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  1. -12 in places tonight

    -2 in Sheffield just on the edge of the Pennines. We were lucky - not much snow either.
  2. Solar Fans

    Hi Werds Thanks for the advice. What size did you get? Was the solar panel big enough? I'm in the UK - don't think we get as much sun as you! I think I may need a bigger panel.
  3. Solar Fans

    Has anyone experience of solar powered fans? I was thinking it would be useful in the winter when it's windy outdide and the greenhouse needs closing up. Thereby keeping the air moving and helping to prevent mould. I know theres not much sun but its better tha nothing. Also in the summer when it's hot helping to level out temperatures. I was looking at a 12v fan with a 20w panel. My greenhouse is 6x8ft
  4. CPUK Auctions

    I'd like to add my thanks. Very much appreciate the time given to the 'cause'.
  5. Wind Problems

    Hi Alexis Thanks for the advice. There appears to loads of information on what to do when it's windy. But nothing to guide you as to what is considered windy!
  6. Wind Problems

    I have also been using 30mph as a cut off point. I have been looking at an app on my phone which gives me forecasted windspeeds hour by hour. If the app shows gusts of more than 30mph for more than an hour at a time I batten down the hatches. But am I being over cautious!!
  7. Wind Problems

    Small pause whilst you insert your own jokes!! Now my question. I've just built my first greenhouse an Elite High Eave with toughened glass and bar capping. Having had a few windy days I would like to know what wind speeds are considered too high to leave vents open. I am concerned that if I close all the vents because of wind that I am putting my plants, mostly Sarracenia, at risk of mold growth. Are winds gusting to 30 40 mph ok? Or what speeds would you suggest? All advice for a new greenhouse owner would be gratefully received.
  8. Hi from South Yorkshire

    Hi everyone thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I will be taking advantage of free advice and help. I've already learnt a lot from the forum and members.
  9. Looks like deeper is better. You can always put less water in but you can't easily add depth!! Thanks guys. Robert
  10. Turning my thoughts to staging now. I intend to build my own but how deep should the tray/lagoon? be? Robert
  11. CPUK Forum Error when accessing page

    Much better today.
  12. Just entered a competition to win a wooden greenhouse - so you never know!!
  13. Speaking as a complete novice. (I've never owned a greenhouse) I would have preferred a wooden greenhouse. They just look right and if mine had had to be in a prominent position I would have reconsidered my choice - although I'm not sure I could have afforded a wooden one. As it is, my green house will be mostly out of sight of the house hence aluminium. Purely cost in the end. Robert
  14. Thanks to everyone who has posted its been very useful I think I've got a plan now. My next problem is what to put into the green house!! But that's a nicer problem to have!! Robert