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  1. Germinating orchid seeds

    Nice I guess I will sprinkle the seeds of one seed pod around the roots and I will send the other one to a website where you send orchid seed and they germinate it for you.
  2. Moorei catching it's dinner

    R.I.P fly 2017.
  3. Mike King's autumn open day 14th of October

    I’ll see if I can go
  4. Germinating orchid seeds

    Ah I see...
  5. Germinating orchid seeds

    I have a pollinated orchid producing seed pods when I harvest the seeds how do I germinate them without agar jelly (is that what it’s called??) anyway please help
  6. Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    The black seeds are aquilegia anyone know what the brown ones could be??
  7. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    Shall I contact triffid to tell them
  8. Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    The brown seeds are NOT nepenthes seed
  9. Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    Lol they were a scam
  10. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    What's a phyllodia
  11. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    Got the photo
  12. Hybrid Sarracenia identification

    The first photo looks like a sarracenia farnhamii which is a cross of leucophllya and rubra
  13. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    I post on my phone
  14. Unidentifiaed sarracenia flava hybrid

    So I recently bought a unknown sarracenia hybrid from triffid, any ideas of what it could be also I will supply a photo when I figure out how to shrink them
  15. Sphagnum in Azores