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  1. Please count me in! I will be coming with my chauffer (husband) and a personal assistant (son who is very interested in cps). Thanks very much, we are really looking forward to our first open day!
  2. Tracy Pearman

    Help with ID please

    I can't help you with identification I'm afraid, but that really is a nice looking drosera!
  3. Tracy Pearman

    2018's Sarracinia sowing

    Any news yet Dean? This is my first year sowing seeds too, while I have only a tiny fraction compared to yours.
  4. Tracy Pearman

    Forcing Nepenthes to pitcher?

    Nope, your latest updated photos aren't showing up for me either.
  5. Tracy Pearman

    Our Sarracenia haul for the year

    Sounds like a great start to your collection Dean. I would like to see more photos if you can.
  6. Tracy Pearman

    Nepenthes Bio-Domes now available in UK

    I noticed these popping up on ebay. Does anyone know where I can buy these preferably not ebay?
  7. Tracy Pearman

    Has anyone bought one of these off amazon before??

    Fabrice, thank you for the link. Do they sell directly to the public do you know?