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  1. My first cactus

    Congrats man! Prickly pear's used to be one of my fav's when growing up, buy a bucket full on the way home from school and they would not survive the trip before being all eaten up I see unfortunately this one is an invasive here, explains why it was EVERYWHERE
  2. Went to have a look at one of our local nurseries on Tuesday, friendly guy named Jaco of Bizarre Tropicals. And yep, you guessed it, more plants for the collection! First off some Orchids. A few new Carnies. And while I had the camera out, some snaps of the D. capensis flowering.
  3. I ordered some extension tubes from Wish about a month ago, which arrived at the post office yesterday. Took a few shots using the 55-250 lens, and seems much easier to use than the reverse ring method, and can get a bit more of the subject into the shot. Well, here are the first trial shots. Will practise a bit more in the coming days.
  4. It was identified as an adventitious root which is still steadily budding out. Signs that the plant is maturing. Spring is now in full swing! D. tracyi, D. capensis wide leaf, D. capensis all red... Everything shooting up flower stalks Last count on the red form, the first stalk has around 40 flowers budding, and if nature does it's thing well about 100 seeds per flower, even if only half are viable that's a hell of a lot of new potential plants. And it is busy shooting up a second flower stalk, so who knows how much seedlings may come from this plant
  5. The pulchella are still flowering along. At least one flower per day, which starts opening at around 9am and is almost completely closed by 12:30pm. Today two of them had a flower that bloomed in sync. Mr Hitchhiker Binata is also making steady progress... Also have my first successful strikes on capensis leaf cuttings that were first floated in RO water, but moved them to a wet peat bed rather for stability, everything moved all over when I looked for progress every time while in the water container.
  6. I realise this is probably boring to the vets, but being my first CP's I'm quite excited that my Drosera pulchella's first flower opened today!
  7. Today received new plants from Peter over at Pan's Carnivores. Drosera tracyi, Drosera scorpioides, Cephalotus, 3 Pings with bloody long names from his personal collection, and on the house an all green 'kermit' VFT from his personal collection and a wide leaf Drosera capensis. Took some quick cellphone pics, will pull out the DSLR once they are nicely settled in their new homes.
  8. Why is the silica sand green??

    We have local organic brand called Copper Count-N. The liquid is blue and very little is needed per application. For general algae issues you can get some Yellow Sulphur (chemist shoukd have) then just google a bit for dosage strength. Flowers of Sulphur is also a very good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that can be applied in it's powder form to cuts on succulents and cacti like where you took off a pup or took a segment to grow a new plant from.
  9. Why is the silica sand green??

    I've seen that myself, but believe me it didn't clear up my algae, it just masked it, coming back with a vengeance. The water does not clear it up in my containers, I think the wetness just makes it blend in and probably thins it out to look clearer, but this means it then comes back from a wider area where the spores have been spread to. Only the organic stuff that's basically Copper Sulphate, cleared it. But being such a potent ingredient I use it very sparingly, and so far it hasn't had any negative effect on germination, with the added benefit that it also combats damping off disease.
  10. Why is the silica sand green??

    Try using an organic fungicide, cleared that problem right up for me.
  11. Tissue Culture

    A very foreign topic to me, yet very intriguing as well. I would definitely like to learn all I can from your personal experience.
  12. Thought I'd share these as the flowers are not of the type I'm used to seeing in the garden.
  13. What the best soil mix

    I only make two much smaller holes in my container lids, but also leave mibe outside in fairly high temperatures with a good amount of direct sunlight each day, so larger holes may make mine dry out too fast. The containers I leave partially open for seedlings to acclimatise need a good spray down every couple of days, and have much less humidity building up. Just practise patience with these, as with all things growing from seed. Many cacti will take many months to reach a few mm in size, all depending on species of course, and the cacti I grow are being almost forgotten while I spend more time on my fast growing seeds. I'll check on the normal plants daily or so, and the cacti like once a week to make sure they still have moist soil.
  14. What the best soil mix

    Looks good, give the container a shot as it is now with the breather holes and see what happens over the next week or two. From my experience, start off with small quantities of seeds, like 5 to 10, and first see what works and what doesn't in your conditions. Once you get better and better germination rates increase the amount you plant. No use loosing everything you have with initial experiments.
  15. What the best soil mix

    Try it as it is and see how it goes. Try aiming that you have to spray the soil once a week from drying out with air circulation. Not sure what temperatures and humidity you're dealing with compared to here?