}] is of my own selection and has heavily veined pitchers seldom exceeding 31 cm (12 inches) in height. It soon forms clumps, and is a useful and attractive plant for small sunny windows." Propagation: vegetative division Etymology: after the introducer's establishment Marston Exotics, Somerset, England, and the small size of the plants and a picture link with the registration:
  4. No it is not registered see
  5. Proposals are will follow soon but I can tell you we didn't receive a proposal from Canada.
  6. Gert always has good plants and in all the years he is in business I have never encountered anyone with a valid claim that he didn't deal with in a very civil and adequate way when approached.
  7. Carniflora visit Carnivora will have its biennial (more or less) excursion to Carniflora in Aalsmeer again this year. A good change to look around in what is probably the largest carnivorous plant nursery in Europe and perhaps pick up a couple of plants. Ararflora is also invited by the owner so Gert will be present with his sales stand. Usually he brings some special plants As usual we invite the members of our sister societies and forums to join us. Please note that Carniflora is a whole sale nursery and NOT open to the public. This is a special event for us and we like to keep that privilege so don't attempt to visit at any other time or date!! Date: May 20th 2017 Time: 10:00 - 13:00 local ATTENTION! TIME HAS CHANGED SINCE PRE-ANNAUNCEMENT!!! Rietwijkeroordweg 35 Aalsmeer NL House rules: When you arrive you will be given some information. As you can buy a couple of plants for yourself this mainly involves which lots of plants are reserved and some general information. Apart from the remarks mentioned before you are free to have a good look at this huge nursery. Lots of people will come, so you might want to trade some plants. That is fine, but do NOT take them inside as we try to keep deceases out of the greenhouses. There is enough parking space and you can exchange plants from your car trunk. Members of Carnivora are around to help with questions.
  8. Quick reminder: proposals for the 2018 ICPS conference can be submitted for 1 more week (15th of April to be exact). Responses are coming in so if you want to compete make sure you are on time...we love it when we are spoiled with 1 or more choices as it underwrites the importance people attach to this conference (need I say I agree ? )
  9. We are working on it Mathias...but probably April before we have some real details. I know speakers where approached and that we are waiting for confirmations Just home (last night) from Panama so I have to find out first for myself how far the others got while I was away
  10. I think it is very important that everyone understand that ANYTHING you say in public is different when you take on a society job or similar. That is because it has actually happened that people got sued and as a board member, trustee or whatever judges look at you differently. overnight you are not allowed to express an opinion you could give just a day before you accepted because judges consider you to have influence on people and thus your opnion carries weight that could damage the "interests" of people disproportional. For instance: anyone can say internet company X sucks, but the risk of you getting sued is much smaller if Sheila, Dennis or say myself say so because we are considered to have influence... so in general we are very carefull, we want proof we can take to court and win before actually making detailled statements (one reason why so many scum is still around, not enough hard evidence to risk having to go to court) and at the very least we state that something is a personal opinion and not a society statement. Some countries are worse than others but we need to be carefull, this is for instance a reason why the ICPS doesn't have a bad sellers list or even an approved sellers list (because we could be forced to motivate why we don't add a certain party).
  11. Some, the registered cultivars, you can find here: It either gives a link to the article or says where it was published so you can look there. Unfortunatelly, many are either fantasy/trade names that are not registered and thus harder too find out about. Also, I spotted one mistake. Bart Blezzer, no such person. Bert Bleezer was a Dutch grower of cp's and one of the first (i'm talking the 1980's here) to sell a good selection of many species of CP's (including some of the first heliamphora) on the European private market but he has been out of CP's for decades.
  12. You don't wanna know Seriously though..Great guy, good grower, long time CPS (board) member in good standing and one of the fathers of the European Exhibition and Exchange to give the annual European meet its proper name
  13. Just a quick save the date. On the 20th of May 2017 Carnivora, the Dutch CPS, will host its (more or less) biennial visit to the Carnoflora nursery in Aalsmeer. As usual members of our sister societies are most welcome to join us. Details will follow in a couple of months, as there is no need for regsitration and no fees involved this is just a heads up.
  14. Just a small midterm reminder people: proposals for the 2018 ICPS conference in The Americas can be submitted untill the 15th of April 2017.
  15. at some point in time...yes