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  1. Well, this morning I was inspecting the multitude of new leaves coming out of the crown of the Drosera capensis and noticed something strange, alot of hairs on one of them. Upon closer inspection... It's putting up a flower stalk! Si, I take it my plants must be happy with their current living conditions.
  2. Looking good @bigphil1984 Your collection is growing quickly
  3. It looks okay to use. A cheap alternative is pool filter sand, also pure silica, without the price tag of a special sand. Horticultural sand is also well used. But just make sure it's not beach sand which will contain salts and pieces of see shells. And finally, whichever one you choose, wash it well, until all fine particles and dust is rinsed out that may impede drainage.
  4. CPUK Forum Error when accessing page

    Awesome! Thought my ISP was yanking my chain again...
  5. J.P.'s Asclepiadaceae

    We are currently having a last (going by weather predictions) cold snap before we officially enter Spring. So for now they are sheltered next to where I've been cultivating succulents the whole winter. I also mixed up some rooting hormone with water and dipped the cuttings before planting them in Germination Mix soil that's been misted damp with a well diluted anti-fungal solution (the cuts were already treated with Flowers of Sulphur by the person I bought them from) So by Monday as the temps pick up again I'll move them over to stronger indirect light and mist them with water more frequently. On the established plants new growth is popping up daily, so if all goes well I'll have some flower pictures to share soon.
  6. For the past couple of days I seem to only have a window of opportunity to access the forum, around this time... Most of the day I keep getting a DNS Server error and the page won't load...
  7. Can't view some pictures

    Are they PhotoBucket images? Coz that all gone for a ball of shite when they decided we need to pay for a hosting service that's been free for a very long time (I'm a 10+ year old member, until recently) Any others may have not enabled public viewing of the pictures on the hosting site.
  8. Looking awesome man!
  9. J.P.'s Asclepiadaceae

    I tried to get a wide variety from Oom Bert, as his complete list of available cuttings this season far exceeded my budget After some Google-Fu I decided on the following, and will try get the same amount from the others he has next season: Angolluma distincta Angolluma laticorona Angolluma taitica Australluma ubomboensis Caralluma burchardii Duvalia corderoyi Duvalia maculata Duvalia parviflora Duvalia sulcata ssp. seminuda Echidnopsis scutellata Edithcolea baylissiana Edithcolea grandis Huernia andreaeana Huernia guttata ssp. reticulata Huernia hystrix Huernia hystrix ssp. parvula Huernia kirkii Huernia laevis Huernia mccoyi Huernia oculata Huernia oculata Huernia procumbens Huernia schneideriana Huernia thuretii Huernia transvaalensis Huernia verekeri ssp. verekeri Huernia volkartii Huernia yemenensis Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) atrosanguineus Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) decipiens Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) decipiens (bruin/brown) Monolluma hexagona Ophionella arcuata ssp. mirkinii Orbea caudata ssp. rhodesiaca Orbea chrysostephana Orbea cooperii Orbea dodii Orbea gemugofana Orbea schweinfurthii Orbea semitubiflora Orbea semota var. lutea Orbea semota var. orientalis Orbea speciosa Orbea sprengerii ssp. foetida Orbea variegata Orbea verrucosa Orbea wissmannii var. eremastrum Orbeanthus (Orbea) conjunctus Orbeanthus (Orbea) hardyi Piaranthus comptus Piaranthus geminatus Piaranthus punctatus Stapelia cedrimontana Stapelia gettleffii Stapelia glanduliflora Stapelia grandiflora var. conformis Stapelia obducta Stapelia paniculata ssp. paniculata Stapelia paniculata ssp. scitula Stapelia similis Stapelia villetiae Stapelianthus decaryi Stapelianthus hardyi Tridentea jucunda Tridentea pachyrrhiza Tromotriche aperta Tromotriche baylisii Tromotriche gemmiflora Tromotriche revoluta Tromotriche umdausensis Now to try get them rooted and growing, as we just got hit by cold front before going into Spring, so for the next week it's predicted to fall to 3°C at night (from 12°C + the past couple of weeks) and day time peeking at 14°C until the front has passed...
  10. Another genre of Succulents that I enjoy growing for their spectacular flowers is the Asclepiadaceae. Have always been fascinated by them, and a while ago decided I need to have a go at growing them... Currently have six mature plants: Huernia sp. Huernia sp. Huernia piersii Huernia aspera Orbea semota Orbea dummeri And also various seeds from a few sources, such as Edithcolea grandis, Orbea variegata, Orbea lutea var lutea, etc... But today, received a special delivery from one of our countries most knowledgeable people in the field, Oom Bert Polling from Limpopo. Now for they wait as they get rooted, and can grow into their own colonies to produce those amazingly stinky flowers!
  11. Have rehydrated the bloodworms? Also, what size is the portion in relation to the trap? Max 1/3rd of the trap's size can be fed from what others have said. And do you stimulate the trap with gentle squeezes after feeding? It's dead prey, so the trap doesn't know to eat it, it has to be stimulated to activate the trigger hairs and excrete digestive juices to consume the prey.
  12. With spring around the corner over here, the Haworthia's in the garden are putting some efforts into expanding the clan again... I'm hoping they will all flower at the same time so I can cross pollinate and hopefully get some interesting looking hybrids from the seeds.
  13. J.P.'s Sphagnum moss Journey.

    So I bought a starter culture of Sphagnum moss when I purchased my carnies from Cultivo Carnivores. Therese told me she got the original moss in a container she received a plant in from California Carnivores a few years back. And looking at their website, they sell New Zealand Sphagnum moss. One of the species harvested there, looks like what I've got, Sphagnum cristatum. This is when I received it on 21·07·2017 I placed it on a bed of dried long fibre Sphagnum moss. The container has 4 x 4mm holes drilled into the lid, and 2 x 4mm holes about 10cm above the bottom, to get some air to the moss while maintaining high humidity. Its kept wet with Distilled water, and had a light sprinkling of Orchid fertilizer a day after I got it. This was taken on 11·08·2017 So far it seems things are stable, even with a little bit of growth. All in all it looks like I'll be able to keep this cultivar alive and eventually be able to harvest it for my CP's Here are the pics I took today 15·08·2017 to help ID the species of Sphagnum moss. Cheers, J.P.
  14. Macro pIcture of a sporophyte

    WoW Some seriously good photography skills you have! Very interesting to see the development so far
  15. My Sphagnum

    By photograph, I meant a very well magnified macro with enough detail to zoom in further. I also have no idea what to look for on the detail of the moss, as it's not something I ever had an interest in before starting to grow CP's.